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Added Jul 05 2011

What was that massive fight on Halsted with someone being stabbed all about? Is Halsted becoming a gang activity arena? What are all those teens doing there?

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    really like you..... but TMI thx.

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.


  • Karl, my husband "lays" me every night so don't you fret over that. Kathryn and everyone else I never said there weren't "things" about the attacks that should be denied. Only that just because all the attacks are by black kids does not mean that we should start writing things about all blacks on this site, as some have done. Or making a case for how horrible black people are as Dave is insists upon doing. Can no one read!

  • And how am I attacking the messenger? Do you know what that means?

  • JP 33 yo LSD res

    Mspolitix, can I point out that YOU'RE the only one saying all black people are criminals. Nobody else said that. Yes, the youths involved in this attack and the majority of the mob attacks have been black. They've also be youths, Chicagoans, etc. It's a violence issue, not a racial issue, quit trying to make it one. There are many wonderful black people in this community who are loved and appreciated and affected by this violence the same as every race, sex, age, creed, and income bracket. Race may be a factor in describing the offenders, but it's not the issue at hand.

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  • Are you kidding me. Clearly you did not read the previous entries or you don't know what racist means. This is the first I have heard of any appreciate black people in this neighborhood on this blog. How can you read all that Dave has written and say that. What a freakin joke!

  • Talk about trying to twist the issue!!! Phew! We don't know what you're talking about we have been writing this whole time about how great people of all races are. Ha!

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  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    seriously have to address the ghetto kids that are recycled from the center on halsted. something we could do better for them ya know. the deserve better than we had as young gay kids... not even knowing if you are included. Some police and center programs could assist than just throwing them as wild queer drag queens into halsted in the middle of the street in the middle of the streeet????

    please share.... i feel help less.... everyone knows this....
    young uneducated drag queend let loose on Haslted as Gang Bangers! it's what it is. they admit it.

  • this issue is not a racial issue its a respect issue.
    i was a teenage going to boys town but we me and my friends did not block the sidewalks, or call people names. these teens need to learn respect!

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  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    honesty...... always nice.... unerstand ghetto people....most of my firends are black for 20yrs... nothing acting ghetto with no matters, always welcome here.... ghetto loud and out of control drunk can go back where you know..... I don;t have to say..... you know..... drunk.... loud....drunk..... throw up, display of unclothe, not talking appropriatietly..... just being drunk and trashy is all.... need to back to the south soud. Even CTA determinied that!!! determinted that all. South Ghetto people had to go home.
    thanks when they did. w
    Welcome back when you behave!!!!! Geez! Leave the
    Ghetto behind. Tell your folks that you learned better geeze!
    all. don't be suck ghetto folkes after all. have some manners for heavens sake you all. Shame on you all!

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    Get the Ghetto manners appealed even the a--holes in chicago locals

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    geez...hope you can let me introduce more things into the center on Halsted with mentor programs with the local police part time programs and others for mentor programs to help train these young men. Sorry if I still refer them to you Ghetto Gang Bangers.
    Its what they are! Maybe we can work together somewhow. The Drag Queen Drag Bangers are still making threats along Halsted going even beyond than you could imagine. They are out of control..... same as their Drag. Can you help or even touch them.
    I've lost with them. It's all Drag and Drugs and Crime at this Point.... and Center on Halsted knows all about it!!

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    of course dont relate to your issues thank you. We are now having issues with the Center On Halsted and the Gang Relatives that are allowed and causing a problem there.
    not against the different ages.... but some kind of policing and training and and teaching these young kids and giving them some kind of come of aging type of thigs before sending them out as wild young wild drag queens of 13 in the streets! lt them have some mentoring of someking. they always go into violence and vagrancy and homelesly.... we could help them. The Society just lets them go at 13!!! GeeZZZ

  • JP 33 yo LSD res

    Maybe we need to either but the subject to bed or redirect the discussion to the stabbing and related violence?

    I know in the past, I've seem small squabbles among friends and just ket it go if it was non-violent and seemed to be between friends. Maybe we need to start calling the cops EVERY TIME there are people in an altercation. Or anytime there is a group of unruly people (regardless of age or race). If nothing else, increased police presence will help deter blatant violence.
    By watching the video, it's clear the assailants are acting without fear of retribution; possibly because there aren't enough reports and ramifications?

    The only thing we can do is be more involved. Hatred never solved anything, but neither did ignorance. Help where help is needed; either to quell an altercation or lend assistance to someone in need. If the message comes across that we care about this community and this type of behavior will NOT be abided, not without retribution, maybe the violence will abate.

    So I implore you to be proactive and get involved, no matter how small. Don't want the change, make the change. Dirty looks and snide comments are of no avail. Now I'll step down from my soapbox and wish you all well.

    We're all neighbors and need to look out for each other.

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    Much of the rhetoric and language in these comments scares me. There seems to be a lack of awareness of whiteness and privilege, limited understanding of Chicago's history, limited understanding of systems of oppression, and a lot of assumed entitlement.

    Y'all know the Lakeview neighborhood was only been gentrified within the last couple of decades, right? Like y'all haven't owned this soil since the dawn of time. This may be a little arbitrary to the previous comments, Lakeview/LP were not as plush and bourgeois even in recent history.

    As an advocate for NPOs, I was extremely saddened and disheartened with the comments about The Center on Halstead, The Night Ministry, ect. These are NPOs with awesome programming for queer people of all ages typically negated by both the GLB and Chicago community at large. To point an entitled finger at these guys, blaming them responsible for the violence is devastating to read. I didn't know wealth thought of these organizations as a way to "fix" the community, to wash the community clean of disruptions to the norm.

    The comment about the neighborhood's diversity shifting from an asset to a liability reminded me of a piece I read in college by bell hooks. These people are violating "whiteness" (as a social construct, not color). By erecting virtual fences and segregation through law enforcement and wealth, you're potentially stifling dialogue. Dialoge, listening, unifying, support, and understanding is what's going to create peace - Not threats and hostile rich people. Ever look up the word solidarity in the dictionary? Now might be a good time.

    Dudes and gals, when you thought this diversity was an asset, how many of you actually attempted to involve yourself in understanding people outside of your own race? To understand the history of your community? How many of you have ever volunteered in social service organizations such as The Center or the Night Ministry?

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    By involve yourself in understanding people outside of your own race, I REALLY don't want to hear another "but I have black friends" comment. There are so many issues with those types of statements I don't want to even get started. To relate, it's just like how our buddy Santorum has "lots of gay friends"

  • Kevin Guy who lives in Edgewater

    Field Report Everyone: I went to the CAPS meeting down by Hasted tonight. Wow, lot of people there, supposedly about 600 or so (how's that for community involvement!). So many people wanted to speak that they didn't get to the "solutions" part of the meeting, so that will be addressed at a subsequent meeting. The crowd was very raucous, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way (but there was a young contingency that kept shouting and chanting over people and calling everyone racists, screaming the f-word, etc.

    There was quite a bit of criticism of the Center on Halsted and the Night Ministry. From what I gather they've brought a seedy/dangerous element into the area that wasn't there before, at least not in those numbers. At one point some guy gets on the mike, and starts insisting that the violence is being caused because we're not giving these troubled youths enough alternates, not funding enough programs, so we need to build more facilites for them, give them jobs, secure funding for more homeless shelters for troubled gay teens in Boystown -- then some guy stands up and goes "What are you talking about, we just spent $30 Million dollars on the Halsted Center, and look what that got us!" and the crowd went wild in suport.

    There was one guy from the South Side, african american guy, who stands up and goes, "I've lived on the South Side for 30 years, and we've been dealing with this type of violence the entire time, and we've seen what it's done to our community, and let me tell you from experience, you do not want to see your neighborhood turn into that!" which got another huge response, tons of cheers, etc.

    The race issue was there and was discussed, but thankfully it never exploded. It's a tricky situation. It will be interesting to see how the new Police Sup and Rahm handle this very loaded situation. Hopefully everyone can find a way to bring order back to this city!

  • jay

    I hate to say it but I believe the center on halsted is the source of the problem. Many times when I went via there into whole foods, I had to get by teens hanging around, and sometimes begging for money. Too many unruly and acting out teens are not being dealt with. I do not know why this misbehavior is not being dealt with. I do not feel safe or comfortable going to the center now.

    Being tolerant does not include excusing bad and dangerous behavior. It is more about commonsense and decency than race or gayness.

  • The CAPS meeting almost dealt more with Social Injustice than the intended issue of Safety and Security. In other word, for the most part, the meeting was hijacked from its intended purpose. The one thing I took out of it was: the Center on Halsted has to be re-evaluated, audited and perhaps investigated. Are we harboring the enemy? that's almost how it feels. No good deed goes unpunished.

  • If there is any type of silver lining in this incident it is the awareness that has been generated to the fact we have a problem and the passion with which people are responding to the issue. It is long overdue as those of us who live in the neighborhood can attest to.

    However, blaming groups, individuals, name calling, etc. accomplishes NOTHING and takes the focus away from bottom line that all any of us who live in the neighborhood want is a safe environment to walk around in, shop, partake in the nightlife and live.

    Those who continually belittle certain groups accomplish little and it is sad that so much energy is expended this way when it could be channeled into problem solving. The police can't do it by themselves, the alderman can't do it by himself, the residents and businesses can't do it by themselves - people need to come together to arrive at solutions.

    Please - at least until the muggings, stabbings, burglaries, break-ins, strong armed robberies, vandalism, etc. - anything that affects our quality of life in the neighborhood - is under control, use your energy to come up with solutions rather than lashing out at each other.

  • jay

    The issues here are regarding unacceptable, dangerous, and violent behavior that should not and must not be tolerated by anybody, whether gay or not, and no matter what color.

    The center on halsted must firmly and without ceasing set some standards for these teens, for their and the good of everyone. The center may have to bar any person who refuses to adjust to life, like everyone else, or suffer the consequences.
    Why would it be surprising that I among others are too fearful to go there?

  • Inactive user

    PMSPOLITIX i have an idea. We can sponsor anti-violence training, but not force the thugs from the Center to go because that would be offensive and racist. We can pick random people from the area and force them to go...40 yr old white women, 80 yr old mexican me, blind albino monks, etc. That way it won't offend you or those that are being offensive.

  • Tom on Kenmore running, biking and pushing a stroller

    I've followed this discussion closely and had hoped to see some more solution orientated thinking.

    Let's start with the idea that the Center on Halsted and the Night Ministry are providing valuable services.

    I run by CoH most days, and can attest that in my two years of living in the area the number of people hanging out at/around the corner has literally almost gone up weekly (by a factor of 10+). These must be the best places for the youths to hang out, as they are voting with their feet. They wouldn't be patronized if they weren't dosing out some value.

    That said, with that popularity comes responsibility both within their doors and neighborhoods. Ever seen a "please respect our neighbors and leave quietly" sign in a bar? Yeah, I thought so. Bar owners don't want to piss off the neighborhood and usually try hard to limit the nuisance they cause. The CoH and NM are no different.

    How about making community rules part of all of the services? Barring troublemakers from services/privileges? Etc?

    Regardless of crime, it is just annoying to have to squeeze for space on the sidewalks with groups of 10+ youths hanging out. I go by on my way to the lake, and on my return 30 minutes later. These kids aren't going anywhere and seem to be multiplying.

    I doubt the cops are the answer, how about some other constructive ideas?

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    Tom, good response. I'm still testy about the communities fantastical view of what CoH and NM. The violence and the NPOs involvement much more complicated than people are assuming.
    However, in seeking a more immediate approach to the violence, the best thing to do is to work constructively as a community united.
    I'm just curious, but has anybody incorporate the youth in question into any of these meetings and discussions? Has the violence been directed at the neighbors or is it mostly within the circle of these youth? From what I understand, the violence is happening between the youth in question and that the neighbors are mostly just experiencing fear and paranoia.
    Another question too: if Boystown is segregated to only those who behave and interact like the wealthy demand in that neighborhood, where will these youth be given a safe space?
    Could it be possible that part of the solution won't be just controlling the behavior of the youth, but modifying the behavior and involvement of the residents with concern? Could it be possible we could unite the youth with the residents?

  • I am still perplexed by last night's CAPS meeting and particularly by the defiant attitude of the Center on Halsted's youths. More than a grateful stance I found what appeared to be professional agitators with a sense of entitlement.
    I still believe that the Center needs to be re-evaluated, Its Mission Statement revisited, its directors and staff re-appraised. Is there a Code of Conduct? Youths seem to play the "victim" card and yet offer nothing in return. They seem to despise the community that embraced them. Maybe its also time to approach the corporate and private donors and even review their government funding.

    One more thing, every teenager rich or poor, black or white, educated or illiterate has at one point in their lives, going back to biblical times, viewed as a sexual object by predators. What makes the Center on Halsted's youths believe that they are the only ones being victimized? Maybe it's their demeanor? Or maybe that's what they are being taught?

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    Also I wanted to post this fairly balanced article from the Windy City Times

    and I apologize for the gramatical errors in my recent post.

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    This post is very constructive too. A little accusatory, but it's hard to avoid feeling defensive in this discussion.

  • KTL

    Shane, I am not sure you understand how serious this problem is. Based on the fact that you are a student, I am guessing that you are not a homeowner. When a neighborhood gets a reputation for being dangerous, residents and businesses suffer. You call the area homeowners "wealthy" and somehow imply that this means they don't care about the youth? What these people care about, whether they are apartment dwellers or condo owners, is a safe and positive environment for all. Right now, this reality is threatened. I really don't care why the thug stabbed someone five times on our streets. I don't want to have a discussion with this person or make excuses for his behavior. I want him to be punished and people like him to stay away from E. Lakeview.
    Pie-in-the-sky solutions won't work. We need beat cops and tough love. You disobey the rules, you are banned from the center. Period.

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    Agreed, I lack the perspective of a property owner or business owner and I need to consider those views and opinions. Also, I'm not as articulate as the organizing groups advocating for the safety of the youth, such as the advocacy group Gender Just.
    To call my opinions idealistic and ungrounded is frustrating. Also, why would it be difficult for you to listen to and talk to the perspective of the offender? What would have happened if the people in the community listend to the offender and supported the offender before the violence occurred?

    I understand residents are seeking a "fix it now" solution, but residents have to understand they are upholders of long-term systematic oppression. Creating and enforcing classist and racial divides supported events leading to violence. The resident's own indirect involvement in the situation is a violence in and of itself that needs awareness and understanding. The best solution would be if the residents could admit their own involvement in the violence and offer a solution beyond segregation through law enforcement.
    Is threatening a group of people based on a profile with more and more police (with their own biases and ability to cause violence in the name of the law) going to make the community more "welcoming" and "safe"? What if the people of the community were able to contribute to a solution instead of commanding the NPOs and law enforcement to do their bidding?

  • Kevin Guy who lives in Edgewater

    There was a young lady who got up to speak at the meeting yesterday and started complaining about the lack of programs and resources in the area, and then started lecturing the audience on how that was the solution, not increased police on the beat, enforcement of laws, etc.

    She then went on to say that she just moved here a few months ago from another state (South Carolina, I think), and starts rattling off the list of IL-taxpayer funded assistance programs she's on. I was like, where do get the gall to come in here and lecture people and families who've lived in the neighborhood for 5, 10, 20, 30 years about how they should deal with stabbings and crime in their neighborhood?! And not only that, but lecture them on how they need to pay more of their money into "social-assistance" programs, many of which are arguably drawing problems into the area to start off with?

  • KTL

    Shane, I respect your wish to help the less fortunate and I believe that your motivations are positive and sincere.
    Once a crime has been committed, however, all bets are off. I don't care to know what motivated the offender to stab someone five times or beat someone to a pulp with a baseball bat. Talking ends at that point. Once the knife comes out, I don't care about the offender's racial experiences or problems adjusting because his mother can't support him in the style that he wants.
    The whole idea of the Halsted center in question was to provide the youth with a safe place to talk and congregate! It does not seem to be working.

  • Have been following this blog closely. It's heartening to start to see some turn around where people are coming up with positive ideas on how to solve the problem with some of these groups instead of soap boxing on personal issues.

    Tom on Kenmore's idea of setting up some community rules for everyone to abide by is a great idea.

    Hopefully someone from the North Halsted Business alliance or alderman's office reads this blog as it makes sense for one or both of them to spear head the formation of a task force. Members of the task force should include reps. from businesses/bars/restaurants/Night Ministry/GLBT Center/residents/police etc. to draft some common sense community rules. The "rules" need to reflect this fact so there is no misunderstanding about the businesses/bars etc. being unified and on board with each other.

    Ideas for such "rules" include (1) rowdy and threatening groups will be disbursed; (2) bar owner/staff will deny entrance to their establishment to people they feel are there to disrupt their business; it is okay for the police to enforce curfew; (3) police will stop individuals whose BEHAVIOR indicates a problem and make a contact card out on them; (4) on the nights the Night Ministry van is parked at Halsted/Belmont, a representative from the NM needs to be physically on site until the bars close to help handle any situation involving their clients; (5) ditto for the GLBT Center - they can't continue to draw individuals into the neighborhood and not accept some responsibility for them after the center closes. (7) curfews will be enforced, etc. etc.

    Copies of the "rules" should be handed out by the bars, the Night Ministry, the GLBT Center, the police. There should be no misunderstanding that if your BEHAVIOR is appropriate, you are welcomed into the community; conversely, if your BEHAVIOR threatens the safety and quality of life of the community, you will be monitored, arrested if need be, and prosecuted.

  • Rob W. Repeat Lakeview Resident

    This situation is not a race thing, its not a diversity thing, and it's not a privilege thing. In Boy's Town and the rest of Lakeview, we residents simply just don't want trouble. We moved here to feel safe, day and night, and we want the people that we care about to be safe as well. When trouble happens we, as human beings, as concerned residents, start asking questions: Who did the macing and mugging on Aldine? Who is involved with the flash mobs? Who was involved in the video of the beating and stabbing on Halsted? Then the natural thought progression goes from there. These individuals are causing trouble close to our home. Who are the trouble makers, where are they coming from, and how do we get rid of them? It's natural for humans to look at what the sources of the problems have in common and try and remove that element from the vicinity, or some how get them to stop. You can't assimilate people if they don't want to be assimilated. If they don't conduct themselves in a manner that is congruent with the neighborhood standards created by those that live there, then they don't belong there.

  • Pete F. Lifelong Chicagoan, Proud Democrat

    There seems to be one thing missing from this conversation, and that is the perpetrators. We have no idea, yet, who these people were, whether or not they were gay (although the victim stated he thinks they were), whether or not they were associated with the Center on Halsted, what their economic background is, whether or not they were drunk, what neighborhood or "side" of the city they were from, whether or not they had gang affiliations, etc, etc...

    I have faith that at least one person out of that group of people will be found by police, just as they found over a dozen of the people involved in the mob attacks in Streeterville. Personally, I look forward to finding out answers to a lot of these questions.

    Until then, I think the residents on both sides painting people with a broad brush -- whether as "gangbangers from the southside" on one side or "racists and classists" on the other -- in the long run are going to do far more damage to their neighborhood than good. Events like this should bring a community, and the city as a whole, together, not drive it apart. Become involved, but put away the pitchforks and torches.

  • This was just one incident among many over the years. The difference is that it was video taped and hit the news.

    Finding the perpetrators so they can be punished is one issue and I agree, they will be tracked down. At this point, however, does it really matter what they are or were - gay/wealthy/poor/gangbangers. Regardless of what they are, the BEHAVIOR they exhibited was unacceptable and wrong.

    What is also equally important is to question what do we need to do as a community to prevent an incident like this and all the other incidences of thugery, intimidation, muggings, burglaries, thefts, etc. that have been happening and ARE increasing in the neighborhood from happening again. It was unfortunate the 23rd District Commander came stated in the media this was an isolated incident. It was not an isolated incident as those of us who have lived in the neighborhood for several years can attest to.

    The ONLY way to arrive at solutions is to foster discussion between ALL parties involved .

    Those who are not seeing the bigger picture and who continue to make this a gay/straight/black/white/transgender/gangbanger issue need to be tuned out. Let them have their tantrums because like a child having a tantrum, if less and less attention is given to them, they will ultimately wear themselves out.

  • Shane S DePaul Student, Eco Conscious Neighbor

    @Kathy I really appreciate your respect and I have seriously considered how to bridge the gap between youth advocacy groups and area business owners/residents. Also, violence should not have happened and violence should not be tolerated.

    I am extremely sad a community would allow violence like this to take place. It is even more depressing to see the community lack preventive systems and then revoke responsibility when violence occurs. (Please keep solidarity in mind)
    Ultimately, I think the youth advocacy groups are going to face an uphill battle reaching a solution united with the locals. I would even go as far to say it's a lost cause to even try to talk to the locals.
    I, for one, began boycotting Boystown shortly after turning 21, along with many of my friends, because we were not comfortable contributing to businesses enforcing profiling, classism, and body image policing. Boystown already had a fairly transparent facade of welcoming and openness, and if the locals aren't willing to gain awareness of the larger issues at hand, this incident is about to make that facade even more pellucid.

    If the locas succeed in creating and enforcing a list of rules profiling youth, people outside of the typical boystown image will feel threatened by entering in the community. The youth that partake in the Center and NM's programming will feel endangered in a community that used to welcome and support them. With that, the local businesses will offend the educated leftists who will turn in disgust and boycott businesses (as my social circle has done already). I'm not against organizing a more official boycott.

    If locals continue to use segregationist language and profiling (via class, race, and age) as a response to a single instance of violence, not only will hostility rise, but businesses may feel a negative economic impact.

  • Kevin Guy who lives in Edgewater

    Shane, there have been a number of attacks recently. On June 18 there was a similar attack by a mob/group outside the 7-11 on Halsted, where one man was stabbed. That's right, he had a knife stuck into his body His boyfriend spoke at the CAPS meeting. The young man who was stabbed, slashed, punched and stomped on last weekend did not know his assailants.

    There aren't just "rich white privileged" gay men in that neighborhood. There are single women, single mothers, senior citizens, families with young children, etc. These people are totally and fully within their right to take concrete action to deal with the violence and general breakdown of order and behavior in their neighborhood, and I find it sort of appalling how quick others are to label them as racists or elitists.

  • Pete F. Lifelong Chicagoan, Proud Democrat

    Pay attention to the news, today. Seems the police have indeed found someone, and will be announcing charges at a press conference at some point today:,0,1158333.story

  • For those of you who haven't seen it, check out "Boystown Out of Control" post. under Everyblock Another incident this morning at Belmont/Halsted about 5:00am and 30 minutes later, a group of 35 - 40 people prevented anyone from entering/exiting Belmont "El" on north side of street.

    This needs to make the media - especially coming so soon after the stabbing incident.

  • Pete F. Lifelong Chicagoan, Proud Democrat

    Just saw the news. Turns out the guy the police arrested turned himself into police. Hopefully that means he'll cooperate further and maybe lead police to others in the mob.

  • Inactive user dare propery owners expect to be safe and expect the police to enforce laws, and for taxpayers who fund the Center to expect the people who benefit from their tax dollars to follow laws and act with decency and civility.

  • Inactive user

    Hadn't read the last post, are you serious in saying you will boycott business woners who wish to protect their property and life from theives and murderers (yes, that is an outcome fromstabbing)? If so, please post those businesses so i can support them).

  • jay

    There is a book that may no longer be in print now, but it is called "a thousand years of lynching". It graphically depicts the lynching of black men, women, children, Jews by white mobs, done for sport. The race riots of 1947 is a euphemism for white mobs in chicago, beating and killing blacks at will. Then there was a group of doctors that used black men to study a severe STD, and when the doctors found the cure-they let the black men die anyway. It took the civil rights act to protect all of us from this madness. This fight was led by black, whites and other minorities working together to effect the law and change the culture for the better.

    Now my point is this, I do not justify what is currently going on with these roving gangs harming people in boystown. What seems to me to be lost, is that such behavior would not be accepted in any neighborhood. This neighborhood has long time black residents, some of them elderly and good neighbors, now being painted and slandered due to problems with these hoods.

    We must get down to brass tacks with the com; nm; and the chateau,that youth center at belmont/broadway. They are the underlying cause of why so many out of control youths are here, acting out right in front of these providers. Have these providers bitten off more than they can chew? They must be examined and defunded if found to be negligent in providing appropriate services-jobs, social skills, appropriate activities.
    Yes, the police provide protection and social controls for the benefit of all. Let us encourage them to do their job, regardless of a persons race. I was at the zoo, and noticed many loud and rowdy white youths- but that is no crime, even if a kid happens to be black.

    We cannot tolerate crimes against any person. Let us watch and swiftly report CRIMINAL behavior, and remember it is not a crime to be black, or white or any other color. But it is a crime no matter what color a person may be to harm others.

  • Once people start focusing on "behavior" as opposed to race/gender/age/sexuality, etc., the smokescreen as to why nothing can be done is going to be taken away.

    It is very simple - (1) the word needs to get around that as a community - the residents/business owners/police/alderman - are not going to tolerate inappropriate BEHAVIOR (thuggery, stabbings, mob action, intimidation, being high, being drunk, over the top exhibitionism, prostitution, assaults, robberies, burglaries, etc) from anyone. (2) if there are elements within our community who might seem lax in their helping to oversee these groups coming into our community (police/Night Ministry/Center on Halsted/Teen Living to name a few) then they need to at least be willing to start a discourse on problem solving or know that the community IS going to hold them accountable, is not going to put up with their "inappropriate behavior" and will continue to bring attention to this fact through various ways available to us as we all saw with last weekend's video.

    We as a community willl stand hand in hand and reflect our DIVERSITY (which is our strength) AGAINST VIOLENCE.,

  • Witnessed another incident this morning 7/10/11 at approximately 5:00am at the 7-11 on Halsted. Fight broke out, individual beaten on his back with wooden stick sustaining numerous raised welts. Victim refused to make police report - consequently incident would not make it into the crime "stats" even though it did occur.

  • Xander Joseph 47 east lakeview resident combined 20 yrs.

    please be safe to everyone.

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