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Added Jul 01 2014

I am driving to Indiana for the fourth and was wondering how will the traffic be? I usually stay in the city but thinking to leave this time.

  • Rogers Parkplace


  • There is a congestion/construction map of the area that might help you. Zoom in and drag the map to show the area of interest. Click on the various icons and road segments to see more information - even live photos if it's a camera icon.

  • If you have a smartphone, try out the Waze app. It will show any slow spots as well as any road hazards.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    By the way, the fastest way to the border is to take LSD south to 57th drive. That curves and turns into Cornell, and then Cornell dumps you onto southbound Stony Island. Take that for about 12 blocks and then there's an on ramp to the Skyway. It's by far the fastest way to get through the City. I used to have to head to Indiana for work constantly and it was pretty painless, even at 4pm-5pm on a weekday.

  • ReNae just a resident

    As for all things chicago, leave early and often.

  • Leave very early or very late to avoid the additional traffic with people and guests going to michigan and Indiana vacation homes

  • Dijana K Writer, Videographer, Photographer, outdoorsy type

    driving to Indiana for the fourth a couple of years ago was a very bad decision. traffic is bad, there's nowhere to park. i had the same idea as you and figured people would stay in the city and spend time with their families. but we ended up driving around for hours trying to find parking and eventually just came back to the city.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows kind of depends where you're going. I assume Michigan City's big lakefront park will be a zoo. If you're driving down to Indianapolis, though, that might be a different story...

  • Julia Z-N Andersonville Dog Mama

    Skyway. Also accessable via LSD to Dan Ryan to Skyway. Leave very very early.

  • brandon Edgewater Fan

    just have a good time and accept the things you can not change.....have a happy & safe 4th!

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    How early is very early? I would not be able to leave no earlier than 10 am

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    I'm just heading right over the border to NWI

  • I go to NWI often... on a good traffic day it's an hour + 15 min... honestly, just leave an hour before normal & you should be good. don't quote me on that, but really, without bad weather, that should be fine! happy travels :)

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