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Added Jun 16 2017

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask all of you about the neighborhood. I'm currently looking at an apartment near Pulaski and foster but I've heard from people I know that this is not the. Eat area to live in. For the people who actually do live around here how would you rate this area as far a safety and crime? Any feedback would be grately appreciate it! Thank you

(Springfield and foster streets)

  • It's perfectly fine over there! You aren't going to find a crime free area anywhere in Chicago.

  • PJ Albany Park resident, property owner, cyclist

    I agree with NotYourMother.

    Ultimately, being aware of your surroundings and taking safety precautions is a wise course to follow.

  • Chandra Lynn Dagley Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    I'm almost directly south of you , just south of Pulaski and Lawrence and it's pretty quiet for the most part, I'd assume since you are pretty much surround by parks/ cemetery and forest preserves, it will be much quieter for you. We get a lot of homeless/drifters/undocumented workers/some drunks but for the most part they keep to themselves. Most crimes committed in the immediate area are mostly domestic/confined to a building or address, some car part theft, loitering, graffiti, littering, the usual and rarely, gunshots in the are during the summer but still pretty quiet. I walk out and about all hours of the day and at night and only felt threatened once, been in Albany Park for 10 years, at this address for about 4 years

  • Chandra is right....It is a relatively safe area...I used to live on the 5000 block of Springfield and it is very quiet....I would not be afraid to walk the area day or night. And the occasional "problem" families that have moved in did not last very long...landlords on the block didn't hesitate to evict the troublemakers.

  • I've lived near Foster and Pulaski(just SE of it) for over 35 years. I will tell you that the safety levels are really on a block by block basis. Blocks with nothing but apartment complexes, you can expect more gang bangers and crime in general. I would stick to blocks with a better mix of homes and apartments. Just 10-15 years ago, shootings were very infrequent in this area. That's changed quite a bit however. Gun shots are a weekly occurrence culminating in much more frequent in the summer months. Being close to the Brown line is nice, however having to walk towards Lawrence and Kimball to get there has always been dangerous, more so at night. I would generally say around Foster and Pulaski, staying N and NW of that intersection would be safest but probably limited in apartment buildings.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Great place to eat nearby at 3401 W. Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club.

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