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Added Jan 30 2013

Back today- Everything is blocked around the Monument- they are doing a scene about a bomb scare. The producers and The Film Office get another FAIL for not informing the media about situations like this- Remember the fake plane crash that caught WGN-TV by surprise? (they thought it was real for a minute or so)

Today's shoot did not get any press coverage...

  • There was a sign by the Logan Square stop saying it wasn't an emergency, they were filming a Chicago Fire episode, etc. -- might have been one as I walked toward the Square down Wrightwood but I didn't see one.

  • KJ

    I've never watched this show. Do you watch Bart? It just seems like a tv version of a hot men in Firefighting calendar to me.

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    KJ: watch the show. It's not that at all.

  • KJ

    I will if Bart hosts a viewing party. ;-)

  • mike petro A human bean being.

    But seriously, are our tax dollars paying for the huge police and fire presence at the scene???

  • @Mike - No the producers pay for EVERYTHING-

  • KJ

    Ask the alderman. They are the ones who greenlight filming I think. When I lived in Wicker Park a few years ago they ok'd overnight filming on my street with simulated gun shots that woke me up at 2am. Thanks alderman! They did kindly put a notice on everyone's door to notify them.

  • @KJ take a look at this picture from this fall- do these look like "hot men firefighters" to you?

  • TBates Logan Square Resident Since 2008

    If it wasn't for the weather, I'm sure we woulda had Skycam 9 over that scene too... How 'bout a presser every once & a while Film Office??? :)

  • KJ

    No, they look like porn stars which falls into the same thing.

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    Wow, really, KJ?

  • @KJ- that's harsh-

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  • Lauren German (the blonde) is great! As is Monica Raymund. Perhaps before you pass judgement on the show, you ought to watch it. It wins its time slot in Chicago, and will be back next season. So, it's not just me that enjoys the program.

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  • I would also like to add (watched all of season 1) that this is a Dick Wolf show and not bad. He's no slouch. You know, a little show called Law and Order? Chicago Fire is really a lot like L&O in may ways. The fun part is seeing our lovely city on the screen. The lovely ladies and gents on the show are nothing new. Ever noticed how unrealistically nice looking all the cops are on L&O? Not that cops can't look good or anything but...

    I seriously doubt we're picking up the tab for this stuff. This is a pretty big NBC production.

    There's been quite a bit of filming (probably season 2) in our hood. I'm looking forward to seeing that on the screen when it airs. That's for the pics Bart!

  • I'm over that (McDonald's) Way over it. Maybe "Chicago Fire" is my new thing..yea, "Chicago Fire"

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  • KJ

    Oh and I am not into L&O. It is too formulaic.

  • Victoria Johnson
  • I really like Chicago Fire! And not because the guys are cute..which a few are..but just a few.

    This is a bright spot on TV.

  • To answer the tax dollar question: no, police, etc are hired by the production company and are quite expensive, but much needed. NYC has their own police force for filming that works all the time and is much better because they are familiar with the filming process and the laws and is much less expensive then here, where we do not do much filming.

    However, it used to be gauged for every dollar spent in film, multiple it at least by 4 times for add'l not going to the production expenses: restaurants, flowers,hotels, rental cars, gifts, air goes on and not a bad return rate.

    Shouldn't we encourage more filming here in Chicago and the state for add'l $$$ brought in??

    But it really is unacceptable that neighbors are not notified in advance about filming in their area for inconvenience...and just being rude..shame on the producers...

  • I really wish they would publicize it better when they're going to be doing those shoots. I go to church at Minnekirke, and we've been texting back and forth for hours trying to figure out what the heck was going on over there. Oh well, hopefully my church gets to be famous!

  • Amy

    Great show!

  • I walked my dog on Logan Blvd. when they were setting up to film. I think it's great!

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    Er. I may have walked my dogs past Gaslight when they were filming there last Friday... *blush*

  • fenn .

    I'm not seeing any reason to fault the production company for apparently not notifying the media about filming schedules. We all know they are filming here. I believe the Chicago Film Office has a calendar online regarding location schedules. One would think knowing this that the media would instinctively cross reference the relevant details before any embarrassment is made. This is a great city and any inconvenience I suffer is worth it.

  • Fenn- you are correct, there is filming here all the time, the Chicago Film Office web site does not offer location information. I have no doubt that you missed the WGN-TV morning news the day they thought there was a plane crash..let's go to the video tape.

  • TBates Logan Square Resident Since 2008

    44,000 hits & counting! Too funny, being behind one of the cameras in the studio that day especially made that moment extra special. Ah, we all try... Some of the best news is imaginary, just ask Mantio Teo's GF.

  • Ah...I wondered where all those "emergency" vehicles were heading this morning. They took the liberty of running the light at western and Milwaukee to keep up with each other on the way to the set.

  • fenn .

    Yes Bart, I was familiar with the live the live reporting of the fake crash. Our society's obsession with instantaneous reporting means this will be a new norm.

    I also wonder that if I was involved in film production I would not want the added inevitable distraction of gawkers clustered about, taking away from whatever realism I might be after.

    I think anything on the north side that manages to displace the monotony of winless Cubs baseball is worth the pain. :)

  • chicago girl Resident in Portage park for over 38 years

    Bart,Thanks for all the great photos.Next time your going during a shoot,send me a message,we can meet up in Logan Square.I go up there alot.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Wondered what that was!

  • RheaV retired teacher, reader, walker

    I took pics as I returned home Thurs. to send to friends and relatives. No one hastled me, just guided me out of blue line exit and around Century. I'm with Fenn. GO Logan Square and Chicago Fire.

  • I can't speak for the other Aldermen in the area, but I know Ald. Waguespack sent out an eblast about it.

  • I think it's great that they are filming here and not on a set in Hollywood or in Toronto. Chicago has some beautiful neighborhoods that should be shown to the world. I know in the 80's we lost a lot of potential films to Toronto. I think because it was cheaper to film there. Tho the story line was that it was in Chicago. What a shame!

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