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Added Jun 11 2012

As dog owners living in the inner city, there aren't many options in where to take our little guys/girls so the can relieve themselves. With all the petty fines for not collecting the waste, to having to resort to jeopardizing personal safety by walking through alley ways so as not to
offend the non-dog owners, to the amateur gardener who shakes a heavy fist at you every time they sense your pet nearing their horrid looking garden gnomes. My question is: is it possible to give the smaller dog (say, oh, a Miniature Pincher/ Toy Dog) a bit of leeway when it comes to freely fertilizing the grassy areas on a sidewalk considering the size of the waste they produce? I mean, I know that, collectively, anything can get out if hand if not contained properly, but, come on, what's the true harm in a few unsightly turds? After all, people pay good money for the fertilizer our little fury friends offer for free..? To fine something as natural as not picking up tiny, Cheeto sized dumps coming from our domesticated dogs is pretty petty. And, shame on you lawn junkies and city officials for extorting money through the such. What's next, fining us for not teaching the dog to crap in the bathroom toilet and flushing afterwards? Am I alone in thinking this way?

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    any solid dog waste attracts rats - the size of the dog or the dog's waste is irrelevant.

    That's why there's a law and a fine. Just think if EVERY person that had a small dog were allowed to just leave the pooh - the city would be covered.

  • Once droppings harden, taking a lawn mower over it results in flying rock debri.

    If you look around any Chicago Park, there are signs alerting owners to pick up your pet's droppings to keep rodents away.

  • I own two dogs, one is a 130 lbs puppy. Dog urine kills grass even small trees. Dog turds are a health hazard and rat and bug food.

    My backyard is cement so I went to home depot and bought some of that fake grass and taught my dogs to use it.

    Pick up after you damn dog, that's responsible dog ownership. Since your dog is small you don't have much to handle. I on the other hand need both hands at times.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    Yes you are alone in thinking that way.

    Although your dog is cute, YOU are not above the law.

    If you don't like it, buy a house with a yard and leave all the "cheeto sized" dog crap in your own yard (along with the rats it attracts)

  • Make sure your yard is escape proof. Lots of little ones escape that way.

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