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Added Jun 13 2012

Looked out of my window about 1am tonight and saw a huge fire in progress. I attached a picture. It seems to be near Glenwood and Balmoral. Other than the picture I have no information.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hi Tom, it looks like this neighbor message from Freddy M is about the fire as well:

  • T & E Frith lived on Margate since 1986

    this is the Andersonville fire early this morning~

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    From what I read online this morning, they said 17 people were displaced, and no injuries.--- That's good to hear.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Argyle & Janssen is almost 1/2 mile from Glenwood & Balmoral--I used to live at 5400 N. Glenwood for 7 years. When I lived in East Andersonville, the eastern boundary was the alley between Glenwood & Wayne (the east side of which lay in Lakewood-Balmoral), the western boundary (with W. Andersonville) was the east side of Ashland and the southern boundary (with Uptown) was the north side of Foster, so I guess the definition of the neighborhood has grown since then. Sad to hear about the displacement, though--when there are no physical injuries people tend to forget how traumatic a fire can still be. My friend's house on the W. Side burned down a year ago, and she lost nearly everything--the ins. co. found her a condo in the burbs and it (and a bunch of us) replaced furnishings & accessories; it took a month for life to develop any sort of routine for her and her husband. The house has since been rebuilt and she's moved back in, but it was a year out of her life she'll never get back.

  • So sad, Sandy!!

  • Freddy M. Uptown/Andersonville resident for most of my life

    Sandy, my heart goes out to you and your friend. Fire can create such tragedy and it can be so difficult to recover from its aftermath. I grew up in Andersonville at 5403 N. Glenwood. It's now a condo. I remember years ago, just south of there on Glenwood, where Summerdale meets Glenwood, but on the east side of Glenwood, a three-flat grey stone was the object of arson several times. It was terrifying how those families were subject to such horrors more than once. I was quite young then, and this fire brought me back to that time in such a quick & sad way. Let's hope we have no more scares like this again.

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