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Added Jul 17 2014

I've always always always had parking....and now I'm parking on the street. With these street cleaning signs posted on one side of the street....that means I shouldn't park on that side of the street during the day and time posted, right? I can park on the other side of the street that day and time and not get ticketed, right?

  • You are correct. They usually alternate days on each side of the street. So if you see the street cleaning signs for no parking on Wednesday, then the opposite side will most likely show no parking on Tuesday or Thursday.

    My question is this. Say the signs say no parking between 9am and 2pm for street cleaning. But you arrive at 11am and can tell that the machines have already been through. Can you still park there at 11am? Or do you have to wait until 2pm?

  • JinL Jefferson Park resident - 5300 N Moody block...

    Thanks for answering my question. Now....let's see who can answer your question. :)

  • CV - I wouldn't risk it. They could still justify writing a ticket even if the street sweeper has gone through already, since the signs state between 9am-2pm.

  • Usually when they are done they remove the signs, so probably best to not park if signs still up. On our street, they usually finish early and promptly remove signs.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    Here in lakeview, the signs usually come down after they are done, but sometimes long after!

  • LisaMV from L.Sq to North Center

    CV - Not saying you SHOULD park after the machines have come by, but my neighbors and I tend to. I'm a near Lawrence and Western and, knock on wood, haven't been ticketed yet. But don't take my advice - I don't want to be responsible :-)

  • Tom in Lincoln Square humble citizen

    Years ago, while at work, I came back from lunch about 1pm. The sweeper had finished multiple passes about 10am, so I figured it was safe to park on that side. I was wrong. After work I came out to find a ticket on my car. I wouldn't be surprised if the ticketers cruise the routes in that final hour looking for technical violations like that. Easy money!

  • CV, you should not risk parking on the street until the signs come down . I read on DNA Info (question for the Parking Geek) that the sweepers sometimes come through more than one time and you will get a ticket if that is the case. This weekend on the tv show Parking Wars (show that follows ticket writers around giving parking tickets and towing cars) they had the same situation and someone got a ticket because the sweeper came through again. You might get away with it, but you are taking a big risk.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    Man, I love that show! It's down me that the ticket writers are humans too! :-)

  • I once parked on the street that clearly had already been cleaned. Went inside for about an hour and came out to a ticket.

    I took a photo of my car parked clearly showing the cleaning marks below my car and emailed it in and the ticket was dismissed.



    CV-- you can park on the street before 2pm if the young man or lady has taken down the sign. Not before that -- because it happened to my neighbor.

    They had already swept the street, it was noon. He parked on the clean side, and here came the ticket writing company and gave him a ticket. It was a rental too; it wasn't even his car poor guy. DO NOT DO IT TIL THE SIGNS HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN!

  • I called 311 once to ask if I could park on the no parking side of the street after I was sure the street cleaners had been through. They told me I could be ticketed until the time stated on the signs or until the signs had been taken down (sometimes they come down early). Looks like lots of people found that out the hard way.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    They sometimes leave the signs up long past having cleaned, in order to raise revenue. What controls is the time stated on the sign, not whether the cleaners have come through. Sometimes, during autumn, there will be multiple passes to handle large volumes of leaves. But one time, I came out at 8:55 to move my car, only to find a ticket anyway. The sign said 9am-2pm, but the idiot who wrote the ticket actually filled in “8:50” as the time of violation. Got it dismissed, of course--but had to go to court to do it!

  • Gio V Lincoln Square - born and raised.

    Also, keep in mind that street sweepers often times do a *second* sweep on the same street, sometimes as late as a few hours after the initial sweep. I've been told that any time past 3PM is safe to park, as the sweepers have to return to base and drivers swipe out for their shift. The signs should be down by then.

  • Thanks for the advice! I'll make sure not to park until the signs have been removed.

  • I just moved here from out of state and while I understand it's not winter yet (this does go along with the parking question from above-sort of), I see where it also says that you cannot park on the street if the snow is above 2 inches deep. I don't understand this, as sometimes snow storms hit in the middle of the night here and will I have to rush out and try and move my car to another spot? Or is it still ok to park there prior to a snow storm? I'm so confused.

  • Read this article regarding Snow Route signs:

    Essentially, you can be ticketed and towed when the snow is more than 2" deep at these locations. It doesn't matter if there wasn't any snow when you parked your car.

  • I would never risk parking anywhere that signs indicate a ticketing or towing time. Tickets are a way to increase revenue and you should always be cautious when parking. The ticketers don't ride on the back of the street sweepers and come around at different times than the sweepers. Ive seen people get tickets before the street sweepers arrive and after the street cleaners have left. I have learned this lesson the hard way.
    I have yet to figure out the 2 in snow rule. I wake up on snowy mornings fearing my car is buried under tickets or off in some tow lot.

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