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Added Jun 13 2011

Hi All --

Does anyone know what sort of anti-loitering laws Chicago currently has on the books? If we do have substantial anti-loitering laws already, could the police aggressively enforce them to keep the sidewalks clear at Thorndale, and in other shady spots?

If we don't have adequate laws on the books now, can Osterman put something together and bring it up for a council vote? Does it work like that?

  • Kyle Hillman Community Organizer, Coffee Addict in Rogers Park

    Chicago already has decent loitering laws, you just need to post no loitering in business windows. Then call the police. Most officers I have spoken to won't make random loitering stops for fear of profiling. However they encourage calls to 911 so they can make the stop and move people along.

    You should also goto your next caps meeting and bring this up.

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    I was so happy to hear we are getting more cops in both 20 & 24. Should help this summer.

    Thorndale is lousy, and with the beach access right there, I don't want them to turn that into a North Ave type situation. What I have noticed that they do is move up and down the street, they are not quite standing still. Now that being said, I am usually moving through myself as it becoming a area of troublemakers harassing people.

    That beach right at Thornadale goes all the way up to Bryn Mawr before switching over to deep water for a bit before becoming Foster Beach. Between the two beaches it serves a lot of people in the hot weather.

    To Kevin's point and to Kyle's.. I wonder if what we could get Osterman's office to do is to sponsor 'No Loitering' / 'We call the Police' signs that could be handed out. That businesses, Condo Associations, and homes could put in their windows.

  • Becky S. 30 year+ resident of Edgewater.

    I know the cops and Osterman have both been trying to get positive loitering in the area. Calling police helps, more cops in the area will also help. We just need to get more civilians getting more involved.

    I'd hate it if they turned the beaches up here into something like North Ave. I like the beaches up here. They are nice and not just meat markets for the super trendy.

  • Inactive user This is a link to the Chicago Municiple Code. It is a great reference to start with for any questions you have about our present ordinances.
    As far as changing them, it does start with reaching out to your Alderman. Type something up that represents your opinion and send it by email. It is even better and has more impact if you gather a group of like minded people to do it together. I totally support positive loitering by neighbors too! That has a huge impact!!!

  • Kevin Guy who lives in Edgewater

    It sounds like we need to get Thorndale designated as an official gang loitering area. Per the code: "The superintendent of police shall by written directive designate areas of the city in which the superintendent has determined that enforcement of (the gang loitering) section is necessary because gang loitering has enabled criminal street gangs to establish control over identifiable areas, to intimidate others from entering those areas, or to conceal illegal activities."

    There's also a provision for narcotics-related loitering -- we could use that one as well.

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    Actually I believe it is already designated as a official gang loitering area. I see cops all the time over there with people in cuffs. Not to be mean about it, but it does make me smile when I see the cops out there getting some of these people.

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    I should say between Sheridan and Broadway on Thorndale I believe is a designated area, not sure about further west (like by Senn)

  • that is true chicago girl

  • Inactive user

    I noticed on a 48th Ward tweet that they were planning a positive loitering session. Call Osterman's office.

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    Yep, the more people they can get for it the better too! It is going to take a big group effort to get them to stop there. Although with where it is at we will have the assistance of two police districts as it is the border between 20 and 24.

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