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Added Jul 26 2012

Here is the information to Make a Complaint or open up an investigation on your Alderman or Anyone else.

the 24th Ward has had Chandler long enough to have some idea of where he's allocating Funds that are supposed to be used to improve the ward. Has Anyone noticed construction or improvements anywhere ? If so please let us know. If not Please use the information below to Bring some HEAT into this WARD

A complaint may be filed with this Office in writing, preferably on an OEIG complaint form, or orally. You may file a complaint by (i) completing a form online at, (ii) calling the Office's toll-free hotline (866) 814-1113; (iii) sending a completed complaint form to the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor, Attention Complaint Division, 32 West Randolph, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois 60601; (iv) faxing a completed complaint form to (312) 814-5479; (v) contacting the Office by telecommunications device for the disabled (TTY) at (888) 261-2734 or (vi) visiting the Office at its Springfield or Chicago locations.

Complaint Form

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Does this cover State employees or people doing business with the State of Illinois only?

    Are we able to file complaints against banks, chicago employees?...Out of state companies?


    This is the way to TAKE BACK neighborhoods and be sure we are not cheated out of what belongs to us.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    What is the function of the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor (OEIG)?

    The function of the Office of Executive Inspector General is to investigate allegations of wrongful acts or omissions committed by employees, appointees or officials, or by those doing business with the agencies, including boards, commissions, the state public universities, or regional transit boards under its jurisdiction.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    What types of complaints does the Office of Executive Inspector General investigate?

    The Office of Executive Inspector General investigates, when appropriate, alleged violations of law, rule or regulation committed by any employee of or those doing business with an entity under its jurisdiction. For example, the Office investigates allegations of waste, fraud, abuse of authority, or corruption including ghost payrolling, bid rigging, theft, misuse of state property, procurement fraud, improper time reporting and abuse of time, among others. The OEIG declines to investigate anything that has been fully adjudicated (administratively or in a court) or is pending before an administrative agency or pending in civil or criminal court

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Just saw a State Legislator is being charged and 50 more may be investigated. Is this what you were talking about???

    Seems they misused Aids money, children after school monies and other stuff.

    YES...go after the politicians who more or less STOLE the monies intended for the benefit of our communities. I has gone on for decades and we need to have a witch hunt to remove them.

    Whatever you can do to send in information leading to convictions is the BEST way to help EGP recover and your block.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    the 24th Ward has been MIA for a moment. Ervin is just throwing Parties and a Hot Dog Circus for his Residents .. this is all a diversion.. People need to start complaining! If I put the information out here, someone will know how to go about complaining.

  • John Omara Douglas Park lover.

    Can you complain about a politician because you think he is not good at his job, has no imagination, accepts the status quo, accomplishes little...would it do any good?

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    John, I hear all the time you cannot sue the government for doing a bad job. But, imho when the bad job is so aggregious that it is tantamount to gross negelgence it is a different story. Those attempts typically do not yield results.

    If however, you see workers coming out and the works not done...that becomes a potential payroll fraud. Getting paid but sitting around is a different story. That can be a claim perhaps.

    So, if you dig deeply,..there are ways to make complaints that could satisfy the requirements. Filing false or frivilous complaints is never a good idea. Filing a false government complaint or application is against the law and you might get nipped.

    But...if there is for instance a Street Scape project that goes om fpr 2 years andyou rarely see a worker; that might be something that could be investigated.

    That happens in EGP ALL THE TIME. Why tear up the street and leave it torn up for say a year...and only have guys work maybe 20 days...??? What is that all about? Maybe a time photo during peak work hour times could prove that workers were not there.

  • you know we always complaining about our government officals,we still go to the polls and vote for same offical. you won't to do more help the under dog that can't afford the help and money from the unions and other people that have money. you sure check and see who giving your alderman campaign fund.

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    I for one am ecstatic that we no longer have Chandler as an Alderman and while I was weary of his endorsement for our current one Scott Jr has brought a considerable improvement to the area. Having said that I still think with Mr. Scott Jr. we are still living in the dark ages in policy and realistic ideas to address community needs. Cas in Point:

    Summer is upon us and along with the ubiquitous element of crime and loitering is the issue of refuse littering the streets. I have explored the idea, as many have, the idea of adding trash containers to areas for the collection of waste by people all too willing to toss litter into the streets; the simple idea that if there is easy accessibility to a garbage can in high traffic areas (such as main thoroughfares, store fronts, areas of congregation maybe (just maybe) people will take a couple extra steps to toss it in a receptacle). In planning yearly clean ups with my neighbors this subject again came up and here is my communication in summary with the Alderman:

    On request of the containers i was given 3 reasons for why this would not be honored. First, people steal trash cans and will surly extend this to wire baskets; Two, in order to secure the containers they will need to be bolted to the street and this will cost more in labor to the Sanitation Dept. and three you can not grant garbage cans to some with out granting it to all constituents whom request one. I indicated that I have installed one of these containers myself and would be willing to bolt down additional ones as i am sure like minded neighbors would. I mentioned that I conduct all of the needed maintenance to the container by placing trash bags in it each week and emptying it into my weekly trash container each Thursday evening after work. The Alderman responded by saying how would we insure others were as conscious in the effort, check for compliance, and be equally abiding to all constituents. - cont -

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    I proposed to the Alderman (without in-depth thought to the idea) that we could have a policy for the service that folks would generate a short proposal for the need listing out reasoning, how it would help the area, how and when it would be installed (by whom) and how it would be inspected and maintained. While there is room for improvement on the idea this would offer a fair and equal manifestation on the service; needless to say the Alderman disagreed instead to say we could organize clean up efforts and arrange training classes if I could get others on board. I am sorry to say this in my opinion this idea is incredulous, non-scaleable, and devoid of the fact that you are not going to teach people to hold onto their trash and search for a garbage can if they do not have an instilled concern to do so. I further indicated that if the containers were not doing their job they could be uninstalled and moved to other areas of interest. Surely we need to get out of this type of fixed mindset and I believe based on the circumstances we need a better fighter and aggregated voice to defend (not only this simple concern) that plagues the community of North Lawndale but the larger ones if this is the approach we can expect from our incumbent representative.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Daniel, send an email to,
    Ask if they can have Debbie schedule a Safer cleanup with Don's crew. They do an excellent job of clean up.

    Then ask if the Weed sprayer can come and spray at the alley and around paremeters of lots with metal post so there is less growth that has to be hand hacked.

    Then ask if Josie can have Rat Patrol come down your alley. They need to Bait and order replacement garbage cans, and replacement for damaged cans. If you have lots of can theft, residents need to put cans in and out of the alley for garbage pickup days to avoid more theft.

    We are STUCK because we cannot get CPD to catch can thieves and arrest them or give them a ticket. Same for those who litter. Fill in a form 21-235 form and turn it in to the Superintendent. CAPs ois supposed to be the mainstay of ordering city services.

    Search COMMUNITY CONCERNS AND CITY SERVICES,, 2018, Directive and you can see it

    Read the Directive. Reroute orders to CPd CAPS and DEMAND from the Superintendent the District people do as he directed.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The problem is ACCOUNTABILITY in every city department. Crews get dispatched. They may or may not do the work you ordered. Nobody sits on their heads until it gets done the right way. Emailing directly their Commissioner and telling the Commissioner the truth of what is happening in the field is one GREAT way to get the work done.

    It has taken a long time but we cleaned up a disgustingly filthy 6-8 block area. It was a real struggle of wills between union feet on the ground slacking and their supervisors. The Mayor and Commissioner of a department yield a big bat.

    Redirect your strategy for clean up. This method will work. It just takes followup after followup after followup.

    If you have time to walk with Rat Patrol, the Safer Crew, other City crews the job done will be better. Why, you are watching. You will be the only person watching because typically supervisors let false reports get submitted and it looks like things are good in the field.

    If you follow this protocol; post the results and how fast you got results. SHARING success is the best way to get things done faster, better, cheaper.

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