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Added Jul 08 2018

Early this Sunday morning from around 3 - 4 am, I heard a motorcycle or motorcycles racing around the streets somewhere around Monitor, Menard and Cullom (4200 N, 5700 W). While I could not see what was making the noise, I could hear it.

Did anyone else in the area notice this too?

Not sure what to do since I could not call the police and give them specifics.


  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    when it's happening call PD and say there are motorcycles racing around the vicinity of.....

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    I saw one knucklehead do a 'wheelie' from Berteau to Montrose on Cicero.

    Hospitals call them " donor cycles," because so many crash and die.

  • Yes, I hear the loud bikes and it drives me crazy. I wish they'd get slapped with noise ordinance violations. What exactly are they compensating for with all that noise?

  • In the case of cruiser bikes (not sport bikes) some people put on straight pipes (no baffles) because the loud noise alerts automobile drivers to theirmpresence and be less likely to run them over.
    As for the Rice/Crotch rockets I don't know why they sound like amplified Cuisenarts, but it's ridiculous to have to listen to that at 3am.

  • Loud pipes sasves lives

  • Yep

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Webis , I think those idiots were riding down Cumberland Sunday blowing through four red lights after first stopping .

  • future alderman future alderman

    amplified cuisinarts-LOL

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Paul, it's only a matter of time, before one of these reckless fools hit a pothole and cartwheels their bike. I noticed they weren't wearing a helmet either, so if they live though a crash, they'll have (more) brain damage for sure.

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    donor cycles? LOL.
    Perhaps there should be a law, if you get a motorcycle license, you automatically sign up as an organ donor in case of motorcycle accident.

  • My thanks to everyone who made a comment and I appreciate the "thumbs up" notices.

    Our family loves living in Portage Park. And it's still a relatively safe community compared to much of Chicago.

    To help keep it that way, I would encourage all of us to consider:

    1. Calling the police for obvious activities they should address (e.g. people doing drugs in their cars, sitting on residential areas in cars playing loud music at night)

    2. When you see graffiti on your block (e.g. even on back of street signs) call or use an online form to get it cleaned up.

    3. When you have an ongoing issue where calling 911 might not be appropriate (e.g. the bad folks are not around long enough for the police to deal with them or fireworks going off two weeks before or after July 4th) call the District 16 Caps office (312) 742-4521 and ask them how to handle these concerning, yet not alarming matters.

    I've done all three of the above, more time than I would like. However, it does seem to work.


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