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Added Jul 08 2014

Hey all, I'm going to be travelling soon and am looking to dispose of several years worth of academic and recreational book collecting. It breaks my heart to do so but until I have the massive boulevard greystone of my dreams with a library/study I can't justify the occupation of much needed closet space. Does anyone know of a place that will take(and put to good use!) donated books in the Logan Square, Avondale, Roscoe AO?

  • In niles there's a place called half priced book. You can sell then there and whatever they don't buy they will donate for you. It's on Touhy in Village Crossing.

  • Nicole Wolf Logan squarin'

    Half price will take everything you bring them but pay you very little. If you're just looking to get rid of them they are a good option. I think uncharted may be buying books as well but they'll probably be more selective and you may have to go to hpb anyway in the end.

  • Nicole Wolf Logan squarin'

    I just realized you said donate, not sell. :p there's also the free book kiosk near Lula. Good luck!

  • You can take them to the library.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!
  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    You could probably only fit one or two, but someone erected a "book box" at the corner of Roscoe and Albany.

  • You can donate them to the Newberry Library which will sell them in their annual book fair which coincides with the Bughouse Square Debates.

  • UMM I am supposed to be having a book drive for my school! I work at a high school in Avondale. Would you want to donate them to us?!

  • Sure thing, what high school and when?

  • Not in your 'hood, but right near brown line stop, nice charitable organization that does excellent work --

  • We are at Pathways in Education, 3100 W Belmont-- come anytime between 10:00 am and 11:30 am, or between 2pm and 4pm. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  • Let me know when you would like to come, since I am always running around doing stuff for summer time!

  • Andrea in Logan Square

    Open Books (see link above) will pick up your donation

  • Thanks, Andrea. I didn't know that -- much easier than schlepping them downtown.

  • J K

    Chicago Books to Women in Prison is a good charitable project.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    Open Books is another good charity - and they'll come get the books, which is nice.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    Whoops! Didn't notice it had already been suggested. But they took about nine boxes of books from us and gave us a nice tax receipt, too.

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