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Added Jul 27 2012

Does anyone have any idea where my parents can get an old Eumig Super8 projector repaired locally? We have lots of old family films we would like to watch but projector is not working and hasn't been used in decades. Thanks!

  • ChaiLover

    Check out Calumet photo on Cherry ave. in Chicago.

  • might be able to give you a lead too.

  • Genevieve artist, photographer, cat lady, mom, W.Walker

    Central Camera Co. on Wabash (i think 226 S. Wabash) does repair of many cameras, no matter the age and do an excellent job. i highly recommend them. i had a 1930's rare camera that needed a shutter repair. It took 2 months because they had to scour the internet for the part that was needed but they found it and fixed it. Count on them for great repair.

  • Fausto CapsFan

    There is an electronics store on Montrose just west of Ashland that appears to work on all pre-beta products. Sorry, don't know the name.

  • CH AP Resident

    @Fausto: I think it's "20th Century Electronics", which is oddly appropriate. The storefront is loaded with tube TVs, reel-to-reel players, and other last-century stuff. The Polish couple that runs it are a couple of displaced electrical engineers. They can fix anything. Amazing place.

  • Fausto CapsFan

    Yup, that's it. I actually think they have a Super 8 for sale in the window.

  • David Barnett Lived along Ravenswood since 1997.

    2oth Century got mixed reviews on this site:

    Of course, you can try to fix it yourself:

    Now a cautionary note: Are the family films in good condition? You should only show a film with a movie projector if you have examined its condition and found it to be excellent. Projecting film that is shrunken or deteriorated will damage its sprocket holes and make it hard for any lab to do good work later if you opt to have it transferred to restored. Due to the physical age of most Super 8 film, it is likely very brittle. Be careful not to twist or bend the film, since this could cause it to break.

    You could have a lab convert it to DVD. If it might only make through a projector once before dying, this is the route to go. Also, if you take this option and find a service where you have to mail the film, consider the weather when you send it. 8mm film shipped film by US Postal Service to a conversion company could be damaged from traveling in extreme heat or cold situations. Wait for some nice cool weather in the fall.

    Or, drive out to Naperville and let these guys do the transfer work to DVD for you:

    If it were my film, I would drive out to Naperville rather than mess with fixing the projector and worrying about deterioration of the film.

    Good luck. Hope you are able to view some treasured family events on those films in the near future!

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    I agree with David. Getting the film transferred to DVD would be a much better idea. The process isn't cheap but the outcome is likely to be much better and the outcome will be much longer lasting as well.

    You can make copies of the DVD and share them with the whole family.

    Plus you won't need to pay for the repair of the projector.

  • LT

    Thanks all for the great suggestions and @David thanks for all the tips regarding film condition, mailing in cool weather, etc. Last time I saw them the film looked to be in good condition. @ David and Bob...have thought about just transferring the films to dvd but thing is...we probably have @ 75 rolls/reels, mostly unlabeled. So who knows what is on each reel and as you mention it would not be cheap. May take your advice and have a couple converted to dvd but I can't avoid getting the projector repaired if I want to see the remaining 73 reels.

  • sunnyside parent

    There is a place on Western near Lawrence(just north) it is on the east side of the street a cross from auto parts place. I am sorry I do not remember the name. But he likes to work on the old things. Take your cell phone sometimes he is in the back and the door will be locked so you may have to call him while you are in front

  • Just save time and money. Do the DVD deal. Also ask for copies for your children and relatives. Great present for xmas

  • A group called Community Glue is having an event tonight in Edgewater that is for people with fix-it skills (small appliances, etc) to help those with fix-it needs.

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