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Added Jul 08 2014

A residential development is being proposed at a vacant lot located at 4812 - 4818 W. Montrose Ave. The proposal calls for 2 new 3-story buildings - 6 dwelling units in each.

I will host a community meeting on the proposal TOMORROW (07/09) evening at St John's Lutheran School - Chicago, IL (4939 W. Montrose Ave. - Fellowship Room) at 6:30 p.m.

Details of the proposal will be available during and after the meeting.

Project Developers:

Please share.

  • Mike Q. Portage Park resident

    I think it's great. We need more density and residents to patron the businesses going up at Six Corners. It's will help their survival.

  • ` kenji

    Who could possibly be against this one in the Ward?

  • MinnieVanDriver Neighbor

    How can either of you make a decision before seeing details? It sounds good to me too, but I'd like to see the vision for this development. Montrose at Cicero is quite crowded during rush hour - what kinds of traffic impact studies have been done? Where will all of these residents park? But, I thinks it's great that the alderman is being transparent about this development, and is holding a meeting to present details to the neighbors.

  • Lee -Sauganash Sauganash Plane noise

    Great for 6>s

  • Lee, it took me a couple of seconds to get it, but I love "6>s"!

    At first I thought it was an emoticon, but the face it makes is too scary for that to be true.

    T-shirts, anybody?

  • ` kenji

    6 |_ 's

    six | _ 's

    |_ |_ |_ |_ |_ |_ |_

  • A&K

    Underground parking is proposed last I saw. +1 in favor of the new buildings from us. Also it's close enough to public not everyone may have a car.

  • Wait Isn't the Fellowship Room the room we use for the Joined Hands Food Pantry on Wednesday nights? From 6 pm to 8pm ???

  • ` kenji

    Tell the Alderman to use the bowling alley.

  • MinnieVanDriver Neighbor

    There is a lot more info in this article. Apparently, rezoning is needed.

  • The development sounds good. Looked at the website and saw their other buildings, they are very modern and out of character for the neighborhood. Not opposed to development just hope they try to blend in with the buildings around them.

  • ` kenji

    Yeah make sure they blend in....

  • MinnieVanDriver Neighbor

    Noah Properties are marketed by Sergio and Banks Realty. James Banks (of Sergio and Banks) is also a zoning attorney. James Banks' dad is William Banks, former alderman and former Chairman of the Zoning Committee (!!!!)/current board member of Belmont Bank and Trust. Noah Properties gets funding from Belmont Bank. Bart Przyjemski, owner of Noah Properties, is represented by Samuel Banks, an attorney and James' brother. Something is strange.

  • ` kenji

    That's a mouthful.

    The way you type all that out makes it sound hinky.

    Sergio reminds me of Sergio Martinucci who bought Stanmeyer years back. He's still looking good:,0,

  • A&K

    I don't believe it. Are you suggesting corrupt politics in Chicago. I am shocked. Well, maybe not. On a google search IL and Chicago come up at the top of the list for the most corruption. We can't do a thing about it. Let the friends of money do what they do and suck people dry. At the end of the day we get what we want. Good housing and new places to spend our money. We all win and can turn a blind eye to mayors like Rahm.

    As a side note, I like our alderman so far. Seems like a stand up guy. I don't know his political history yet but I have high hopes.

  • That_Guy

    I think New Jersey and Louisiana are way more corrupt.

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    Two residential developments went up on either side of Montrose at Broadyway in the Uptown neighborhood and I believe both have underground/onsite parking. The effect is that many of the residents, specifically on the south side building block traffic as they attempt to enter their parking garage from the westbound lane.

    I don't have a dog in this fight but I hope someone keeps that in mind when planning these building out.

  • Basia_b Just a neighbor

    I like it here because it's not dense. I'm not too excited about these proposed buildings. It's already very trafficky at Montrose and Cicero..... Ugh. I'd like to say majority rules but we all know that's not really the case. If those in power want to build this development, it will get built. But as I've said before if this neighborhood changes too much I'll go further west and maybe north. Again.

  • Jon G

    The article above states that the proposed parking would be garages accessed via an alley. Aside from additional street parking it doesn't sound like it should add too much additional congestion.

  • Basia_b Just a neighbor

    If I'm correct all new multi-unit buildings have to include off street parking. I think that's been so for a number of years now.... I believe. But I'm not talking about parking, I'm talking about more cars(doubtful each unit will have only one) which makes for more traffic which will be trying to get both in that alley and out of that alley. Plus it adds more people which adds density to the neighborhood. I don't know if it will be condos or rentals because I didn't read the full article but if it's rentals then we add another building that adds to transiency. This is just my own personal view.

  • MinnieVanDriver Neighbor

    Did anyone on this thread go to the meeting?

  • That_Guy

    Who wants to live by two gas stations and a tavern that has live music?

  • Ken j i

    The people renting above Mammaries/Stage Bar/Phoenix for the last 8 years?

  • Yeah, I don't know about ground level residential units next to a gas station. I think retail on the first floor would be better. I am okay with more density but I think 12 units + all that parking is a stretch on that piece of land. Will this be condos or rentals?

    I could not make it to the meeting. If anyone has info to share, please do, especially a link to the proposal. I don't see it on their website.

  • Where would all these stuffed in people walk their dogs?

  • they are coming up with a protected dog walking lane in the parkway.

  • Basia_b Just a neighbor

    I did not go to the meeting because this is one of those instances where I don't think I'm going to make a difference. That building will be built. Sadly. And, I'm hoping that anyone who eventually lives there that does have a dog will walk it around the neighborhood- like anyone else. That's what neighborhoods are for, walking and talking and greeting etc.

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