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Added Jun 10 2011

Tonight I looked out my front window and thought I was seeing things... there was a real, live deer in my neighbor's front yard on the 700 block of West Briar Place. The whole neighborhood and passersby were astonished to see a very tame deer casually eating the neighbor's hosta plants.

Neighbors who live in the building said that the deer has been roaming the neighborhood for a few days now and has been seen eating plants in other neighbors' yards.

Apparently repeated calls to animal control have yielded no results as apparently the deer has given birth to babies that are still unable to walk and nested somewhere in the neighborhood.

If you are walking near Briar Place on Belmont and Halsted, be on the lookout for a fully-grown doe!

The deer appears to be very, very tame... how it ended up in the neighborhood we have no idea. I'm hoping that animal control is able to act soon to prevent the deer from being senselessly killed with the heavy traffic so close on Belmont & Halsted... not to mention injury to pedestrians or drivers.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Greg, Hi Im Monica! I too inform the neighbor next to me to the west (731 i think?) that she does not own the parkway. Last summer she got angry that I was resting after rollderblading on her "planter box" and she said she owned it. She stands there till you leave. Then she didn't like that I was standing in front of her building, just finishing a conversation after dinner. again, she stood there and watched me talk. This summer she has the new planter box with spikes so you cant sit there, but has now posted a sign that you cant lock your bike to her fence, OR the surrounding area. The city pole is right next to her fence. YOU CANNOT have a bike removed from a city pole, that is where it is legal to park your bike. I have been meaning to ask her name, so I can stop referring to her as "the a hole." Joe the Cop told me to print the city ordinance, and he would tape it to her sign. :-) Awwww neighborly love

    ANYWAY, the deer is in the 727 Briar courtyard, you walk down the sidewalk to the california terrace part, and there she is. Heres a pic.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    One of the girls I work with just came over and said she saw a thing about the Lakeview deer on the ABC 7 News... and they had the youtube video I filmed of it walking past on the news last night. I never heard from ABC but I imagine they don't need to contact me and let me know or anything.. Just strange eh?

  • Carol L. librarian 4800 N. Wolcott

    I thought someone would have added this news story about the Lakeview deer already - maybe there is more than one? This one has given birth:
    Deer Gives Birth to Two Fawns in Boystown:
    There is a video in this story.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Wife received an email from the Briar Orchard email group (I'm not on it) stating that the Doe is injured. She was limping around last night @ around 11pm

    Edited out names and emails so as not to post peoples info public.

    "Subject: Re: [Briar-Orchard Residents 166] Online Story about Our New Temporary Neighbor

    Reply-To: ***

    I'm not sure who's awake right now. The doe is injured...she's mobile, but limping. I called 311, 911, animal luck getting any help."

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Hey Greg, who do I talk to to get added to that group?

    Last night at 11:45 3 cops were outside my building looking at the deer and talking to someone who called them. Not sure why they called the cops, but the cops seemed to know absolutely nothing about the deer. my friends in aurora know more. But I did hear the cops and the people say that fiona was limping. Fiona really needs to be moved. she is seriously eating my building manager out of house and home. All our pretty hostas are seriously disappearing! I know shes cute and all, but this situation is no bueno for all people involved! How awful would it be if one of us hit her with our car and had to live with killing the famous fiona. :-(

    Heres a little movie I took last night after rollderblading last night. I have NO clue how to flip the orientation.

  • Tim Lakeview Social Media Nerd

    Oh no! :(

    That's terrible. I hope everything is ok with Fiona. I agree with Monica, I hope there's a way to safely move her and her fawns.

    Also, Greg, how can I be added to that list? I'm right at Orchard & Briar.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    I know who called them, I am not surprised they didn't know how to handle her, i imagine even city animal control wouldn't be too familiar with dealing with her. Not only is it a wild somewhat large animal but she is in protective mother mode. To be honest I am a little surprised and very glad she didn't get shot (if they came near her with her fawns it is very likely she would defend them, and then they would defend themselves.. Deer can be surprisingly formidable when they are cornered or protecting their young)

    About the hostas - first off why is our block so big on those? I don't even know what they look like but I know my mom is always talking about them too (she is back in indiana) - I told her now I have heard of them in two instances and she said "don't worry honey I can replace all of yours but I can't replace all of them for the whole block") :)

    So since I don't have any hastas (and really honestly am not exactly sure what they even look like) maybe I can bring a box of them back and just leave it on Briar for all of you first come first served :)

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    My manager Baya and his wife live on site. They are a wonderful couple who really take pride in the building...and they spend SO much time tilling, planting, trimming, watering....etc...that I just feel bad for them. They make it more of a home for me.

    Hostas are perennials that don't need much attention but space and light and they will always come back every year in the spring. I think thats why people like them so much. They do everything on their own!

    And...youre funny greg.

    Heres a pic that I took of the well chewed Hostas.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Oh so that's a Hosta eh? Those things are everywhere in the neighborhood. Shame about the flowers but I would rather they be sacrificed to feed a mother deer and her offspring.

    I think she should be moved somewhere more safe as well, I am just not sure how they can do it without harming, killing the babies. I realize people hunt deer etc and that the city is not going to think an animals life is all that valuable - so if they do attempt to move her I fear it will go badly.

    Also we are world famous and trendy now. I guess my video was on NBC and ABC TV news (and if they told me I would have probably even watched the stupid week old tv news and so would my family - if for nothing else so we could all see Izzy on tv!) but they never even informed me they were using the video.

    I'd get them back by illegally downloading the video of it but I can't find it :)

    Oh and Tim I am not sure how to get on it - if there is some kind of PM system here I will kick you over the address. I know my wife was invited on by Marina.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Me too Greg! I want to be added!

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    I am not on there, I have only seen a couple emails from there (wife has forwarded to me what she considered things I should know, basically the deer and when that guy over by where you live Monica got beat up pretty bad for being gay)

    I believe you apply here - not sure who runs the approval dept.

    Wow aren't we all high tech over here.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    I didn't hear about a guy getting beat up!!! What happened??? and where??? About 5 years ago, when I first moved in, I witnessed a beating. A popped collared jerk, harassing then beating up a punk. To this day I am still very ashamed of myself for not stepping in and trying to stop it. I know I would have gotten hurt, but I still feel shame for not attempting anything. :-(

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    I have the whole thing up on my screen now - but I don't want to post it here. send me an email... since this is public I'll use the spammy address iamnotgreg at gmail

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hi Greg, you can also turn on your neighbor e-mail if you'd like.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Greg, now we are both famous in the same article. The top photo is mine! If you click on the credit it opens up in its own tab, and in the URL you can see my user name. AWWW (and no one asked me either :-)

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    So they are moving the deer?

    The article states "But residents couldn't seem to leave nature to its own course.

    "We just asked people not to feed them," Travis said. "Unfortunately people did not heed our advice."

    I didn't feed the deer, but I am a pretty involved and aware neighbor, and this article makes it seem that the residents of briar place are evil deer feeders and have ultimately messed with nature. Thats not very true.

    And this comment in the article made me laugh:
    "An additional concern, which Ald. Tom Tunney's office contacted Animal Care about, was the the gay pride parade on June 26, which is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of people to the neighborhood, some of whom could be inebriated."

    SOME of whom COULD be inebriated? Apparently Tunney doesnt attend. :-) I have never seen more throw up on sidewalks anywhere in my life.

  • Heather Polar Vortex

    Saw mom and fawns this evening - the babies are unbelievably cute! Got some great photos but this was my favorite:

  • Tim Lakeview Social Media Nerd

    @Monica - that article is so bogus. I feel like we've all been vigilant and trying to let nature run its course in the midst of some unusual surroundings. So sad they are being moved but it's probably a good thing for their safety. This was definitely something that brought our little neighborhood together, which is cool.

    And for the record, I'll be one of those inebriated people at the Pride Parade.

    @Heather - that picture is awesome! love it! :)

  • jay

    The area has other more common wild life, coons, rabbits, fox, wolf, even some exotic insects not supposed to be here. I think common sense has to prevail here. Fence the poor deer in and call the city vet. Give her a dose of calmative. and examine her, to see if she can be moved, or needs a little to time to do so. Then take her to the best location for her such as a forrest preserve.

    Contain the animal and provide feed, until she is moved. This lovely animal is too large and wild to be allowed to remain loose in the city. Moving her is the best way to prevent further injury to her and her little ones.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    @Tim, the article is bogus. :-(

    Fiona came back last night and brought one of her fawns with her.

  • Heather Polar Vortex

    A few more of my photos from last night - babies together, and a portrait of mom enjoying a nice garden salad!

    I know some of the neighbors have been in close contact with wildlife rescue folks and Animal Control -- one of the reasons why they can't easily relocate the deer is b/c tranquilizing the mom (for transport) means that she can't nurse, and that of course puts the babies in danger. The pros seem to be in agreement that the less humans try to interfere, the better.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    That fox news article actually ticked me off a little bit. Now how would they know not only that people were feeding them but what stores and what varieties of apples they were buying and feeding?

    Only thing I can think of is someone said that. Would the person feeding say it? Doubtful. Would an angry neighbor who wants it gone because it ate their flowers say it? Maybe.

    Regardless his tone in the article - if it wasn't added by the "journalist" trying to drum up an emotional response was condescending and not helpful at all. What a jerk. As if the 35 seconds he spent on google looking this up makes him an expert on it - he probably knows little more about dealing with a wild deer and her offspring than any of us know.

    Also get this, I just got this in my email this morning.

    "Deer Video

    We are interested in doing a story about the deer in Boystown. Are you available for an interview?

    Charlie Wojciechowski
    NBC 5"

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Oh now you will REALLY be famous! Congrats Greg!! ;-)

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Ignore the first part. I asked him if he knew a friend of mine who is on telemundo.

    "Of course I know Alfonso. He does the tech stories for Telemundo, I do them for Channel five.

    Since you're downtown, would it be possible for you to come downstairs in about 15 minutes for a quick interview about the video and the circumstances. I'll also ask you what you think about reports of everybody feeding the family so much, they may have to be moved.

    We will be the ones with the big camera on the Trump Tower side.


    I am going to go downstairs and try to think of a way to say in brief enough terms what we are saying on here - so they don't edit me down to "i like deer"


  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Don't forget to slip in a plug for EveryBlock, Greg! :)

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Heather, I told him about your picture of the fawn and was going to send it to him - I assume if you are posting it here you are cool with that. I see you watermarked it with your first and last name - any specific instructions on it? Do you want that blurred or left there? Just "Heather from Everyblock" or is it ok to give credit - not sure how public you want to be.

    I did toss out an everyblock reference so I imagine there may be a bit of a traffic bump there Adrian :)

    We talked about the whole organic apple from whole foods thing while the camera guy was setting up but I forgot to mention it and the ludicrousness of the claim (seriously how the hell would they know what kind of apples and from where? the flashing light cameras on lightpoles?) while during the interview.. Wasn't really nervous or nerve-wracking or anything but I couldn't exactly tell when we were on camera for use and when we were off .. I think they were just trying to get some random shots of us talking - just shooting the breeze for other angles. I started to say approx where she was and then asked if I should say that on air since it could invite problems - he said he wouldn't show that part.. I just said on briar in between orchard and halsted in the end.. I tried to bring up Heathers facebook photo of the phone but ATT 3G is soooo fast that it finally came up as I got in the elevator to go back to my desk 5 minutes later. I am going to email it to him now..

    That said Heather if you are still reading way down here: let me know if you have any particular requests as to how the photo is used. He has 6 hours before airtime so he can blur the watermark or leave it.. and or give credit if you are a photog and want some free exposure.

    Sorry so long winded

  • Heather Polar Vortex

    Oh, neat! Yes, I would appreciate a credit for the photo with my full name. They can get rid of the watermark if it looks stupid when the photo is converted to whatever format they need, but I definitely appreciate the shoutout! Normally I'm a music/entertainment photographer but the deer made such great subjects :) Thanks Greg

  • I'd like to do a story on this today for Clarity Media Group. I would like to have any additional comments you have... I can develop and publish a story around what is public here, but would like some additional info sent as quotes... Please reply today, include pictures if you like.

  • Greg, get with me- I will take this public from a different standpoint- I report on Animal Welfare. Was there a lack of animal control or respect in this case?

  • Ezm

    I'm not sure why animal control hasn't responded, but the mother and her two babies have been staying in the courtyard area of the 739 w belmont building.They've been there since at least yesterday or the day before. People have tried to rescue them, and called animal control multiple times.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Josh: rather busy at work but sure anything I can do to help.

    Heather: Just got this from the reporter "Thanks Greg. Great shot. The dentist at Belmont and Halsted let us grab some video through her back window. We are still planning a 5pm story.
    Charlie Wojciechowski "

    Ezm: Did you read any of the text above before you posted? Perhaps you started a new thread and this was just moved here?

  • Heather Polar Vortex

    Great info from one of our neighbors:

    "I just had an extended conversation with Marty Jones, who is an urban deer biologist with the Illinois Department of Conservation. I also have calls in for various other animal activist groups such as PETA, Voice for Wildlife, Little School House, Anti-Cruelty, etc. This is what Mr. Jones advises.

    First and foremost, anyone who has been feeding the deer or fawns needs to please, please stop. As long as the mother deer has a food source she will not leave and rejoin the herd she came from. I know several of you were upset by the Fox News article but the fact is that the good intentions of providing food for the deer and her fawns, it actually very detrimental to her.

    Things that people can do is to get the word out to motorists to slow down as they drive west on Briar so neither the mom or fawns get hit by a car. Maybe by putting our heads together we can figure out how to do this. One thought would be if someone could contact Alderman Tunney's office and ask if his office could contact the 23rd District Police Department and ask if the sergeants assigned to our beat (2332) could hold their "meet and greats" with the beat officers along Briar. When motorists see squad cars parked along the street - they slow down. I think this would be particularly helpful during evening rush hour as this seems to be when the mother deer is out eating.

    Secondly, there are enough of us who now know about the deer to try and keep people away from her and the fawns as much as possible. As Mr. Jones said, a mother deer will go after a dog if she is protecting her young. She will also go after humans if she feels her young are being threatened.

    Mr. Jones said he had had reports of several deer being sighted at the bird sanctuary by the Totem Pole just south of the golf course at Irving and the lake. He said that is most probably where she came from. If left alone, she and the fawns should rejoin the herd. This usually happens within a week or so after birth but since the food source is so extensive where she currently is, that might be why she has not as yet moved the fawns.

    Again, please help stop people from putting out any extra food for the mother deer or the fawns and help keep people away from the little ones as much as possible."

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    I actually was just logging into here to repost that here - and perhaps Monica's reply.

    Odd I am not on the mailing list but my wife is blowing up my phone with all the emails from it :)

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Greg, I could send you the link you sent to me so you can be added!! :-)

  • I'll develop a story around this thread- since you gave me permission. I'll never understand why conventional mainstream media and county animal control is so slow to respond. I'm getting on it right now. Thank you everyone.

  • Heather- what is your full name for a photo credit and I want to make sure I have permission to use your photo?

  • Stacybass I'm the Upright bassist you see at Briar/Halsted

    We've all been so exhausted since last week's kickoff "Deergate2011."

    I too, have been in contact with Chicago Wildlife News, Mr.Jones the Illinois Deer Biologist & the US Fish & WIldlife (only 3 helpful offices). We even called a private deer/wildlife rehabilitation service, was going to pay for it out of pocket, but apparently you need a special Federal Permit to rehome a whitetail deer in Cook County.

    When I got home for my gig yesterday{THU} at 3a.m. - the 2 fawns were still in the flowerbed {as they had been when Heather took the photo}. Haven't seen any of the family since - any updates from credible sources (neighbors)???

    @Adrian -neat to see you on here.

  • LenKody Lifelong Chicagoan. Recent North Sider.

    Here's a picture somebody took of the baby deer on Briar on June 15 --

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    Heather from here took it - look up a bit she was the initial poster of it.

  • LenKody Lifelong Chicagoan. Recent North Sider.

    Oh yeah. nice. love that pic.

  • ebru beauty blogger/dog lover/world traveller/economist

    My husband saw a coyote on North & Clybourn 2 days ago. I hope the deer you saw and the coyote are both okay. It's so dangerous for these animals to be so out there in heavy traffic areas. And needless to say it's dangerous for people as well.

  • What happened to the deer? Did the city move them or are they still there? And if they were moved, did anyone monitor it to make sure it was humane?

  • Thanks, Heather!

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    There was a long thread on a deer this summer here on Every Block.
    Perhaps you could look it up.

    They were told not to feed it as it would be encouraged to stay.

    The previous Lakeview deer was hit by a car and I think it was carted away somewhere but still alive. I don't know what happened to the babies.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    i am confused - i see the removed post (in my email) and then the reply. I never heard about it getting hit by a car?

  • Adrian H. Web developer, NW side

    Hey guys, the post we removed was spam. That user posted a bunch of random sentences to several comment threads on EveryBlock.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Yeah, I never heard of it getting hit by a car. It was limping when they relocated the the Momma and two fawns.

  • Greg Belmont/Orchard Area. Dog owner - Deer filmer.

    I don't think it did. It jumped a fence and hurt itself.

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