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Added Jun 23 2018

Does anyone know the general feelings from the community regarding the senior housing project? Were there more neighbors for or against this idea?

  • Totally on the level here (we didn't attend the meeting). You might get more info by contacting Ald Arena's office to get the gist on reactions from ppl who attended the meeting.

  • FC

    I lived downtown for awhile near Clark & Division, and they opened a senior housing project down the block. Later, we realized that these seniors were allowing their family to move in, and the area became infiltrated with thugs. Hope this doesn’t happen here.

  • I saw the same thing happen in San Diego, FC. I lived right next to a senior project complex and the neighborhood became infested with gangs, drug dealers, and soon after the junkies. We were baffled as to how this came about. Turns out the folks living in the senior housing were bringing in their grandchildren who had no choice but to live with grandmaw because momma wasn't around in their lives. Talk about experiments gone wrong. I finally had to leave because my place got broken into countless times and the crime rate sky rocketed with drug use, sexual assault as well as aggravated. Such a travesty.

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Claiming seniors living in $4,400/month apartments with 24-hour security and a concierge are going to let thugs and gang members move in with them and "infest" the neighborhood is some next-level racist fear-mongering.

  • I also failed to mention that there were armed security for the senior home. One of the officers was attacked and robbed of their weapon. Its mind boggling how the criminal mind works.

    I'm just hoping this doesn't happen here otherwise I'm going to have to relocate again. I dont want to have to relive this scenario in a different city.

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Story like that's gotta be true.

  • I'm sorry if it offends you. I'm just sharing my story. If you'd like I can delete it. Last thing I want to do is be accused of being a racist and fear monger. Ultimately, I refuse to have to relive such a transition. That is all. Who knows, Chicago might actually have their stuff together and can possibly pull this project off.

  • pso

    I wish that I could be on board with the 10 floor senior community, just so that I could see something happening at six corners, but I AM NOT! I believe that this is a done deal and Arena has no interest in what the neighborhood has to say and the community meeting was to shove this project down our throats. Why do we need another senior center. There is a senior community at Western and Irving - one at Montrose and Oak Park - one behind the Jewel on Irving. The seniors I know want to stay in their homes - they cannot afford the rent - they want to leave something for their children and grandchildren - they want open green spaces, not the busy, noisy, smelly intersections of six corners. Don't forget that the closest hospital is Community First. I would not have my parents at that hospital! I don't have the answers on how to revitalize six corners. I would love to see a Macy's - Von Maur - (since Carson's is closing) - Target - Trader Joe's - a variety of restaurants (Panera - Bonefish Grill has great jalapeno martinis - breakfast joint other than IHOP - and some independent startup restaurants. Just not another dollar store - or currency exchange - payless shoes - or taco joint. We have been in this neighborhood for over 20 years. It served us well and our children. Six Corners has improved slightly in the last 10 years. But this neighborhood is changing and not for the better. Just my thoughts!!!

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    You don't just get to choose what opens at Six Corners like it's some kind of video game. If, as you admit, you don't know how to revitalize Six Corners, then please don't stop progress for the rest of us who are ready to see the site developed now rather than wait years for something that pleases you personally.

  • pso

    No - I don't get to choose - these were just my wish list thoughts. No - I don't get to choose - Arena does! I am free to post my concerns about this project as you are free to post yours. Believe me I can't stop, as you say, progress. I believe that a senior center is not what PP needs. There was no need for you to be so rude.

  • This senior community will not do what needs to be done at this corner, bring money into the neighborhood. Simple as that. Botkin go pick fights on Facebook and leave Everyblock out of your wheelhouse.

  • Not even section 8 and the NW side racists are up in arms. You're sad.

  • Brian. The senior community will for starters bring $120million into the community.

  • pso

    Someone did generate a petition against the idea of a senior center in our community if anyone is interested: petitions.moveon.org./sign/say-no-to-a-very-bad-plan-for-Six-Corners.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • pso – I realize you were brainstorming, but have to ask about comments like “breakfast joint other than IHOP”. I’m not sure if Elly's on Irving is still a go, or if Fischman & Foundation will be serving brunch, but there are probably 20 places now serving breakfast / brunch within a few minutes of six corners. Could you expand on what you’re looking for?

  • I like ihop

  • pso

    T & C - You know - I just posted some of my thoughts and favorite places to shop and eat. IHOP or IHOB is fine. It's just not my favorite nor is Elly's or the Burgundy. That's all. By the way, what is going on with the Foundation Grille? Do you know?

  • Shilas’s and MotherCluckers are good, independently owned and run places for breakfast out ( as well as other meals).

  • Others indie places serving breakfast or weekend brunch include Frunchroom, Tutti Frutti, Mather’s, Perkolator, McNamara’s, Eris, Original Alps, Antojitos, Fannies, Lucky Grill, Old Irving Brewery, JP Grill, Highway House, Iron Horse, and Legno.

    All that I've ever heard about Foundation is the owners are taking their time because they have other businesses that take priority. Fischman opens this week!

  • Daniel D

    No more breakfast at Frunchhroom.

  • yup, but weekend brunch

  • The New Guy Local Weirdo

    How about a Denny’s and a Taco Burtito King.

  • future alderman future alderman

    how about another Red Apple?

  • Jazzmandel. Supporting data on that 120 million? Who will it go to? Will residents of other neighborhoods flock to six corners to visit this community? Will this create jobs and social outlets for those that are spending hard earned dollars on their surrounding properties? Will seniors want to spend such a large amount of money on rent to live at this corner?

  • Jim

    With the minimum wage in Chicago now at $12 per hour...

    and $8.25 for the rest of Illinois...

    someone should just put a food cart out on that corner and call it "Hole Foods" because nothing that doesn't cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars is ever going to come there on its own.

  • As I understand it, the Point is a private development. Wages for construction and operation are not to be paid from public coffers. Is that incorrect?

  • Jim

    Same intersection, different corner, different millennium, same story.

    "The Klee was still seen as a critical site by planners hoping to revitalize the area. In the mid-90s, at the urging of the nonprofit Greater Northwest Development Corporation, the city set up a tax increment financing district, or TIF, east of Cicero but including the Klee building to funnel property-tax dollars into infrastructure improvements and development. That brought in the Jewel shopping center. A second TIF west of Cicero was designed to benefit the rest of Six Corners."

    Wait until people realize that the Sears building was full of lead based paint and asbestos when it was built. There's probably going to be a second, bigger hole in Six Corners soon.

  • Daniel D

    "Wait until people realize that the Sears building was full of lead based paint and asbestos when it was built. There's probably going to be a second, bigger hole in Six Corners soon."

    Ooh, good call. This should be interesting.

  • There are great breakfast places in the area! We love Nick's Hi Ho which is a little south of Six Corners. Burgundy is great too on Irving. Also, don't forget Fannie's - she is great because the food changes often. We ate at Fischmans and the food was fantastic - try the avocado bomb and the PBJ with bacon!

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