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Added Jun 14 2012

Looking for advice - a few doors from my house is a house where 4 dogs (and their owner) live. The dogs are outside around 6:30AM every morning for a few hours and then around 4:30PM - 8 or 9 PM every night (probably no water bowls) with no human in sight. They wake us up 7 days a week barking. They bark incessantly. They've never been out of their yard and spend most of their time it seems in a kennel/cage inside. Seems that way from their contained and continued barking inside thier home. We can't have a conversation outside or inside our house when they're outside, we need to close windows which doesn't help much and are feeling very stressed. Often times we can't talk to each other inside our home. How crazy is that! Many nights all the neighborhood doings join in, of course. We have dogs, we love dogs, but these dogs clearly aren't happy or cared for. We've tried ringing their doorbell to have a conversation but it's never answered and we never see them outside their home. While being left outside to bark for hours doesn't constitute as abuse, we're at a loss as what to do. My home is my castle, as the saying goes, but I need a refuge from my refuge, which isn't right. Any advice/suggestions?

  • freddie c employed

    If the dogs are being kept in small kennels, don't have water and no one is ever in the yard, that is absolutely animal abuse in my mind. And with the weather about to really heat up keeping them in that condition is beyond cruelty. Since you've tried to get hold of the neighbors and can't, call 311.

  • Definitely call 311 ... it's in the best interest of the dogs.

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    Anti cruelty may be able to stop by for a wellness check.
    Make sure you specify the hours that they are out.

    Condition of kennels, feces, water or not, shade or sun, etc.

  • Ashley More peanut butter please

    The good news for the dogs though is that it sounds like they are outside in the morn and evenings when it's not as hot. Have you ever seen your neighbors?

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    I think I will call 311. I wasn't clear about their kennel/cage condition in my post above. I meant to say that they are caged in their home, not outside. And maybe Anti-Cruelty can help if 311 does nothing - our dog walker is on their board. Thanks so much, everyone..

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Arr... Poor dogs - and poor you. Sounds like you have a lousy boat load of neighbors. They live in their own world and 'to hell with everyone else'. No construct of empathy. This pirate can relate. I've similar neighbors over in my harbor with similar (endlessly) barking dogs.

    Chicago Municipal Code has something to say about this.

    Look up Municipal Code 7-12-100

    Good Luck pirate !

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    Mr. Crusty - at last some legal-ese to blather on when I make my 311 call. This is great - thank you so much!! I hope you've had some success in silencing your own noisy crew of dogs.

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    7-12-100 Excessive animal noise – Prohibited.

    It shall be unlawful for any person who owns, controls, has possession of or is charged with the responsibility for caring for any dog or other animal to allow such animal to make excessive noise in a manner that unnecessarily disturbs the comfort, quiet, peace or repose of any other person in the vicinity, at any time of the day or night. Any person who violates this section shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $250.00 for each offense. Each day that a violation continues shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.

    A citation for a violation of this section may be issued based on either: (1) personal observation of a violation by any city officer or employee charged with enforcement of this section; or (2) a complaint alleging a violation of this section, signed and sworn to by residents of three different addresses, and specifying the date and time of the violation.

    For purposes of this section, the term “excessive noise” means any continued, repeated or habitual barking, whining, crying, howling, whimpering, crowing, or loud noise common to an animal’s species that exceeds ten consecutive minutes in duration or occurs intermittently for a significant portion of the day or night, that is louder than average conversational level at a distance of 100 feet or more.

    For purposes of this section, the term “any other person” means a reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities.

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    Inssane - So I see the problem here is in the very last sentence - who can really say what "ordinary sensibilities" are much less what's "reasonable" ... ha

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    If you have a smartphone get a decibal meter. Then compare it to something else on the same level ie. car starting, semi passing.
    Be creative to state a case.

    This law probably has lots of nuances to it.

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    I never would have thought of it - what a great idea - I'll do it.

  • Kat dogs. music. logan square

    May I also say: THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciate that, in addition to looking for ways to quiet the noise, you also seem to be looking out for the well-being of the animals.
    What you describe sounds like classic neglect. Call 311, E-mail Simon at and let him know what is going on. I know from experience that he responds quickly, goes to check on the dogs and, if necessary, issues formal letters to the occupants of the building letting them know that a complaint has been made and that changes must be made or they will face criminal action. That should light a fire under the occupants' asses to at least be aware that people have noticed their behavior and it will no longer be tolerated so they'll be forced to be more congizant of their (in)actions or face steep fines, their dogs being confiscated, etc.
    I am clearly an animal lover but also someone that enjoys quiet in their own home. I've gone through what you are and it really sucks. Though it sounds like you're willing to take the necessary steps to both resolve the issue and help those dogs!

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Arrr.... lets get a city wide petition started. I betcha thars a lot a pirates out there with a whole ear fulla bark. We'll march on City Hall with our scroll and with a flatbed truck full of speakers blarin' o' barkin' doggies !

    Where do I sign ?

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    Kat. Thanks for such a detailed response. If 311 doesn't do anything I will use the email you gave. It is really sad to see and hear these dogs. All they want is attention and love, and maybe a walk!? That's why they bark all the time to a frenzy; it drives them nuts to see their neighbors and to be ignored by them as well as their owner.

  • Curtis

    Lots of assumptions in this post. Your about to make an neighbor an enemy....Good Luck with that.

  • chicago girl Resident in Portage park for over 38 years

    @Curtis-These people obviously don't care about making enemies by letting their dogs bark for hours.All Mrs.RRL wants is the silence she is entitled to.It's called consideration for others.Which is hard to find nowadays.

  • Inactive user

    @Curtis appears to me that the neighbor fired the first shot....

  • Kat dogs. music. logan square

    @Mrs. RRL: My dog gets sassy and crabby when she doesn't get a walk every four-to-five hours! I can't imagine how much anxiety and stress the poor guys on your block have built up at this point!
    My dog is my kid, not just a security system. Of course I understand that not all people believe this and treat their pets accordingly.
    When I had an issue on my block, Simon at Anti Cruelty was on top of it and the situation has improved... not greatly... but it's improved.
    Dealing with your neighbors can be really tough and it's a fine line when asking people to better care for their pets. Tread lightly but firmly (if that's possible).
    Good luck and please let me/us know if there's anything we can do to help.

  • vb urban explorer

    This is what happens when the problem is ignored:

    The barking dogs were poisoned - likely by a frustrated neighbor who couldn't take the barking any longer. For the dogs sake, convince the owner to treat them better.

  • Mrs. RRL North Sacramento homeowner for 15 years

    Oh gawd, poisoning dogs! The pain must have been horrible. The cruelty of some is unimaginable. Funny thing, the dogs didn't bark last night. Is he in this conversation lol. Anyway can't talk with neighbor, never outside and doesn't answer door so involving him in solution doesn't seem an option. Last solution is to involve outsiders and never easy to do. Now I know I have other options so all your comments and support has been invaluable. A big thank to all for your time to help.

  • Kimberly Ky A. Greene Ky G_just a gal and her dog _Chicago 60659

    I had this issue when i lived on Fairfield ave (5800)
    Neighbor in alley let their dogs out every morning approx. 5 am_non stop barking_7 days per wk. I finally approached the neighbor and asked that they please either place the dogs outside at more decent hr or stay with their dogs to ensure they not bark constantly. I stated that many homes along both sides of the alley are discussing it and i , as a dog lover, would hate for their dogs to harmed. I suggested they do their morning coffee outside with their dogs. After that they let their dogs out at a later hr and remained with them. Problem solved.
    I would suggest approaching them _if it doesn’t work out_contact your alderman or district pd about noise ordinance concerning. ro repeated calls to animal control might lead to a knock on their door.

  • Ashley More peanut butter please

    Another possible, and probably most controllable and easy solution, would be to use one of those alarm cd players where you can set for it to play at a certain time. Come early morning you can have it set to play some sort of white noise or ocean sounds, loud enough to kinda block for the evenings.......?

  • Kimberly Ky A. Greene Ky G_just a gal and her dog _Chicago 60659

    Sorry_just read your FULL POST_that they do not answer the door. Consider leaving a mssge on their front door stating you would hate to see harm come to their dogs. type it_dont use your handwriting. If all else fails, you and your neighbors can tie bags of sh** to their front doors, etc. Make certain they don’t have cameras first. I tied bags of the same to a neighbor’s door to get their dog to stop pooping in my front yard. They got the message loud and clear. Those white store bags you can tie really tight and they are a pain to remove :))
    I wonder fig they are breeding them??? i would place a few calls on noise issues and to animal control. the more the merrier. A message left by a city worker or citation may do it. Just place lots and lots of calls :))

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    Everyone has to stop this nonsense.
    Tying bags of crap to doors? They are possibly breeders?

    Enough - help the OP tackle the barking problem. Don't make assumptions that are this far fetched based on the original issue.

    Stop it people

  • Kimberly Ky A. Greene Ky G_just a gal and her dog _Chicago 60659

    @Insane_when i posted the 15 posts above mine did not show up on this site. breeders_ i read incorrectly as in several dogs/cages.
    bag of poop_it worked for me_i tried everything else

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    What does a bag of poop tell someone who's dogs are barking? It tells them that they have a jerk in the neighborhood or kids are playing.

    We are not children here. Not using underscores and using capitalization helps when reading your posts too.

  • Any human who harms an animal or threatens to harm an animal as a resolution to a problem with a neighbor is truly the lowest of the low. Dogs that bark incessantly are surely being mistreated and are already in a stressful/painful situation. Let's show some compassion and maturity and if we can't then perhaps it's we humans should be having antifreeze for dinner.

  • inssane North Sider since 1981

    Let's not be narrow minded.
    Dogs bark for alot of reasons, not always meaning they are unhappy.
    They are outside for a very reasonable amount of time - more than apartment dogs are outside, and that's a good thing.

    People are so quick to attack.
    Let's just get a hold of the owners somehow to resolve instead of resorting to accusations based on very little.

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Arrr... WHY they're barking is for others to sort out. That they ARE barking is the problem. Neighbors deserve some level of peace and quiet. If a person chooses to have a pet - it's their responsibility to not walk all over the rights of others. Fluffy might fill some void in a pet owner's life - but for the rest of us - Fluffy just fills our ears with bark. It's not OK to be so damned selfish.

  • Arrr...crusty pirate! me thinks you need to get a pet parrot ! Compassion for animals should always be a consideration and a factor in a situation like this, they are after all in our care. Take issue with da blasted humans and have dem walk da plank!

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Arrrr... this pirate hasn't an ounce o' contempt fer dem fur-balls. As fer dem uncommonly rude, land lovin' inconsiderate owners - well - I'd like to unscrew me peg leg an pistol whip em' wit it. A long walk on a short plank indeed !

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