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Added Jul 16 2014

I was running in the forest preserve today and came across a unicorn. It was pink and had a purple tail the horn was white glittery. If it's anybody's it's in my back yard eating some hay!! Come claim it

  • Paul in Albany Park Albany Park resident

    Unicorns don't eat hay, they eat cupcakes and Skittles. I'm pretty sure what you have is a stylish goat that lost a horn somehow.

  • Chi.girl30 Neighbor

    Lol!!! I'm glad someone has a sense of humor on here!!

  • LStone Western and Lawrence

    My neighbors had a unicorn until yesterday! I was calling the police constantly with full reports --no leash, no tags not to mention an exotic pet in city limits! I bet they turned it loose because I was asking all sorts of extra homeowner insurance questions. That horn could put an eye out! Bet the unicorn isn't chipped either. Irresponsible neighbors and pet owners. Enough already.

  • Is that what I saw fart glitter??

  • Hope you find your unicorn because I have to let out my dragons every night before I go to sleep.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    This is such a nice change of pace from all your posts promoting the Hot Dog Station (especially the ones where you pretend to be just a satisfied customer). Keep up the good work, chi girl30!

  • Chi.girl30 Neighbor you think you know me cause I promote a restaurant. Who do you think I am. I could promote business after business if I want. I think freedom of speech is my right and I could express my opinion on a business.
    But today I was just searching for the owner of a unicorn.

  • Chi.girl30 Neighbor

    Sam Padron ^ lmao!!! Your funny

  • Best post EVER! :D

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    i want what ever she's on LOL

  • Love this post!

  • Chi girl30 New to albany park

    On nothing at ALL!! Just trying to have a little fun. Wanted to see what response I get! Lol

  • B Dover

    Thx! Very funny. Too bad spam alert had to take a cheap shot. Just a sad bitter little man that hides behind a keyboard. He bullies a lot of people.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    B dover little ironic your comment also takes a cheap shot at him. Hmmm

  • Chi girl30 New to albany park

    Maybe he's bitter cause he doesn't want to admit he owns the unicorn. Don't worry SPAM man we won't judge you!! Lol

  • B Dover

    Tas mania Devil. It's like Hitler 1938....someone has to check him.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Thanks Chi girl30! I don't mind being judged by normal people. But Ben Dover is so creepy he created an account on EB just to stalk me. He really, really likes me, if you know what I mean. Anyway, If I owned that unicorn, I'd sell it on Craigslist.

  • Chi girl30 New to albany park

    SPAM...sorry I've had no luck on craigslist.

  • B Dover

    Spam Alert!!!!!! There u are 😍

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