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Added Jun 18 2018

Hi. I'm moving to W Hood and the building doesn't supply the internet like my last place did. I had hi point with my last apartment that was included in the rent. Any suggestions for internet service? I don't need tv or phone just internet, and I'm not a gamer, I just work at home and watch some netflix at times.


  • RCN if its available for your building, otherwise you'll probably have to go with comcast.

  • john early ave resident for 10+ years

    We have used RCN for years and been happy with the service.

  • Dave Retired CPS Teacher

    I agree with Fruff and John. I have had RCN for Internet only for a few years - no problems.

  • Yes, definitely RCN. Had ATT for years, and it was just too slow.

  • Agree, Aaron..ATT is slow and since it partnered with Yahoo.....well, it was not a good decision.

  • headsup not available

    ATT works fine for me and has been very reliable - i.e. - no downtime.

  • If available, RCN is the best !

  • Sorry guys, but RCN sucks in my apartment. Price is right though.
    Not trying to be rude or intrusive...do you get food stamps? I think Medicaid might be a qualifier. Comcast will hook you up with internet / modem for 15.00 monthly.
    In my experience they have the fastest, most reliable service.

  • No, no food stamps. Thanks though! Thank all of you for the information!

  • I buy an Xfinity MyPass when I want internet service. It is affordable and I can pick a pass for the length of time I need it.

  • If you are a SNAPS recipient = ATT will provide Internet for 10.00 ( per recent news) - - there are special rates for internet for students a well.....

  • I am a student, a PhD student struggling to finish. I will look into ATT and see but I d know if this level of education would qualify. Thanks!

  • Megan Mendoza Property Mgr and Resident in the City

    You might also check to see if they are set up to serve SilverIP or Everywhere Wireless. Those tend to be cheaper and a lot of people like them.

  • Guy Wilson Retired

    ATT does not have fiber optic in this area and max out a a rate too slow for most streaming. I go with RCN. If your att station is Toughy and Ridge, do not bother.
    This was from the two att tech's that have been here in the last two months.For some reason this area of Chicago is one of the last that have the old wiring. Until they rewire you will not get optimum service from att.

  • rsue, generally speaking , if you are a student and have an email address ending in .edu of your particular school, you may be eligible.

  • headsup not available

    ATT does have fiber optics in Edgewater -are you fortunate enough to live in Edgewater you should be good to go with high speed. Has had it for at least 3 years

  • I have the 75mbps plan with AT&T, just upgraded from 25mbps. They ran new wiring from the alley when they installed it in May. We do a *lot* of streaming, and it's working very well.

  • d3 NoHo

    Watch out for data caps too... Especially now that net neutrality is dead

  • headsup not available

    A Verena - me too - and it doesn't have the failures I experienced constantly with "no service" Comcast. My # 1 recommendation -

  • go with rcn, comcrap has hidden data caps, they will cut your internet off periodically with no notice and claim nothing is wrong.

  • Hot Dog, you are absolutely on the money !

  • d3 NoHo

    I don't have any data cap with Comcast.

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