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Added Jul 10 2014

Just moved to irving park and I'm looking for a good place (parks or general routes) for morning 2-3 mile runs. My route today took me past the blue line, which apart from the bread and pigeon poop, wasnt the most scenic route ever. Any runners have a suggestion?

  • Irving Dave Friendly neighbor

    What's your closest cross street? I start generally at Kimball and Irving Park, go east to Horner, run the outer loop up against river and back. That's typically 2.5. I will go east on Montrose on the north side of Horner and run around Welles Park (Lincoln and Montrose) to tack on another mile.

    You probably know this but every 400 block north/south or east/west is a half mile - I use that to approximate how far I have gone. I am not sure how that applies to angled streets like Milwaukee or Elston.

  • So I'm at irving and keystone. Still working on learning the streets, but I looking at a map I can see what you mean, il give that route a shot tomorrow, thanks

  • yeah I run Horner Park too. How about Independence Park? That is close to you on Irving Park-go east. It is smaller but I think it has a loop.

  • An G

    You're not going to find much in the way of scenery if you're doing 2-3 miles from there, unfortunately, but it's a really good way to get to know your neighborhood. If you can hop on a bike or extend your distance there are some great routes. The old railroad track has been made into a trail that is paved near bryn mawr and pulaski and extends north of peterson. Otherwise the river has wonderful trails north from Lawrence all they way to evanston (my favorite for biking and running). Also, there's the lakefront of course.

  • Irving Dave Friendly neighbor

    I second Angie's point. If you can get to the park (Labagh Woods) on Foster just west of Pulaski, it's great scenery. I recommend it on weekend mornings, very quiet and gorgeous scenery. Tons of little trails in the woods along the river and the old railroad tracks which is now a stone trail.

  • The Villas neighborhood is just across Pulaski and is beautiful. Quiet, tree-lined streets and just big enough for a 3 mile run if you run up and down each street to the end and back.

  • Jim Douglas Community resident for 18 years

    stelvask just run west up Irving Park to Long and run around Portage Park

  • Gmaps Pedometer is an easy way to map out a route ahead of time. Also, in general, every 8 blocks in the city = 1 mile. By blocks, I mean those designated by street address, e.g., Irving down to Belmont = 4000 to 3200 = 1 mile.

  • AB

    Angie O is pretty dead on. For 2-3 mile runs from near the Irving blue line stop there isn't much- to get to a park/ run path worth running in you need to go further. I would run up and down the residential streets, nice houses to see, just go south to Addison or so, East to Cicero or so, north to Montrose etc on the streets between Keeler and Cicero.

    Irving Park east of the Blue Line is not great for running with a lot of stoplights. West is okay, and Portage Park is not bad but it will be more than 3 miles total. If I want to run on a path not at the lake, I bike or drive (or run, but further) to the river path starting at Francisco and Lawrence that people have mentioned, or the forest preserve around Milwaukee and Devon.

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