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Added Jun 04 2014

Hey folks! I'm putting together a World Cup guide for the Sun-Times' Pioneer Press newspapers and I'm looking for suggestions on bars to watch the World Cup at - both city and suburbs.

Let me know your thoughts!

  • The Globe

  • bob

    SmallBar division st

  • Ryan C. 15+ year Lakeview East resident

    Old Town Social

  • KMD

    O'Shaughnessy's Public House (Ravenswood & Wilson)

  • Globe pub! Soccer bar

  • Ryan C. 15+ year Lakeview East resident

    No question Globe Pub is the #1 soccer bar. However, during the World Cup it is often so crowded you can't enjoy yourself there. (I'm sure also exceeds the fire marshall's allowable capacity).

  • Cleo's

  • A new pub at Montrose/Kedzie (Templestowe) will be showing the World Cup and it's free entry!

  • MrsGreeney Neighbor

    A.J. Hudson's @ Ashland and Grace

  • The piggery on Irving also has a sign up that says world cup headquarters

  • Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N Lincoln (Lincoln Square). Nice beer selection and good crab cakes--a nice diversion from typical bar food. Can't wait to see the list (and the WC to begin!)

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    I think a bar would do well to run a fantasy world cup league or leagues. I saw that Yahoo is now offering such a service similar to their Fantasy Football offering.

  • Sedgwick's (Armitage/Sedgwick/Lincoln) and The Tavern (North/Damen/Milwaukee)
    Good luck with your story!

  • Tony on Montrose Near Welles Park

    Grand Tour (Montrose / Artesian) is all about sports, especially soccer

  • Chicago North Sider

    Most Americans caring about soccer games occurring in South America? Good luck with that :)

  • Great suggestions. I have to get my world cup fix...going to probably hit a lot of these places.

  • CNS, if you miss the WC, you'll miss a great event! It's only the world's most popular sport ;). ESPN will devote 290 hours over four weeks, essentially 10 hours/day. Imagine all the $ for the bar owners! Twelve years ago you'd be hard pressed to find a bar with WC games. Now there are many choices.

  • My friends who don't watch soccer are even excited. It is a great time

  • Definitely check out Temple Bar on Ashland. Their "football" pedigree is well known as they are the official Chicago Manchester United view-in spot. Check their Facebook page; I believe they're having a pig roast and bbq's for the games.

  • Many pubs turn the game on for the world cup only. Great idea! I am new in town, but will contribute as i can. For those who are sending names, please include the 'hood.

  • Sidebar on 221 N. LaSalle will be open for all weekday games and they have a $20 Mix and Match World Bucket deal going on every gameday!

  • West Fest on Chicago Ave is going to be showing the finals outside on Sunday.

  • Annisa Wanat Global Expertise, Local Solutions.

    Golden Crust on Kedzie just south of Lawrence

  • RMH Avid Avondaler

    La Pena Restaurant at 4212 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Less crowded than some of the smaller bars and big screens for best view of the games.

    Also has decent drink specials and what I think is the best ceviche in the city!

    I believe they will show all of the games but call ahead just to be sure. (773)545-7022

  • k dowds 5 year bowmanville resident

    I second the recommendation for Atlantic bar & grill. Great staff, great food & definitely into soccer!

  • Downtown, I'm fairly certain Poag Mahone's will have the games, served with great food and beer

  • Paddy Long's in Lakeview

  • Just walked past High Dive on Chicago Ave and noticed that the chef there is going to be creating hot dogs based on the teams in the final. I think it's safe to say they'll be showing the games as well.

  • Kels S Avondale mama

    High Dive- Ukrainian Village/ will have themed team hotdogs for every team playing!

  • Aj Hudson's, the globe

  • Crew (Broadway and Lawrence) just announced that they will broadcast all the games. 60 beers and great food!

  • How about doing your own research instead of asking people to do your job for you?

  • Well, considering the event only takes place every four years, doing primary research on this is a bit hard without a time machine :-)

    First go at it is here. We'll continue to update with community feedback:

    Thanks all for your awesome suggestions!

  • Sad to say, I think the West Fest airing of the finals is off -- sounds like they were denied the license to air it at the last minute.

  • Just double checked with them and you're right. Too bad!

  • Holly 15 year East Lakeview Resident.

    Paddy Longs sent out this email:

    Beginning this Thursday, Paddy Long's will a World Cup watchers haven. We'll be open at 10.30 AM and will show all games live. We will be giving away a USA Team Jersey during every US game throughout the course of the Cup. Bring your friends, order a Bomb and join us. No matter which country you cheer for, at Paddy Longs, we are all united in beer and bacon.

  • "Irish" bar imploring its patrons to order a "Bomb". Tacky and tasteless.

    Whatever...go Germany!!!

  • Holly 15 year East Lakeview Resident.

    Obviously you have never been to Paddy Longs. They specialize in bacon. They serve "Bacon Bombs". Whatever.

  • Whew, glad I stand corrected. You're right, I haven't been, and the knee-jerk reaction is due to having been to many faux-Irish bars in the city that have been happy to serve "Irish Car Bombs".

  • Ryan C. 15+ year Lakeview East resident

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