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Added Jun 02 2011

There are Direct Energy People going around to homes and business saying that they are working for your energy company and are going to lower your bills. THIS IS A SCAM! They came into Las Manos gallery saying they could help us. I looked up while my boss was on the phone and saw that they were a scam. We told them we needed to talk about this to our owner. DO NOT SIGN ANY THING THEY GIVE YOU OR ANSWER THE PHONE QUESTIONER!!! You can go online and see how they are scamming people.

  • saduros My family lives in Rogers Park. I am active there.

    I sent them packing but I appreciate your doing the homework!

  • thanks i posted this on facebook too to let everyone know

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    Probably not, they are probably getting too much heat under the name 'Just Energy' and are changing their name yet again. From what I recall, this wouldn't be the first name change out there for this company.

  • Jay

    no they are different. this is a group that says they are working for your power company.

  • ChicagoGirl0042 30+ Years in Logan Square/Edgewater/Andersonville

    Well if they are working for my Power Company, then they will need to produce a ComEd badge. :-)

    Still sounds very much like a scum company to me. Found the following site that has a government citing a company with the same name as one of the ones that they received the highest amount of complaints about them (Ontario Canada). Site listed below, it is a little bit down. the first part is a lot more focused on Just Energy. I am sure there are better sites out there, I just picked one at random. I did post the link so that it highlights the name to make it easier to find.

  • Brandon Normal guy with normal views.

    First of all I would like to know how it is that you came to the conclusion that Direct Energy is a scam. Did you call ComEd or the Illinois Commerce Commission? Do you know anyone that is with them? I have Direct Energy, so does my girlfriend, her family, and most of our friends. We're saving money on our bill (I actually calculated based off of usage). We still get the same ComEd bill that we're used to, and we can cancel at any time without a penalty. I'll admit, I was weary based off all the things people are saying, but after I called ComEd and talked directly to them, I found out that they are legit. They are certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I was never told that they work for ComEd, and they showed me on their badge where it says that they are not from the utility. The other company, Just Energy is a completely different company who handles gas, they came to my door as well. People, just because one person sees that someone thinks it's a scam and re-posts the same sentiment doesn't make it true. Do a little homework and fact check. P.S. - I found out that Illinois is the only state where we can keep our same Utility and bill, while still saving on the supply part. Every other state has to change the supply, billing and distribution. Lucky us, but don't be naive, or you'll miss out on a good thing that saves you money.

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    I don't know whether or not Direct Energy is a scam. I'd just remind folks that no large company wants competition in the market. Those who benefit from less competition in the industry have it in there interests to plant the seed that these 'fly-by-night' competitors are painted as 'scams'.

    Do your research and remember that the internet will show you examples that bolster -any- position you may have on any given topic.

    Caveat Emptor - no matter who's doing the selling.

  • I did my homework thank you very much. And I did not find my information on blogs or personal web sites but ones that had facts. It was a long time ago when I posted this so I do not remember where I found it, but in any case if you wanted to you could go look it up for your self. instead of doing exactly what you said I did, like just listening to people instead of finding out for your self. Isn't that what you are doing right now? And I find it interesting that you think I am working for the other electric company? I said I work at a gallery, you might want to learn how to read before you just start typing things. And take your own advice please. If anything you sound like you work for them, with your robotic face spewing jargon.

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    Conspiracy theory much ? There were no hidden meanings in my post - no innuendo - no accusations of anything. Just exactly what was said:
    'Caveat Emptor - no matter who's doing the selling.'

    Thank you for the research that you did Jay. Also - Thanks to Brandon for relating his consumer experience. I'm not ready to jump ship and switch companies - but when I am - rest assured - I'll be doing my own extensive research too. I'll add you take to that well rounded pile of information.

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    .. ohh - and your face is very nice too. I especially like what you've done with your hair.

  • **Any artists want to make this "robotic face spewing jargon" come to life on paper?

    My guess is it would look pretty cool....

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    "robotic face spewing jargon" art -
    That would be Kraftwerk the band -
    done 35 years ago -

  • HAH. Mission accomplished - and you've got a Halloween costume for next year.

  • Inactive user

    DE sounds like the multi-level marketing company a colleague tried to sell me on a few years ago. Didn't work then and I sure ain't in a position to check it out now.

  • Inactive user

    Direct Energy does one thing that COMED doesn't: Sell power door to door. Only a fool would think that doing business with a company that isn't even a generation company can save you money. Selling promises that can't be made is their right to passage for ba-foonery.

  • Kim Elsham Rogers Parkian ca. '07

    Hi. Would any of you be willing to speak with me on the record for a story I'm writing about retail electric suppliers? Feel free to send me an email through here or go direct at kimberly.elsham@gmail dot com. If you use any company to buy your electricity, please let me know! Just looking for folks who use someone other than ComEd. Thanks so much.

  • Inactive user

    Yep, this was the thread I was thinking of, but it didn't have the content I thought. Direct Energy is a scam.

    fyi, the one comment in support of DE was posted by a guy named "Brandon." It's the ONLY comment he has posted on EB. Ever.

    Every review I've read about this company (, etc.) reports customer service run-around and bills that have mysteriously gone UP each month--even though sales reps claim to lock you in to fixed rate. (The fixed rate is usually at a higher kw/h than you're paying now and increases to bills are explained away by increases in consumer usage.) Beware of high-pressure door-to-door sales people who insist on you showing them your current gas/electric bill.

    The following link is the best I've found, from a government source, no less, that shows how much more it costs to go through a 3rd-party vendor than the actual utility. This example shows the utility Duke Energy (Ohio) is actually 3 cents to 19 cents per unit LOWER than any of the 3rd-party companies.

    Some of the suppliers act like a hedge fund. They lock you into a long-term contract (note Just Energy at the bottom of the list) at a fixed rate. Basically, it looks like you're gambling that your gas/ electricity rates will continue to go up over 5 years and your rate will stay the same. But it sounds like the reviewers say the 3rd-party company sticks it to you by claiming your usage has increased.

    I may not care for my ComEd bills in the summer when I have the A/C blasting 24/7, BUT at least I know when the meter reading reads ACTUAL, it means a ComEd employee actually read the meter in my building's basement and didn't just make up some number to benefit the billing company.

  • Adam Kruvand Kru Strength + Fitness owner

    These companies are 3rd party energy brokers allowed to sell "bulk rate" utilities (gas or electric) to individual consumers. Generally you can broker utilities in bulk for around 30% less than retail rate. This practice has been going on for years for buildings and management companies that can afford to buy a years worth of supply upfront - these brokers now make this service available to individual consumers. The big utility companies do not go out of their way to sell you cheaper service, so by making the energy "available" indirectly they met the legal loophole without actually providing any discount to consumers. This allows 3rd party brokers room to operate. The brokers make a fraction of a %, but still charge less than the utility companies. They don't cost you any fees to start or stop - in fact you have to renew the contract every year to keep getting the cheaper rate (legal loophole). If the supply charge drops below the contracted broker rate - you get the cheaper rate. The bills still come from the utility, the only change is the supply charge on the bill.

  • Inactive user


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