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Added Jul 17 2017

    Starbucks planned for former Brown's site at Lawrence & Central
    by BRIAN NADIG A Starbucks coffee shop is planning to open inside the former Brown's Chicken restaurant at 5601 W. Lawrence Ave. "Brown's Chicken closed their doors (in late December).
  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    I only see one boo bird. I've been wanting a Starbucks to open in the area since moving here. This is fantastic. They have parking and it's only a few blocks from my residence.

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  • MJK

    There will be more. There always are. Anything that comes to the neighborhood should have been something else.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Thats good

  • The New Guy Local Weirdo

    Boo. Should have been a liquor/burrito joint.

  • Good addition. And it should have a positive impact on the value of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • I look at it this way... browns chicken or starbucks, I would think it was a trade up.

  • Manticore

    How about Church's?

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  • The New Guy Local Weirdo

    I'd prefer a Harolds Chicken.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Church's fried okra was amazing!

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Starbucks is an evil corporation.

  • Just to clarify I don't want it to push out the smaller coffee shops but considering other options - it will help dress up the corner (the CVS/Jewel look like they are in the 80's) and it will help the community.

  • Manticore

    I support Starbucks because Anthony Bourdain hates them.

  • SCC Northwest sider my whole life.

    I wonder how long "Six Corners Neighbors" on Facebook tried to figure out a way to give this story an anti Arena spin. His coverage was shockingly neutral.

  • this is great and all, and i know a lot of people have been clamoring for Starbucks to show up for a while... but does anybody think this is getting just a liiiittle over-saturated?

    four locations in under a square mile seems a bit much. would have much rather seen one (or two, max) new locations added, and looked for more unique tenants for the other 1-2 locations.

  • I do agree that 4 Starbucks locations in the area is a bit excessive but so is the 10 Dunkin Doughnuts locations in Portage Park and Jefferson Park that no one complains about. People have a negative view towards Starbucks coming in because it signifies a change in the area and it makes people uneasy that their area is going to turn into something they do not want. The old Browns chicken location is an eyesore with its spray painted over signs and vacant rundown look. Having a visually appealing business like Starbucks will help the overall look of that corner and will be better than having another fast food restaurant planted in that location which might hurt the local business of Beef Belly across the street.

  • Bob Burns "The well balanced Bob B." - St, Peter

    I'd be willing to bet that Starbucks knows more about the Starbucks business than any of us do. Likewise Trader Joe's, Target, Culver's, Binny's, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Now if we can go west down Lawrence and get business there.

  • i don't have a negative view towards starbucks, i have a negative view of over-saturation. i have a negative view of potential missed opportunities.

    I did some google maps work - these 4 starbucks are within 0.75 sq mi.
    I'm sure there's more than 10 dunkin donuts locations between JP and Portage, but combined they make up 6.35 sq miles.
    in order to have that same level of saturation there would need to be 34 dunkin donuts locations between the two neighborhoods.
    while it's possible there are that many, i find it highly unlikely and really don't have it in me to do that much lookin' right now. if somebody wants to prove me wrong, please do.

    regarding the painted signs -- those have been gone for at least 10 days (first time i noticed them being gone, and as can also be seen in the main picture of this article).
    at this point it would be another vacant property, and while not ideal by any stretch adding another starbucks is a missed opportunity.

    a missed opportunity for a building that's capable of being rehabbed, with an existing drive-thru, kitchen, and potential dining area.

  • BelmontCentral, what 4 locations are you talking about? This new location is a mile from the proposed location at IPR and central, and 3 miles from the newest location on NW highway . Not sure where you're getting this .75 mile.

  • @ Jay Smith... Truth! This neighborhood shows its reluctance to progress / change at every turn. I am excited about Sbux in our hood and will dance in my backyard should there ever be a Trader Joe's!!!

  • Daniel D,

    Old Irving Park (Existing Location)
    4151 N Cicero (New Location #1)
    Irving & Central (New Location #2)
    Lawrence & Central (New Location #3)

  • I see where you're getting the .75 now, but I still don't understand the problem. The OIP and Cicero locations are close together, but the new location up in JP isn't anywhere near the others, as far as communities go. Why should JP not have a Starbucks, just because it's a mile from another?

  • I think it is like divvy... so if you are walking, by the time your are finished with your starbucks, you can pick up another starbucks.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Then go for a ride through fishmans window

  • Trader Joe's? With all the recalls they've had over the last year, why would u want to go there? There is one up NW HWY.

  • Manticore

    Two buck Chuck seems pretty safe to me.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    Does this mean Brown's Chicken ain't coming back?

  • noman50 in this together

    The news about Starbucks is encouraging. Let's not miss an opportunity to enhance the surrounding infrastructure and improve bike and pedestrian access.

  • Manticore

    How about a drive-thru?

  • @Mabb.... This is exactly what I am talking about. So small picture: TJs had recalls (like everyone had) and as a consequence you don't want it in the neighborhood.
    Big picture: a successful grocery store that attracts people to the neighborhood pushing it forward.

    Nothing is ever perfect. But to me progress over perfection is better than empty, ugly storefronts or yet another Dental office, loan shark or mattress store.

  • I agree Zecke, empty storefronts make neighborhoods look tattered and not good for property values, that's a small area only good for a small business...i wish it was a dunkin donuts, yum!

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    How about crispy creme

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    Krispy Kreme. Way better than DD.

    There is a little bit of potato in their donuts...a not so secret kinda secret.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Krispy Kreme would be different, instead of the same choices every few blocks.

  • What is taking Starbucks so long?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Getting the junk yards on central cleaned up

  • I heard they just got their license...wish it was a donut place...🤣

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I wish it was a chicken place.

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    yippee another Starbucks, I suppose in today's business environment something independent and different is out of the question.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Another Starbucks, great A free washroom for everyone .Life is good in Jeff Park.

  • @paul, don't forget free wifi

  • Sandyrae No info

    Does anyone know when Starbucks will open?

  • typically they open in the morning

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Sandyrae, the article I had read stated that an opening date hasn't been set.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    They are trying to remove junk yards to the south.

  • Sandyrae No info

    @InactiveUser I certainly hope you were joking.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.


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