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Added Jul 06 2011

I was driving home last night and saw this garbage on a street sign on the corner. Last caps meeting we were told there is a known LK member living on that block of artesian. I assume this is some sort of message to him and his buddies. I called it in....

  • laurap 20 year Edgewater resident

    Thank you Nolan, everybody needs to act when they see something. Do not assume somebody else will call. The more calls, the sooner they'll be out there to get rid of the nonsense.

  • Inactive user

    Generally speaking, any gang symbol that is "tagged" upside down is a signal that an opposing gang is "disrespecting" or contesting turf.

  • Brubzy Rodgers Park to the 60625 area.

    Michael is 100% correct. Gangs "tag" buildings to show their boundaries. When a rival gang put the sign upside down its like saying " f u I'm on your turf"

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    Great, so when the LK who lives on that block (he actually has LK tattooed on his face....lovely) sees this and looks for those who did it normal citizens need to be on the lookout. This is a short block away from a huge park with lots of families enjoying the summer.

  • Inactive user

    Gang signs can be a little confusing and they are intended to be so. I mentioned that it is generally true that things "tagged" upside down are intended to be a show of disrespect. The pitchfork is a symbol used in multiple ways.

    Two major categories of gangs roughly fall out into "Folks" and "People". "People" include Latin Kings and Vice Lords and they use an upside down pitchfork as a symbol along with a 5-pointed crown and star. "Folks" use an upright pitchfork and a 6-pointed crown and star. These include the many factions of the Disciples.

    If you have a neighbor who is a King, the upside down pitchfork and any 5-pointed stars would be consistent with him/LKs announcing it is their turf. If you start seeing x's drawn through these symbols or a 5-point drawn upside down, someone is trying to make a statement.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    what the heck is meant by "People" vs "Folks"?

  • Sir Arthur Rocks Arthur Ave Aristocrat

    I noticed a pitchfork (upturned) scrawled on one of the salt/sand boxes at the Loyola L station a week or two ago. My only thought was, it can't be a good sign when pitchforks start popping up in what is traditionally LK territory. My hope is that people stay vigilant in reporting it. I have noticed an uptick in the number or questionable characters/thugs on my walk from the L each day, something I haven't really seen since the pre-CVS/Morgan Station days.

  • Inactive user

    Well, there is a whole lot of tragic history behind what may seem like silly naming conventions. "People" or "The People Nation" was formed in the late 70's in response to the creation of "The Folk Nation". Briefly stated, each was an alliance formed to provide additional strength to the member gangs - sort of like NATO versus the Communist Bloc, if you need an analogy. The member gangs had their own colors, turf and leadership.

    Strangely enough the early days actually resulted in lowering gang warfare but with gangs battling for greater control of the exploding drug markets, those consolidations began to break apart. There were also external pressures in the form of RICO which made it impractical for gangs to be too closely associated. This was ultimately how Jeff Fort and the El Rukns were fractured.

  • Inactive user

    I have been watching, with great interest, how the Rogers Park area has been handling tghe introduction of some of the former residents of Cabrini Green. The Green was strongly controlled by the Gangster Disciples and whenever the Disciples and Kings start to interact it tends to get ugly.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    If the wikipedia stuff is true it says LK (people) will put the upside down pitchfork to dis someone else and say it's their turf.

    So that being said if an LK lives on artesian near pratt then he and his boys are letting someone else know they are around.

    Def doesn't sound good to me

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident


    I moved in right after the CVS had opened. I haven't seen to many issues in the immediate area though there is on and off problem with a building just east of glnwood on Loyola.

    How was it around here a few years back?

  • Inactive user

    Nolan, One of the things that changed RP in a positive way for a while was the booming housing market. Developers started converting those big courtyard buildings into condos which moved some of the bangers as it took away their market places.

  • Sir Arthur Rocks Arthur Ave Aristocrat

    When I moved to Arthur St. in early 2008 the location where CVS and The Morgan are were both empty lots. There used to be a younger African American man who would hang out and deal on Arthur right where the empty lot ended and the apartment buildings began, and his lookout would circle the block on a bike. These guys rotated with another young duo and there always seemed to be a few crack heads who bought right as I was getting home from work.

    Then, as soon as construction started on the CVS and The Morgan, these guys disappeared and never were to return. Not sure where the construction pushed their operation, but Im assuming that the clientele of Five Guys and Red Mango aren't big on the crack scene.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident


    You seem very knowledgable on this topic. Do you know which gangs hang out in which little areas? I don't notice much in the immediate Loyola area. I would guess LK near Clark and north shore. Know there are some AA bangers near Morse el stop.

    I don't live in a converted courtyard bldg but do own a condo conversion. Hoping RP trends forward and not backwards!

  • Inactive user

    Nolan, I am not really in the loop anymore as to the specifics on gang turf. Most of my knowledge was acquired back in the day when I was a U of C student and also worked as a provider in the U of C emergency department. Back then, Hyde Park-Kenmore was still very much influenced by the Black P Stone Nation (eventually spawned the El Ruhkns) and it was in one's best interest to know the players.

    Certainly, there is a strong Latin King influence but there is also an influence by La Raza, which was a gang that once had strong influence in Little Village. La Raza's affiliation is with "Folks" so; they are historically enemies of the Latin Kings which had aligned with 'People".

  • blackdaylight electronic music producer/abstract artist

    & all this time I thought the upside down pitchforks represented that the kids didn't like the devil or hated music...let me know if my sarcasm is working in random messageboard text form

  • KC

    Hey check this "gang" map out. It shows you which gangs are on each block. Hope it helps.

  • Inactive user

    KC, thanks for the link!

  • Upside-down pitchfork might be "Conservative Vice Lords":

  • ... my bad, probably Black P Stones up in that area.

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