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Added Jul 09 2012

Hey, did anyone else see the group of mimes near California Blue Line station this morning? They were holding signs that said "mimes for better traffic."

I should have stopped to snap a picture, as it was a pleasant, yet unexpected surprise on my way to work!

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    this is where everyblock disappoints me.

    when encountering a group of mimes - pictures are a priority!!!! :)

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    I did! I didn't see the signs, though. I did enjoy the tutu and parasol!

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    I know, it was lame for me not to take a picture! As soon as I passed the intersection, I was debating if I should stop and turn around. Lesson learned. I will take photos of all future mime sightings. :)

  • kquandt1449 Living in the Long Tail

    Uh oh. Mimes are almost as scary as clowns, which totally creep me out. I'm glad I am not looking at a pic of the mimes and did not see them in person. Dodged that bullet. ;)

  • Matt B. 10 year Logan Square homeowner, dad

    French bakeries with baguettes? Mimes? What's next, striped shirts, accordions, and thin moustaches? Wait, we already have the moustaches...

  • Allison Kedzie & Fullerton

    kquandt1449 I'm totally with you on this. Mimes and clowns are on the same freak page in my opinion.

  • Jennifer Brandel media maker, observer of things

    Hey ya'll! So those mimes were part of WBEZ's Curious City project: and they're in part answering this question: "Why do most Chicago drivers fail to stop for pedestrians in cross walks?"!/archive/question/67

    In South America, some countries tried using mimes to bring awareness to crosswalk laws and increase compliance, and it worked! So we were doing our own experiment to see how it worked (anecdotally - it worked great!)

    You can tune into WBEZ to hear the full story. It'll likely air next Wednesday on The Afternoon Shift (between 2-4pm on 91.5fm). If you don't catch it - you can click the link above and we'll have the story posted there. And if you have questions about Chicago, the region or the people who live here, post to our archive and we'll do our best to find an answer!

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    for some reason that link isn't working... are there pictures of this?? I find mimes hilarious

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Ahhhhh. Thanks, Jennifer Brandel!

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    Well, they were certainly in the right area. Trying to cross the street - at the crosswalk, even! - at Cali and Palmer otw home takes forever because drivers do not stop for groups of people waiting to cross. Lots of near-misses there.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Here's a post from Chicagoist with a picture included:

  • Hey, everyone:
    Logan with WBEZ's Curious City here. Just uploaded some images from the mime event to Flickr. You can see them here:
    We have loads which we will be updating and--good news--we will be making a video of our experience, too! Stay in touch and thanks!

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    Love this! That is exactly where I can never cross the street! I wish you were out there all the time! We need a full-time Cali/Palmer Crosswalk Mime. :)

  • Did they have much to say?

  • I stopped for a pedestrian at that crosswalk, and a motorist behind me became infuriated, leaning on his horn and then passing on the right with middle finger extended. So walkers be alert for cars behind the one that has stopped!

  • Allison 60647

    Wow, Becca. I did not expect this post from you today. What a strange morning.

  • Jennifer Brandel media maker, observer of things

    Hey everyone! We'll be on the WBEZ show "The Afternoon Shift" this coming Weds to talk more about this. Meantime, here's the article AND VIDEO of our little experiment. Hope you enjoy!

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