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Added Jul 16 2012

Since December of 2011 the tenants of the Flamingo have been fighting TLC Management for the return of services promised in their rental agreement. The Chicago Tenant’s Rights Ordinance defines Rental agreement as "all written or oral agreements embodying the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit.” These services were used to influence tenant’s rental decisions. Many residents would not have signed a lease or agreed to the rental amount in their lease, if the management had disclosed that these services would no longer be provided.

7 months and not one Alderman has had the strong backbone to stand up against TLC Management and we as a community must ask why.

Call or email TLC Management and tell them to respect the rights of tenants and return all services that were part of their rental agreements. 312-553-9070 773-752-3800

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    You would think that at least our own local Alderman would stand up and speak out, but the voices of those we have put into office have been silent. We must ask why. Why does TLC Management have such power over these Alderman? What are our Alderman afraid of and why do they not publicly say that the actions of TLC Management are wrong? Something is not right here.

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    We go back to court next week, taking depositions from both sides and then we should be getting a trial date. TLC is finally going to be held accountable for their fraudulent practices and total disregard for tenants rights. Shame on them for screwing with their tenants.

  • AndiJ Hyde Parker since '78

    What rights have they taken away?

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    TLC’s first act as new owners was to fire all door attendants with 9 days notice before the holidays and to remove the security services of a 24 hour door attendant. They replaced our security with a directory key pad system and also stopped monitoring security cameras in the building. After 3 months of fighting them they returned security but we continue to fight for the return of all services. We had 24/7 maintenance now maintenance staff and hours have been cut and on Sunday there is no maintenance unless it is considered an emergency. TLC cut lobby office hours. The Office was open 8:00am to 6:00pm 7 Days a Week. . Hours have been cut and the office is now closed on Sunday, one of the only days some people have the time to talk with management. TLC removed the service of paying rent on site with a credit/debit card. There is now a 3% fee to pay your rent on line with a debit card.

    All these services were advertised to us and used to induce people into renting and how much rent they would pay.These services where part of our “rental agreement” as defined by the Chicago Tenant’s Rights Ordinance, section 5-12-030(g) “Rental agreement” means all written or oral agreements embodying the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit.”

    We are also fighting in court. TLC filed for eviction against me because I started this tenants group and protested against their taking away of services. We have been back and fourth in court sense January of 2012.

    there is much more information and details on you can read and decide whether you want to sign the petition.

  • AndiJ Hyde Parker since '78

    You may have misinterpreted what "Tenants' Rights are.

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    Absolutely not AndiJ. I know the tenants rights ordinance very well and my lawyer, Paul Bernstein, is one of the best tenants right lawyers in the city, formerly the head of the lawyers committee for better housing. Further more, another tenant that I was assisting in her case, just won in court last week. The judge recognized her right to have deducted money from her rent based on the decreased value of living in the building without these services that were a part of our rental agreement.

  • AndiJ Hyde Parker since '78

    "Decreased value of living" - I still am confused - they returned the door attendant, so there's live security for the building, the office is open 6 days a week, and maintenance is not 24/7 but still available for emergencies when maintenance staff are off property.
    I can see how you feel your rent is too high for less services- but I don't agree with you that rights have been taken away.
    But I am not a lawyer - I hope all works out for you.
    I personally have been very happy with TLC Management.

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    The tenants I talked of who won the case was compensated for every month the security was taken away. furthermore, again TLC advertised these services and used these services to convince people to rent here. I would never have signed a two year lease and paid the amount i am paying without these services. I could have rented the same amount of space in another building without these services for at least 300 dollars less a month. bottom line is that TLC made a contract with me that promised services and then they broke that contract. They did not have the right to take away or change the services that were part of my rental agreement and that were the reasons I signed a lease. the law is very clear that TLC was obligated to honor all current rental agreements when they bought this building. When those rental agreements are finished and up for renewal then TLC can do what it wants, but not before.

  • Jack, Hyde Park 55th Street

    Why no lawsuit?

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    I am currently fighting the eviction case. When we win this, which we will in the next month, then we may chose to go the way of a law suit for breach of contract. However, because this clearly falls under the consumer protection and fraud bureau at the state, county and city level we wanted to pursue this first. Last week the IL. attorney general asked me to resubmit my complaint, which I have with an additional 30 pages of documentation of proof and affidavits from residents and a former Flamingo leasing agent. The law suit is still an option especially a class action suit.

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    Spent all morning in court for a status update on our case with TLC Management. TLC tried to pull some bull with a motion to dismiss our claim of retaliatory conduct by a landlord. Did not work, but we go back to court in September for yet another hearing. TLC wrongfully filed for eviction against me and they took away services that were part of our rental agreement. Join me in Supporting the rights of tenants at the Flamingo Apartments in Chicago. TLC Management should be accountable for rental agreements made with their tenants.

  • James Waldo I live in chicago's hyde park neighborhood

    Thanks to Mayor Harold Washington who got the Chicago Tenants Rights Ordinance passed. Chicago is a city that values fair practices in business. However, many management companies are not being held accountable for unfair practices and are ignoring the rights of tenants. Tell TLC Management to honor rental agreements made with tenants and return all services that the Flamingo Apartments agreed to provide (Stuart Handler, TLC Management 100 N. LaSalle Street, suite 1200 Chicago IL. 60602 312-553-9070) .

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