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Added Jun 02 2015

About a month ago, I left for work in the morning and noticed that at night someone (or something) had placed a large chocolate chip cookie on the front doorstep of our home --it seemed placed (not thrown) because it was actually touching the door. The front gate was not locked, so figured it was either left by a wandering drunk vagrant who had decided to take rest on our doorstep during his nighttime travels, or perhaps had been placed there by an animal (though that seemed unlikely, since no part of it had been eaten). Weirded me out enough that I took note of it, but other than that, pretty much forgot about it.

This morning I woke up to find a large loaf of unsliced bakery bread (a little smaller than a football) on our back porch steps. This really weirded me out, because our gate was locked this time, and our house is surrounded on all sides by a 6-foot fence. Was way too big to have been carried by a squirrel/cat, showed no signs of having been bitten, nibbled or clawed. Nor, given the way porch is situated, could it have been tossed there from street or alley. Which means, some time between midnight (when we got home and entered via the back) and 8:15 a.m. (when I noticed it), someone climbed our fence, placed this strange loaf of bread on our steps, and departed.

Obviously, that’s a little disconcerting. Tried googling, and found this reddit thread (http://www.reddit.com/r/needadvice/comments/2qm1kh/does_anyone_know_what_leaving_bread_by_someones/) by someone who had experienced a similar thing, but which provided no further explanation. Suppose next step is to install some hidden cameras, but was wondering if anyone in the neighborhood has experienced a similar thing or had ideas as to what this might be. Little freaked out right now, would appreciate any alternative explanations that don’t involve a person climbing our fence in the middle of the night to leave some weirdness on our steps.

  • kvee California and irving park resident

    I was thinking maybe a raccoon or opossum, that would be my best guess.

  • I don't think the fence leaves enough of a gap for a loaf of bread to make it through intact, particularly if a racoon or opossum was trying to carry it, and I didn't see any evidence of it being handled by an animal (bite marks, scratches, etc.) --but that would certainly be a relief if that's all it turned out to be.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Sorry to burst your bubble but if there is no indications of claws, teeth, or a animal in general which we all know animals don't go around picking up large loafs of bread and carry it to a house with out first trying to eating some.

    Im going to with someone put it there. Go look at possible area to get in and see if there are disturbances to the ground trees weeds grass etc. tracking 101 humans don't usually pay attention to what they disturb and always leave a trace. Unless of course you have training in it and are trying to hide. This doesn't seem like the case tho.

    After putting 1080p cameras on the house and outside the garage in the alley<tagger issues Among other issues that have taken place> I realized how much stuff occurs that would surprise you especially what goes on in the alley at night

  • Yeah, that's what I'm leaning towards. The fence is 6-foot all around, no gaps, and I changed all the locks when we moved in. Maddening to think that someone scaled that just to fvck with us --if that's indeed what happened. Ah, well. To Home Depot to get some cameras.

  • The Mash Proud WRP member since 1969

    Either a person or a VERY big animal. Perhaps a Tas Mania Devil.:)

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    THX don't waste your money at home depot for cameras. the quality is going to suck. check micro center if not let me know and i can give you a link to who i purchase from but they are IP cameras.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Better here is what mine look like

    Photobucket isn't showing the 1080p version but you get the point its crystal clear


  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    I think they may be a video clip of a guy casing out a house and the ever so classy female letting nature fly

  • The Mash Proud WRP member since 1969

    Try going to the website for B&H in New York. They are supposed to be the very best place to buy cameras and other electronics. Even the tv networks and the US government buys from them. Great selection and I'm told fantastic prices.

  • @Tas mania Devil - Great video quality. Which mfgr/model camera system is that?

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    I have learned in my years with the federal government just because they buy them doesn't mean that are the best most of the time it means they are the ones that were able to convince the government to waste billions of dollars.

    @THX1138 they are hikvision cameras they are around 120 each and 1080p at 30FPS each give or take again they are IP cameras so they need to be used in conjunction with a cat 5 cable off your home network. The front camera is a 300 dollar camera 1080p camera.

    The other brand out there that gives great quality is Dahua cameras

    Here is a current Night shot mind you these resolution aren't what I see its far better but you know the net they degrade video and pictures


    If you want to see video and high res stuff go here and see the in detailed reviews from a pro in that line of work.


    He breaks it all down to a t i mean so many different cameras etc etc.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    Ok, this may be out there... What if someone is leaving things that will be disturbed by someone leaving the house? Like....a cookie against the door? But, admittedly, a very bad choice of an object, since an animal could come eat it and ruin the whole thing. All I could think of. Very, very odd.

  • My first thought was someone checking to see when you leave. You would move/throw away the bread when leaving your home. Unnerving situation to say the least. Good luck with the cameras and stay safe.

  • This is absolutely crazy!  I hope you find an answer.  Do you have a relative or friend who is possibly playing a joke on you?

    As far as the camera is concerned, I bought a motion-detector camera for $60 on Amazon to spy on my feral cat colony.  It's a Simmons White-Tail camera, and it takes videos or still pictures when it detects motion.  It has infrared so it works at night.  It takes very good quality photos for the price.

    Good luck getting to the bottom of this, and keep us posted!

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    Don't underestimate raccoons. I have seen (a fat one) jump from the top of our bird bath to the top of our garage, which is about 5-6 feet. The critter was also carrying bread our neighbors leave out for squirrels.

  • firefly piano studio

    A squirrel (who lives in the tree by my balcony 3 floors up) leaves random food items on my deck...a large uneaten muffin was left in a plant pot one time and another time a small loaf of bread. He always comes back for them a day or two later. I guess he thinks my deck is his pantry. :)

  • In our fenced backyard recent in months we have found pizza crust on a utility box and a huge bagel with a few bites out on the balcony railing. Yes, freaky. On Memorial Day, I saw a squirrel with a huge muffin running up a tree in next door neighbors yard. Given the super sized foods these days squirrels and other animals have beefed up to carry their score around the neighborhood. I wouldn't rule out other night crawlers

  • eric Resident

    Call the cops. Never know what might be a pattern they're already aware of. People will try telling you that calling won't help, but come on--call 'em anyway. Can't hurt.

  • very strange,keep us posted if you figure this out

  • Thanks very much all, for your comments and suggestions. I'll get the cameras up ASAP and update the thread as I learn more.

  • Kat

    hmmmmm cookies and bread both made with dough.... you owe anyone money?? :)

  • mary b lived in same 5 or so square miles for 59+yrs.

    this same thing happened to my neighbor (rogers pk). the food items left at his back door went from some bread to a bag of asian food. he made a police report. eventually, the person actually came into his kitchen while he slept on the couch. turned out to be an elderly woman with dementia. that is probably not helpful to you but the day the woman decided to try the back door & it was unlocked could have been tragic.

  • I really don't think these food items were left by an animal -- they would have been chewed on.  This is very odd!

  • We've had something similar happening for a couple years and it is squirrels. I wouldn't have believed it but I actually saw it once with my own eyes. The food is left at the same spot each time by our back door. I thought my kids were playing a joke the first couple times!

  • Man....take a deep breath and REMOVE the large stick that must be impeding your colon!!!! Dude, someone might just be trying to be a good neighbor (i know we are all cynical city dwellers, but kindness DOES exist) maybe they think you are too skinny or are concerned that the aforementioned stick may be causing duress. However, i dont believe they are being malicious or trying to hurt anyone. Yes, they should have left the wrapper on, get over it!!!

  • We have a neighbor who apparently leaves cookies (and other food) out for cats. So we see a fair number of cookies laying around outside by us. The bread is a little strange, is it possible someone visiting you or living with you dropped it? I bought an orange a while back and then couldn't find it. I assumed it never got bagged at the store. Then a couple of weeks later, I saw an orange in my backyard. I think it must have fallen out of the bag when I brought the groceries in.

    I would def keep your doors locked and ask the neighbors to keep an eye out.

  • The Mash Proud WRP member since 1969

    I saw this happen once on Twilight Zone.:-)

  • I hope you'll keep us updated if you get anything on camera. I'm so curious!

  • Tas Mania, what brand of security camera do you have?

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california




    This is what the camera looks like on the garage one on each side of garage door facing in opposite directions so it sees the whole length of alley. Even if someone tries to break them Ill still have them on video and can identify easy enough. Tho they blend in well enough no one even notices them as you can tell from the videos


  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california


    What drugs are you on? Who in their right mind in the act of kindness leaves a loaf of bread at someones back door? OR a cookie for that matter especially in a gated back yard. during the night.

    Come into my gated back yard in the middle of the night and try and leave food at my door and I can promise you won't be leaving the same way you walked in after the dogs have their way with them.

  • Don't underestimate urban wildlife! My dog has been sprayed by a skunk twice. We have regular raccoons and opposums who use our porch stairs to access the roof next door. We have squirrels now in our chimney. Last week there was even a deer walking down my sidewalk. Had to attach the picture of that:


    I'm going to blame it on an animal. I hope. Share the footage after you set up the camera! This is bizarre!

  • Did you ever find out what or who it was ?

  • The New Guy Local Weirdo

    It was likely a demon. Be careful.

  • Witchcraft, too close to Halloween. Say the old tales that by leaving bread outside your home your good spirits who protect you, will go out and ear, leaving you open to attack from the bad spirits. What a bunch of nonsense lol

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Someone thinks you’re Marie LeVeau...

  • We had squirrels leave muffins on our porch. We thought somebody threw them there until we saw the squirrel do it.

  • Janu, isn't that strange that they didn't eat the muffins? Lol... I'm having a bread situation, twice I've found bread on my front steps. First time it was a piece of the end of a French bread. & A few days ago it was a slice of wheat sandwich bread. I have my cameras installed now so I'm literally waiting to see what or who is leaving the bread. 😳

  • It is a raccoon. I've have seen them carrying all sorts of stuff. Doesn't have to have any bite marks or claw marks. Probably got scared off and left the items behind.

  • If the offenders are reading, I like cupcakes. 3700 St Louis...

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Hmmm. Since the bread and cookie were unwrapped, and no teeth marks were seen, I would rule out an animal. My guess is a prankster trying to creep you out, or some loser voodoo user wannabe. If it happens again, I would leave it there for another day or so,to see what if anything happens. Video will tell the tale.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    A blast from the past!

  • I have seen a couple of times where all sorts of bread is by the parkway of a tree at 2 different locations. The bread is broken up loaves of bread. I don't know why someone would put a bunch of bread at the base of a tree. I cleaned it up so rats wouldn't come. Why is someone putting break or cupcakes outside for animals to get?

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    I think it's a misguided, but well intended gesture at feeding squirrels, and birds. Ever see a rat and a squirrel fight over a piece of bread? Not pretty.

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