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Added Jan 31 2012

Re:Building 99 unit On Kilpatrick. We can get this passed but can't manage to get anything we need to keep this area alive.

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    Anna - Let me first state for the record my mother is Mexican, my father is Irish. There is no code being used here. My mother lives on the 8600 block south in the zip code of 60617 and she is in a relationship with an African American man for well over 20 years now. A race card is not something I throw because I have been the subject of racism my entire childhood. I know how it hurts.

    We are happy to have any senior from any list from anywhere. We are not happy to have a 4 story building. We have several seniors on our blocks who can no longer afford their homes. When they asked if they could move in there they were told they would have to get on the list and behind the others on the list. Not all apartments will be section 8, a portion will be at market rate rent.

    Kenji - we really do not have high traffic here from Jewel. Most shoppers exit via the Sears parking lot onto Cicero at the controlled light OR right on to Irving. Christmas time there is no parking issues here ever. Not the 8 years I have been here. You really know very little about my neighborhood as it is now That was over a decade ago how is it relevant?

    The former tenants of both the manufacturing buildings were here when I live here The screw factory had 6 employees. The car wash about 4, the body shop 6 that came and went on a daily basis. If you are talking about the screw factory 20 years ago. The Jewel was not here 20 years ago. You are talking apples and oranges here. Poor defense. The Jewel was built around 1998.

    Bill - only 3 of the homes are not sold all others are occupied. One has a pending contract currently.

    Cassie - we would prefer 62 and up because it is less likely they will own cars. There is nothing wrong with a 55 yr old. Though my mother at 68 owns 2 cars.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    For Bill or anyone else interested in concepts behind affordable housing, some good reads:

    "Rising housing costs have created a housing shortage not only for lower-income groups that traditionally face housing challenges – people with disabilities, those in transition, and immigrant families – but also for teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and other moderate-income workers.

American cities are at the center of the crisis. Eighty per cent of the 1,000 large and small American cities surveyed by the National League for Cities in 2007 reported that rising housing costs are putting a severe strain on families. For example, Chicago (Population: 2.9m) identified an immediate need of at least 200,000 affordable units; Minneapolis, Minnesota (Population: 383.000) over 50,000 units; and Lodi, California (Population 67,000) 8000 units."

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    I know you all enjoy a good debate but I am logging off for the evening. I will try to post the letters if time allows today. My apologies that lengthy response took more time than I expected.

    Also the only issue for our community is that the building is so large. 4 stories and the entire block long and wide. As I stated previously we would accept a two story building. We would consider a 3 stories. We were told it would be a transition from the height of Jewel and here it is taller than Jewel. We also would like safer accommodations for our seniors.

    I called the HED today and they were receptive to change being on the table and working with the neighborhood to make them happy.

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    Kenjii one last thing since you are doing research on income. For CPS we are Tier 4 income, which is the highest income neighborhood in the Tier system. I would like to know who we can be the highest income when the market analysis done by the developer says differently.

    How can we not get a Trader Joes when we are Tier 4!

  • Inactive user



    Just to be clear: this lot in question is land locked. It is against the rail road tracks and it backs up to the Jewel loading docs. We opposed it for more reasons than just the height. We think our seniors deserve better. Their outdoor atrium will face the loading docks where the trucks idle. Many trucks come in at 2 am to 5am in the morning, others through out the day. Diesel trucks do not turn off their engines. The sit with their motors on. Also the parking slab is going to be outdoor and against the rail road tracks. This puts the seniors at a bad advantage to be mugged. Gated or not the riff raff can jump off the tracks. They also offered us a small play lot for toddlers next to the parking lot, but we had to buy and maintain the liability insurance as a community. I want my child to play under a train, that is dusty and toxic, but also by a parking lot where seniors park. There also have been many drug deals happening behind Jewel. In fact, I pointed out one to beat car 1722 just a few weeks ago and an arrest was made. We have called the Alderman he wants us to go out and get plate #'s when we see the deals go down. Sure.... I will be right on that.

  • Jacquelyn - Thanks. Can you post the petitions that "state otherwise with 100% participation from everyone who would be asked to participate with in the 250 feet requirement and even residents beyond that"?

  • Isn't it funny that people who probably don't even live in the area being directly affected by this development think they know better than the ones who do.

  • Inactive user

    JeffPark- named, signature, address phone on those sheets. I can not post online.Copies at HED can be FIOA'D or happy to show in person but I do not know who you

    Peacefully - Amen!

  • Why are petitions involved? When a zoning change happens, letters are sent to effected residents (depending on the change, the span of who gets letters is different) and they must respond themselves to the zoning board. Nobody speaks on their behalf. I'm confused about this process

  • Inactive user

    Petitions were submitted opposing the project to the HED. They asked for letters of support and letters of opposition and/or a petition. It is part of the application process.

    I found out yesterday the the woman who worked in this project for its approval lives in Old Irving Park. Nothing is on transparent anymore. It is really sad. I spoke to her for months and she never disclosed this information until yesterday she told me she lives on Kildare and that she personal knows John Arena.

    Also there has NOT been a zoning change and they do need one. They have not applied for it yet. When that happens notices will go out, a notice will be posted and will will go to City Council to object to the zoning change.

    There is an article in the Nadig news today. It is important to note Arena never gave us a community meeting once he became Alderman. He denied us of that opportunity though we repeatedly requested it. There also is NO community garden as he states in the article. They wanted to give us a tiny 2000 sq foot play lot for children up against the train tracks and next to the parking lot. This play lot we, the community, would have to insure with liability insurance. No insurance company is going to underwrite insurance for a community on a play lot on someone else's property. The concessions Arena claims are all false claims.

    Just remember if he is going to do this to us, what else will he do? We oppose enormous size of this project. Why not put it in the B of A building, or on any of the closed down car lots on Irving Park Road. Instead to tuck it back into a neighborhood, having it tower over homes, is a poor decision. It will affect the natural light going to many of the homes casting a shadow. All we want is a smaller building! Formerly there as a 1 story building there. So build a 2 1/2 story one with a basement. nobody is contesting that!

  • Just to clairfy - this is not funded by the City. LiTech is a federal tax credit and it is the only way affordable housing gets built in this country. The City gets to allocate a portion of the limits set by the State, but the credits are all federal.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Also, the acronym "HED" has been thrown around a lot here. So you know it stands for a city of Chicago department:

    Department of Housing and Economic Development

    Here's their website that describes what it is and what it does:

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @jackie, you typed:

    " It is important to note Arena never gave us a community meeting once he became Alderman"

    So you are saying a group of concerned residents formally requested a sit down meeting with the Alderman and the Alderman denied or did not respond to the request?

    Seems weird being he has his schedule blocked out to be in the office every Tuesday evening to sit down with area residents who need his attention. He's had that since he opened the Milwaukee Ave. office space. The hours are posted on the bottom/footer of every page of the Ward's service website:

    it says:

    45th Ward Service Office
    4754 N. Milwaukee Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60630
    Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Ward Night: Tuesday 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
    TEL: (773) 286-4545
    FAX: (773) 685-4527

  • Inactive user

    JeffParkJohn - I specifically asked the HED yesterday who their funding sources would be. They said various sources and would not specifically say. I asked if the city was funding any of it and they said yes. Please post a link to where you found this information to be fact. Thank you.

    Kenji - His Tuesday night meetings give you 5 mins. We have over 200 residents who want a (key word) "COMMUNITY" meeting. We would not all fit in his office together. But thank you Kenji. I am already you are the official cheerleader for John Arena. Being his neighbor, I expect nothing less. In response to your question: Yes, He did not grant our request for a community meeting. He also did not give Gladstone Park the community meeting they requested (for the other senior project) either. They never saw the plans. But I do have them and I have seen them. As you can see from his weakly written letter on their behalf, he did not really support that project anyways.

    On another note Kenjii I met someone who knows you last night. Seems we have a friend in common. You are a photographer? Do you have a website? You should let people know about your work. Drum up some business in the community.

  • kenji Find us here -->


    I wasn't aware the Alderman denied to meet with specific groups. Seems really out of character for him and his office. I'd like to hear the other side of the stories sometime.

    Calling me a "cheerleader" is kind of funny. I'm not sure if I need to defend myself or feel as if I've been praised. Yes, as many here know, he lives on my block.

    Yup, I'm a photographer. Have been for 30 years. It's my only marketable skill. Not sure though if there's much of the type of work I produce available here in the neighborhood though.

  • Wow - now we know what kind of elected official Jacquelyn Hathaway will be. If you say something she doesn't like, she will leak personal information about that person online. Unreal and something all constituents of the 45th should know.

  • You can read the US tax code, or HUD has a good description of LiTech here:

    They might also use CDBG funds, which are also Federal funds allocated to municipalities by state govt. If City funds are being used, they would likely be muni-bonds - in which case an RFP would go out, SEC review, etc...very long, very public process.

  • Inactive user

    John Mickey - I think that Kenji being a photographer in the neighborhood is awesome! We need more small business owners here and we should support him. Kenji has shared more than once where he lives on EB. I do not know his real name and I am not certain yours is even John Mickey.
    This for the most part is an anonymous forum. Apparently, people here can be anyone they want to be. I do not think my saying Kenji is a photographer has any relevance relating to my ability to organize the Democratic party. I happen to need a photographer. I was hoping he took people pictures because I need a photographer to do candid people photos. His skills were mentioned to me by someone who saw his post and my post here. I did not seek out his information it was offered to me yesterday when I said I was looking for a photographer. I personally believe in using resources in the ward when they are available. He is a photographer = I need a photographer. End of story.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @jacquelyn, so you know I live here with my family on Leclaire and my studio/work is in Skokie.

  • Inactive user

    What do you shoot? I love photography! I use a Nikon how about you?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    I shoot commercially for advertising and marketing communications. Product, people, architectural. I have all sorts and kinds of gear. Nikon stuff is good.

    maybe we should talk about "Kenji" in email?

  • Inactive user

    LOL! Agreed, Okay Kenji send me a message. I have yet to figure out to do that! I would love to hear more about your work and some photography tips! =)

  • It has nothing to do with your ability to run or do your job, but everything to do with the kind of character and maturity you have. Maybe Kenji didn't want people to know that? Did you ask him first?

  • Inactive user

    John people are message me stating you are a troll so with that said, I do not care to have conflict with you. Kenji is a big boy and can defend himself. Kenji if you did not want people to know that I apologize.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    No she didn't ask me, but using my handle here on EB it's more than obvious you'd find me in a 7 second google search if a person was interested, so I'm not really hiding or anything.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Hey @jacquelyn. You typed this earlier in this thread:

    "At a meeting held the Alderman was asked if he wanted to see a show of hand or take a vote from the community he stated "NO" that the decision was solely up to him. This meeting occurred after the election and before he was even sworn in. He does not care what his continents want."

    Was this a meeting held late Spring of 2011, maybe May, at Lydia Home, where neighborhood folk discussed and let the Alderman and some of his staff know their opinions on the possibility of the senior apartment complex?

    You mentioned the Alderman was a liar, and I'm wondering if your opinion stems from what transpired at that meeting? From what I've heard the majority of people were either in favor of it or were ambivalent, and only a minority of folks disapproved of building the project on Kilpatrick, at that particular meeting.

    I'm also still wondering if it's at all possible that 200 residents want to meet with Arena but he won't give them a forum or even address them about their concerns. Do you know anyone else here on Everyblock that can confirm this? Just wondering, because like I said it just doesn't make sense. Thanks.

  • Inactive user

    You statement is factually incorrect. They paraded in people from outside the ward with personal statements of testimony for the developer. One of those people was that realitor who puts flags on our lawns every 4th. Then it was disclosed his wife works for the developer. It was the exact opposite the neighbors opposed and were against. I was there. Nadig news reported on the event. It was in the paper.

  • But you just said he didn't give you a forum to speak. Now there was a meeting at Lydia Home. Huh? Did all 200 neighbors attend?

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  • Huh? I don't work for Arena - just a concerned citizen. I;m not questioning your account of meeting (I wasn't there)...I'm just confused because when this thread started you said the neighborhood never got a voice. Now they have a voice. I'm confused. Please clarify. Did the neighborhood get a chance to voice opinion - or didn't they?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Hey Jackie, I'll stop over at the 45th ward office tomorrow after I drop my kid at school at 8am. I'll ask about any petitions that might have made it to HED. I'm also stopping at Ideal Bakery. Want to join me for some baked goods and coffee?

    I wonder if they have any details about the petition that was passed around the houses where you live.

    I'm interested.

    Let me know if you want to hook up tomorrow AM. Thanks.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Here's the article from the 5-11-11 Nadig News describing the Lydia Home meeting, written by Brian Nadig:

    Renaissance housing proposal

    Residents who live near the site of a proposed 98-unit senior housing development at 4117 N. Kilpatrick Ave. voiced strong objections to the project during a 2 1/2-hour community meeting on May 4.
    Many of the residents who spoke against the proposed Kilpatrick Renaissance building live in the Mayfair Crossing development which is being constructed northeast of the intersection of Kilpatrick and Berteau avenues. About 20 of the planned 26 single-family homes have been built, including five houses on the north side of Berteau which face the site of the proposed 42-foot-tall senior housing complex.
    Several residents said that they purchased their home in Mayfair Crossing knowing that the undeveloped 1.14-acre parcel at the southeast corner of Kilpatrick and Berteau was zoned for the construction of 15 single-family home. The City Council approved a planned development ordinance allowing construction of the 15 homes in 2006, but the homes were never built and the land was put up for sale.
    "This is not what I signed up for when I bought in this neighborhood," one home owner said of the planned apartments, which would be available to people age 55 and older. Several residents said that they hoped that the 15 homes would attract families with young children to the area. (continued in next post)

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Part 2, Nadig article, 5-11-11

    Developer Nancy Kapp of the Renaissance Companies said that given today's market conditions, she doubts that the 15 homes, which she said would be about 2 feet taller than her proposed four-story senior complex, would ever be built. She said that plans called for the homes to sell for between $750,000 and $1 million.
    In response, Mayfair Crossing developer Paul Bertsche of CA Development told the group of about 90 residents that a revised plan for 13 to 15 homes on the site should not be ruled out and that he has made two unsuccessful attempts to purchase the property since 2006. "It can still work," Bertsche said. "The people whom I've sold homes to paid $500,000 or more. It's an attractive front for a 98-unit building, but it's still 98 units."
    Residents also expressed concern that the project would worsen infrastructure problems in the area, including power outages, basement flooding and narrow roadways. "The infrastructure issues are noted and have to be addressed whether or not the development moves forward," 45th Ward Alderman-elect John Arena said at the meeting.
    The effect that the project would have on the adjacent Six Corners shopping district also was discussed at the meeting. "This is in proximity to Six Corners," Arena said. "We need density. The development of Six Corners is one of the mitigating factors I'm going to look at."
    Six Corners Association Restructuring Committee chairman Marc Sussman said that more residential density in and near the commercial district is needed to generate a larger customer base for stores. Project officials have said that residents of the proposed building likely would visit area restaurants because the complex would not offer food service.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Part 3, Nadig article, 5-11-11

    A site plan shows that the complex would feature a rowhouse-style facade with a tower in one corner of the building, a landscaped courtyard and a 3,100-square-foot public park on the east side of the parcel, along the Milwaukee District/North railroad embankment. A 34-space parking lot would be accessible from Berteau.
    Kapp said that the building, which would be located behind a Jewel-Osco store, 4660 W. Irving Park Road, would serve as a transition from the commercial corridor on Irving Road and the single-family home neighborhood north of the site. Kapp said that senior housing developments have minimal impact on traffic, noise and other disruptions affecting residential areas.
    The building, which would feature a club room, a fitness center and a computer station, would have 38 studio units with monthly rent ranging from $394 to $657, 54 one-bedroom units with rents of $718 to $975, and six two-bedroom units with rents of $864 to $1,400. As part of a low-income housing tax credit program which Renaissance plans to apply for, at least 40 percent of the units would be reserved for individuals with an annual income of no more than about $32,000.
    According to a study presented by Renaissance, 40 percent of the residents in the area earn less than $35,000 and approximately 25,000 people age 55 and older live in the market area. The boundaries used for the market study were Belmont Avenue on the south, Foster Avenue on the north, Austin Avenue on the west and the North Branch of the Chicago River on the east.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Part 4, Nadig article, 5-11-11

    Renaissance must apply for the city's tax credit program by June 10, and the application would have to include a letter from the city stating that an amendment to the planned development ordinance for the property is under consideration for the $20 million project. Both the Chicago Plan Commission and the City Council Zoning Committee would have to hold public hearings on any amendment to the ordinance.
    Some residents asked Arena to oppose the proposal, but he said that he will not be sworn in as alderman until May 16 and that he is formulating a process to ensure that residents are given correct information about zoning proposals and the opportunity to voice their views. The process will include the formation of an advisory board which will discuss zoning issues in the ward.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    Thanks for posting that Anna. Factually backs up exactly what I said.

    Yes, we need more density because the multi units right off Milwaukee on 4800, 4900, 5000 West Berteau, 4900 West Cuyler and 4800 West Hutchinson simply is not enough. But quite possibly the densest area in all of the 45th ward. All are across Cicero, all intersect with Milwaukee. All are closer to the Portage Theater AND the Klee Building than the senior building will be. What people do not understand is east of Cicero is the Market place we have no business vacancies. West of Cicero (in John Arena's neighborhood where he resides) is where the problem is. These are 2 separate neighborhoods. That is Portage Park, we are Irving Park. A 98 unit rental building is NOT going to bring businesses to Milwaukee Ave.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Actually, Jackie, per the Chicago community maps, the area west of the RR tracks is Portage Park, not Irving Park. The 80 or so homes in the triangle where you live may consider themselves a separate neighborhood, but they are part of the larger community area of Portage Park.

    Re your statement about vacancies, to be accurate, there are several longtime store vacancies on Irving Park east of Cicero to Kilpatrick, Sears side (North), as well as the empty former Grossinger/Robert Hall/LaSalle Bank bldg at SW corner of Irving Park/Kilpatrick, east of Cicero. There are longtime vacancies on all 3 streets of Six Corners.

  • Inactive user

    Anna, Anna, Anna, does John pay you? Oh, no that is right you pay him! How much have you donated this year to his campaign? Your husband's business is in 45 right? Lets give full disclosure here Anna. What is in it for you? Being a doctor, in the neighborhood will he visiting the senior center for patient care? Is her name Jackie? But anyways the old city maps say Irving Park. The new 2010 maps now clumped them in with PP to conform with the census tracks. The PPNA would never allow them to be a voting member of the PPNA. They could join, pay dues but they could not vote. Anna why not tell the people about how you looked down your nose at them? How you did not support them when the Jewel wanted to bull dose their homes. That is why they formed the Triangle Association because neither OIPA nor the PPNA supported them or allowed them to be members of your groups. It is really sickening how nobody shows these people support.
    The market place has rarely been vacant. KB Toys closed and the shoe store moved in 6 months later. The other corners are in 38 and across the great divide called Irving Park Road. One building? Grossinger? The Bally's building is in practically another world and also in 38. They can not fill that building because they will not allow customers to park in the empty parking lots. It is a landlord problem. Answer her question Annie would you want a 4 story building of this size built on your block?

  • Even if the all the seniors in the building don't drive...

    That does not mean all the people coming to visit them don't drive.

    That is where the concern would really be.

    I am sure seniors have family and friends.

  • Jacquelyn - he is "being" sued. Individuals can sue other individuals or corporations for anything they want. Doesn't really mean anything (it's like saying I breath air). Frivolous suits are brought against individuals everyday. Most are dismissed. But if there is merit to it and after a hearing and a jury concludes he was in the wrong...then you can make that statement that has any meaning. We will see.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    @Time2Move aka Pensacola Patrick V.--it's hard to defend yourself on anonymous forums where people don't use their real names, but they know who you are. When you mentioned you live on Pensacola, and were involved in PPNA for a long time, I made the connection.

    No, Ald. Arena does not pay me. Does he pay you? Anyone who wants to can look up campaign disclosure forms. That has all been posted in previous online blogs. Yes, I contributed to Ald. Arena's campaign. We've owned two commercial bldgs in the 45th, in Gladstone Park, for 20 years. Do you own any commercial bldgs and run a business in the 45th?

    I could keep going, rebutting each of your points. Again, how is any of your post helpful? I posted a publicly printed newspaper article. I stated facts about vacancies and community areas. If you're going to continue throwing trash at people, at least have the decency to post under your real name.

  • And also would like to point out that he isn't being sued right now. The case was dismissed. Has he refiled? Will be interesting to see if he decides to. Maybe he has?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @anna, thanks for finding, transcribing and posting the Nadig article. Interesting info.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    I'll raise my hand on the question of the height of the building. If I lived there on or by Kilpatrick I wouldn't have a problem with it being four stories. It's better than a weedy lot or what was there before, a factory. Even better that there will be a 3000+ ft public park there too.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    For anyone paying attention at this point, I called the 45th Ward office and they have the petition that was presented to DHED that was presented by and signed area residents. I'll head over to take a peek. it will be interesting to see how many people from the area signed it.

  • Kenji - it is probably one of those things that you probably need to live there to understand, but from afar - I have always thought the same thing and never understood the resistance. You can look at a nice newer building (and park?) or keep it the same and look at the back of Jewel and semi trucks delivering their load. Like Jacquelyn said, it does seem unfair to the building residents, but for the home owners, I would think it would be a nice shield from Jewel, trucks, train fumes, etc. Maybe even increase property value?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Well if you lived right across the street in those new houses and you had your mind set on seeing newer "million dollar homes" owned by upper middle class people who can afford a million dollar home, and all the trappings that come with that, but then the economy goes in the crapper and now your told you'll be seeing 20 granny carts coming and going to nearby stores everyday, I can see how some folk's bubbles might be bursted.

  • Inactive user

    Kenji - the 3000 foot community garden, is at the base of the train tracks embankment literally. Would you want your children to play there? There is another developer willing to buy the land and build 15 homes! That developer has been trying to buy it for years but the seller wants a ridiculous price; his purchase price + lost time. Real estate values have gone down and not up. He also wants the developer to pay for his plans for homes you can not build in this economy.

    I have NO OBJECTION to a 2 - 2 1/2 story building (sub grade) story building with the community garden on the Kilpatrick side for 62+ That would give them 3 floors. However, they want us, the community, to buy the liability insurance for the so called community garden. We contacted insurance companies. Nobody will underwrite it unless the land was gifted to us and we formed a non profit. ie Friends of Kilpatrick group.

    Also, the ground is contaminated in the back. It was cleared by the EPA with exceptions of water usage/water run off. We find animals in there dead all the time. So that brings us full circle to the play-lot for children in back. It is not acceptable. They won't build subgrade because we flood here with water run off from the tracks and lack of green space to absorb the water. So building a block long building and taking away more green space will only cause problems for those who live here.

    So answer yes or no only. Would you want to have a 4 story building of this size build across from your home?

  • Inactive user

    Also, I know how this group likes documents. Here is another one. My favorite part: I love how he acknowledges our infrastructure problems and then supports it. Guess what, when they fix all those very expensive problems guess who pays for it. Kenjii if my taxes go up so do yours!

    @ Anna, I am not sure why your gunning for me. I have never been unkind to you. Many of my neighbors do take issue with you and are not found. I do not know what happened between them and you prior to my moving here. I do not ask because honestly I am not interested. I like to form my own opinions of people. So if you have an issue with me feel free to contact me. I have called you in the past when I have heard "things" to clarify and I would expect you to set the same standard.

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