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Added Jul 01 2012

We're moving and can't take our 12 lovely petunia plants with us. So we're offering them free to a gardener who can take care of them and enjoy them. Plants are mature and well-rooted.

Pick-up will be on Thursday, July 5, from 6-8pm. Near to Clark and Foster.

You are welcome to take the plants (12) and their soil (up to 40 quarts). We're keeping the hanging pots and hooks.

If you're interested, please send me an email, and I will send you our address.

P.S. How to re-pot petunias:

  • I live just around the corner from you and would love to take a few of these off your hands. Please send me an email: (Sorry, I can't figure out how to message you directly from this post.) Thanks!

  • Star Edgewater resident

    Hi! What a nice offer. I would love to pick up some of your petunias and have pots/room for many of them. I don't know how to email you directly either. You can send a message to me at In advance, thank you!

  • I would love to take a few petunia plants off your hands. Contact me at with the details. thanks!

  • How nice of you to make this offer! Looks like your plants are going to good homes.

  • Well, did you send your petunias off to good homes?

  • So far, no one who has contacted us is able to take all 12 pretty petunias off our hands. We're on a tight schedule with the move, and don't have the resources to meet with a number of people and hand out a petunia or two at a time.

    If anyone is interested in taking all 12 plants at once, you're welcome to email me.

  • I's be happy to take them all, but I don't have 12 pots! I'd like to plant them in the ground, so the only solution I can offer is that I take them away in the pots at 6pm, plant them at home (about a block away from you) and then bring the pots back to you by 8pm.

  • Thank you to all of the gardeners who reached out to us, offering to take the petunias. In the end, they went to our neighbors across the street, who are avid gardeners and were able to pot all 12 plants on the spot.

  • I'm glad that such an easy solution opened itself to you and so convenient, too. Good luck with the move and enjoy your new home.

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