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Added Jun 09 2018

We are in the office building at 6228 N Broadway and have been experiencing disturbing activity in the back of our building for months. The building is on the police watch list and we have instructions to call 911 for any disturbances. Please be on the lookout for people hanging out in the parking lot or under the steps in the back of the building. They typically look pretty drugged out and sometimes are on bicycles or in cars and sometimes just on foot and almost "camping" out. They are always there to "see" an upstairs tenant. They knock on the back windows and wait until they are let in then leave after a few minutes. Use your imagination as to what might be happening. This is really disturbing and on Thursday, we could not get out of our door to get to our cars and leave work. Please call 911 if you ever witness any of these people hanging around. I've been told by the Caps Officer and the tactical team that the more calls they receive about this building, the better their chances to remedy the situation.Thanks.

  • Have you been calling 911 EVERY TIME you see people hanging out, etc. as you were instructed?

  • Maggie neff

    That's exactly what happened in our building last summer. The first floor apartment got robbed. I hope you have good communication with the neighbors in your building and everyone is on the same page about not letting strangers in the building.The cops were great when it happened in our building. They said not to hesitate to call 911. They even caught one of the guys that robbed the first floor apartment by checking a survalience camera on a building down the block.

  • For the past 1.5 years I've lived in a condo facing this alley. Have never seen anything weird happening in the alley or the area, lots of my neighbors cut through there. But have noticed a young woman sitting on the sidewalk in front of your office every evening for the past week and can't figure out what her deal is. Have you contacted the landlord and tenant of the upstairs unit? Do Andy's Thai and the woodshop owner know to keep and eye out and contact police?

  • Sandy, we call the police constantly and have been in touch directly with the officer who handles the "watch list", the Caps officer, the City of Chicago for formal complaints.
    Zonamiss, I'm surprised you haven't seen anyone, but appreciate your vigilance. There is a young woman who is often in the back...could be the same one in the front. Is it always the same time that you see her? I did talk to one of the neighbors but will reach out to others. Landlord and tenants have been contacted .Because there were so many reports, the City agency paid the landlords a visit and mandated that they install lights in the back. We are pushing for them to install a security system. We had a small camera back there which these people have removed and taken.\
    Thanks to all of you.

  • Cheryl, I must be missing something here. Have there been threats made to you or your coworkers, or actual physical confrontations? What do you mean that you could not get out your door? Although I can certainly understand a need for common sense vigilance, there can be a threshold to paranoia. Do you know of any crimes being committed there? I mean, besides "use your imagination." "People hanging out" in itself is not a crime, or even a "disturbance." I wonder if unnecessary calls to 911 can overburden the system, not to mention possibly make authorities dismiss an actual emergency situation as just someone "crying wolf" again.

  • I've seen her just the past week or two. African American, late teens/early 20's maybe. Always when I'm coming home from work, 5-6pm M-F. She just sits out front, not causing any trouble. Figured she might be waiting for someone to come home and let her in.

    Only activity I see is the Vee Vee's food truck pulls up to the back of the restaurant and the auto body place switching cars around. Haven't seen anything new/different/weird on the north end of the alley.

    Have the landlord and tenant responded?

  • David B...thanks for your comments and concern about paranoia! There is much history involved and I am not going to take everyone's time to summarize,and I don't feel the need to justify our actions to you. When these people are high, they are frightening and we could not get out of our back door because they were blocking it. We have been ASKED by the police( who have been watching the upstairs tenants for suspicious behavior) to call them and NOT to interact with these people ourselves...EVER. They are also trespassing on private property.

    Thanks, Zonamiss...she is not one of the people we see in the back. Tenants say they have no control over their son who lives with them (!) and Landlord has responded to the City by putting in lights. They also feel that they cannot control the tenants!

  • Chicago_Resident_Since_1997 Lincoln Square Resident since 2007

    HOW were they blocking your back door? Cars parked? Holding the back door to your business shut, or just hanging around, possible selling/buying/trading narcotics and acting in a scary, possibly drug-induced manner, raising potential risk of incidence? All concerning, don't get me wrong, but the first two would warrant a police visit and they can find ways, as we all know too well, to determine and possibly intervene if the latter is evident.

  • d3 NoHo

    What kind of drugs are they buying or high on?

  • future alderman future alderman

    if you are in albany park how are you also in edgewater?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Lives in one, works in the other...

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