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Added Jul 09 2012

Friend of mine was mugged at gunpoint by two young men. Took her purse and phone. Physically she's unharmed. Take caution in that area.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    thanks for the information and I hope your friend (and her friends) are healing. this is very scary

    I don't know, maybe we can form some kind of group that looks out for each other, even just out the window, when people are coming and going. There's not enough cops out here and the mayor and police chief keep saying to "give them time"....

    We have to watch out for each other....

  • ch1cag0rob 15-year Logan Squarite, in Jeff Park since `15

    Is it assuming too much to guess that these guys were black? There's been a problem in Chicago media lately with not giving the race of suspected perps even though that's one of the first things people notice.

    Duly noted: watch out for black guys wearing hood gear around 2 am in that neighborhood.

  • Jerry Cargill Photographer, Teacher, Live on Milwaukee Ave.

    Yes, black, dreads... They'd kind of stick out being that most people in Logan seem to be white or Hispanic.

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    How terrible. Thank you and your friend for providing the descriptions of not only the bad guys, but the attack itself. I do hope they all heal quickly.

  • Allison 60647

    I'm very sorry to hear this. Thanks for the info.

  • Y_2_K I aspire to be who I am.

    I've been pistol whipped before, if it was a cap gun I doubt it would have sent anyone to the hospital.

    Sorry to hear about this, esp. in a group of 7. God. Scumbags.

  • (from a friend on facebook- guy with dreads in story) my friend got dragged into an alley at Whipple and Armitage by a young black guy with dreads- she screamed and bit her way free. It was only 10.30pm. Police didn't want to take a report "because we found your bag in the alley". Female friend, FYI. She was alone. Cops finally wrote it up as "aggravated robbery". WTF.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    @Rachel - this makes me sick. she should go to the news and anyone that would listen and let them know that the police department doesn't even want things reported.

    If it's the same guy now they have TWO reasons to arrested him. This is completely out of hand

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    Honest question for a cop or someone familiar with the process: why would cops be reticent to take a report for something like what was described above, which sounds like assault or battery or attempted robbery or what have you? Are they getting leaned on to produce good CompStat numbers, or something?

  • Allison Kedzie & Fullerton

    Not sure if this is related but it's worth noting.

    Wednesday morning (7/11) two women in separate incidents were assaulted in Logan Square/Humbolt Park. The suspicious part: tall black guy with dreads.

    Maybe the cops need to start taking these things seriously (per Rachel A's post) since it seems like this guy is terrorizing the neighborhood. I'm not a cop and put one and one together.,0,2115206.story

  • Allison Kedzie & Fullerton

    The muggings at Mozart & Fullerton and the two attempted assaults were all in the 14th district.

    Tonight (7/12) there's a beat meeting at the Logan Square Boys & Girls Club at 7 pm. I'm going to try to make it but I might be late. It would be great if we could get a lot of people there to let them know that this guy is a major threat and needs to be taken seriously.

    Here's the meeting info:
    7:00 PM-8:00 PM
    1413 & 1414 Combined Beat Meeting
    Details: Please join your beat 1413 & 1414 neighbors and Chicago Police Officers to help make your beat a better place to live.
    Contact Details: For more information, contact the 14th District Community Policing Office (312) 744-1261
    Location: Logan Square Boys & Girls Club 3228 W. Palmer

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Thanks to Allison for this important information! Very kind of you, thanks for sharing!

  • That definitely sounds like the same guy, thank you for your information.

    Was anyone able to attend the Beat meeting last night? I wasn't because I worked. If anyone did, can you give any info as to what was said? Thank you!

  • the beat meeting in the park?

  • Inactive user

    How people can read this and still feel that allowing people to carry a weapon for defense is wrong I will never understand. Chicago is literally turning into the wild west, the crooks know we are all unarmed, and are easy prey.

    Criminals can get guns any time they want. Why do we keep refusing to allow those of us who follow the law to protect ourselves?

  • Allison Kedzie & Fullerton

    I can't make it to the Beat Meeting but I did send an email to Commander Flores. I don't have much faith that she'll get it or anyone will acknowledge it but I sent it.

    ChicagoCouple I agree with you.

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  • Inactive user

    @Jackstraw people will raise issues on this site as much as they would like. That's the purpose of the site. If your desire is to repress views the creators of Everyblock included a feature that allows you to mute a specific user. I would suggest you use it.

    As far as your question is concerned allowing licensed citizens to carry a weapon creates a deterrent. The bad guys, most of which are cowards at heart, will not know if the individual they are about to attack will be armed. They will not know if a bystander will be armed. They will then think twice about attacking anyone.

    Is your suggestion to remain sheep?

  • Inactive user

    Honestly Jackstraw this thread has a lot of different opinions on how to deal with the posted violence. If other have opinions other than yours why be so rude about it? This is a site dedicated to discussion. If you wish to limit posters free speech you may want to use the mute button as Chicagocouple said.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    It is not derailed. The poster immediately after the post agreed with Chicagocouple and I do as well.

    Is it "derailed" because you just don't? Because many of us do. I guess we are all "fanatics" based on your point of view.

  • Inactive user

    Jackstraw your post is uncalled for. Nobody has called anyone names but you. Is there a reason you must use name calling?

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    doesn't the teardrop tatttoo mean he's murdered someone?

    I'd want this guy caught and taken off the streets by any means necessary.

  • KathyS-
    I'm referring to this (from the comment policy):
    Stay on-topic. Remember, this is a neighborhood-focused site, not an anything-goes forum.

    so how does turning every discussion about neighborhood crime into gun advocacy keep things local? this isn't the first time this happened and won't be the last.

    you and everyone in this thread was called a sheep. can you point to where i 'used name calling'?

  • Inactive user

    I think the deterrent effect makes a lot of sense. I would also agree name calling and insults like on JackStraws posts shouldn't be tolerated by Everyblock.

  • Allison 60647

    It may be time to go old school and invest in some mace or perhaps that high pitched personal safety alarm that was semi-popular in the 90's. If the attacker has a knife and asks for your money, we can assume he lets you go into your pocket, purse, bag, etc to get it. Then you can press the alarm button, and start spraying. We can't just assume the police will catch him or he'll get bored with assaulting women so I think everyone in the area should form an emergency plan.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    as a group, maybe we can keep an eye out for this guy and if spotted (besides calling the police), let everyone know.

    I know it sounds a little paranoid but like I said, it appears he's killed before - and he's obviously trying to rape.....

  • Inactive user

    Dude you called the poster a "fanatic", you said they have a "hobby horse concealed carry advocacy", you said the poster has "psychological compensation desires". You don't think that is name calling? I sure do. No place has the poster made a single negative comment to you.

  • Inactive user

    Peter you beat me to it. I wish Everyblock wouldn't put up with those kind of "unneighborly" attacks. It's really degrading this site.

    @ChicagoCouple I also agree with your post.

  • Inactive user

    The ability to carry a weapon is supported by the vast majority of Illinois law enforcement agencies. That doesn't happen because it's ineffective.

  • ChicagoCouple-
    the LEO agencies may have their own agendas.

    What the actual research says-
    "There is no credible evidence that "right-to-carry" laws, which allow qualified adults to carry concealed handguns, either decrease or increase violent crime."

    pretty much the definition of 'ineffective' right there.

  • Inactive user

    If it neither increases, or decreases, violet crime I think it should be legal like everywhere else. I had an experience where it would have definitely helped me.

    Also if the police support it that's a pretty good endorsement, I agree with you ChicagoCple.

  • Inactive user

    It's very clear where we stand today isn't working. While I don't agree the link is THE research (I have seen many studies much more positive in the results) if it's even neutral I say bring it on!

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    I AGREE 110% with Chicago couple.....we are sheep and we keep doing what were told by politicians that don't have a clue....I'm so over it.....God helps those......who help themselves! We need to start taking matters into our own hands by demanding THAT guns can be carried by citizens... who have been.... and don't want to be victims.....ENOUGH!

  • Inactive user

    It's coming Geri. Rest assured.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey folks, I just wanted to post a reminder about our community guidelines. Please help us keep this discussion from going off the rails.

    Also, if someone posts a comment that you feel is in violation of our guidelines, please click the unneighborly button to help bring it to our attention and keep the conversation on track.

    Getting back to the original post, has anyone else heard about similar incidents in the neighborhood lately?

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    This is a bad and scary thing that happened, but I noticed a comment that black people would really stick out in this neighborhood - as it is mostly white and hispanic. Wow. I have African American friends who live next door. There have ALWAYS been black folks - families - in the neighborhood - since at least the early eighties. Perhaps this wasn't meant to sound like racism, but wow - how are people supposed to react to this. Like - look, there is a black guy with dreads - he must be a criminal.

  • Inactive user

    Logan Square African American population is very low (less than 10% of the population).

    What the poster posted was factual, why would a simple statement of fact be racist? People need to really lighten up.

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    Peter, sounds like profiling to me. The percentage may be an abstraction to you but they are real people and it is their neighborhood as well as yours.

  • Inactive user

    Please. Nobody here said it wasn't their neighborhood. Again it was a simple statement of fact. If someone attacked a woman, and they said he was tall, is that profiling? What about if they said he was bald? Had a face tattoo? In a wheelchair?


  • NinnyMuggins your neighbor

    Terrible! Jerry, go into detail about their pistol so the next guy knows to call Predator's bluff.

  • Alice Rogers Park resident, GapersBlock reviewer

    I've lived in Logan Square for 18 years. It ain't Utah. I've seen plenty of dread-heads, white and black, in the 'hood since my time here. Yes, the AA population may be "less than 10%, but there are also businesses that employ African-American and other people of color, not to mention service business that cater to and have AA customers, so I don't think my people "stick out so much" around these parts, hairstyle not withstanding.

    Also, law enforcement tends to prefer the terminology of "dark, medium or light-skinned" as there have been false arrests made based on racial designation, i.e. the perp was actual dark-skinned Hispanic and not African-American; light skinned bi-racial and not white, Filipino and not Puerto Rican. You tell law enforcement the perp was "black/African American", and that's what they're looking for, which may or may not be the case.

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    Thanks, Alice! Forty years I've lived in this neighborhood - it has never been "white". Really wonder about some of the comments here. My friends, my neighbors, kids I have seen grow up here, African American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Guatemalan, Cuban, (not "Hispanic") and now new folks are trying to redefine us. We have always been a multi-racial and multi-cultural area.

  • Allison Kedzie & Fullerton

    Sincerely sorry for trying to be helpful and let my neighbors know that there's a guy out there that's seriously harming others. I only put together that it's probably the same guy from the descriptions given by the people who actually saw the man. From now on I'll keep my mouth shut and mind my own business.

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    Allison, it was good that you reported it. No one wants to see crime in the neighborhood, and we all should look out for each other. The thread about racial profiling began when someone posted that it was basically a "white" neighborhood and a black person would really "stick out". I think that is something else altogether. Of course we should be aware of predators, of what they look like, and how they operate, so thanks for your post!

  • Alice Rogers Park resident, GapersBlock reviewer

    Carrie, it may be a "I don't have any (fill-in-the-blank) friends and I don't interact with those that don't look/sound/have the exact socio-economic background as I do so there aren't (any)". Less of a melting pot and more of an uncomfortable co-existence; and because most non-people of color are uncomfortable discussing the realities of race in it's current form, and the history of race and the benefits of racial segregation and alienation (and now class and gentrification), well, we continue to circle the toilet bowl of polarization while the rest of the world moves on.

  • Alice Rogers Park resident, GapersBlock reviewer

    O meant "people of non-color", which is code for "white". See what happens when one uses euphemisms?

  • Taryn P 15 yr Chicagoan, Homeowner in Logan Square

    This sounds much like a mugging that happened to my friend about a week ago. He and his brother and sister, who were visiting from out of town, were walking home from a bar around 2am and were mugged/pistol whipped near his home at Bell and North Avenue. I think they only hit his sister, I guess because she told them to go f@@k themselves. The way they were approached was very similar, down to the lookout and the driver in a car waiting. I'd bet it was the same people. He did file a report. I'm sorry for your friend.

  • Molly Mozart St.neighbor and writer

    I saw two individuals yesterday walking around in the same neighborhood near Mozart fitting the description provided in the police report. I called 911 to report and the police showed up right away. Guys came over to police van, leaned on the window, chatted and laughed (with the officer - couldn't see him). Followed up today to see what happened and was told there was no way to find out. I will make a 311 report next time to have a file number to follow-up on.

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