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Added Jan 28 2018

Ald. Sposato is holding a meeting on a development proposal for a gas station/7-Eleven on the northwest corner of Montrose & Austin.

  • Josephine Portage/Jeff park

    I would not want to be stuck with an abandoned gas station for years. I think having a neighborhood meeting would be great. Surely, someone will suggest something better than a gas station that would be worth pursuing.

  • Bill the Engineer /ChicagoNWside/

    It's my understanding that a credible offer has been made on the property by a 7-11 franchise holder, who conducted required market research to support site selection.

    Obviously starting any business carries risk, but they believe this site is viable for this business otherwise they would not have selected it. For point of reference, companies that grant franchise licenses will not approve a site if the evidence does not support viability....

    As is normally the case, closing on the property is contingent on obtaining the city issued special use permits.

    If it does not go through, gather up $1m (plus start-up costs) and it's yours.

    I also see the question of traffic study has been asked. It is curious that after demands for that, along with ingress and egress controls at Irving-Central, Irving-Narragansett, etc, the same demands weren't made for Culver's to the East on Irving Park...

  • Thank you for commenting on the traffic study Bill. The issue wasn’t so much the traffic study it was that the PPNA didn’t want the Starbucks there.They have made it clear that it would affect other coffee houses in the area. What makes this any different and yes what about the Culver’s why weren’t they concerned about a traffic study there? In our opinion the PPNA are obstructionists.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    For 1 million , I would invest in stocks with a better return.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Creative comes and goes, a gas station is forever.

  • For what is worth, julius meinl stands in place of an old cruddy gas station

    So it isnt impossible, but totally understand why the community would not be thrilled with one

  • Eh, if I lived nearby or especially next door, I'd be concerned about a gas station if only for the additional smell of fuel. 711 I'm OK with.

  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    If I lived next door I'd have the property up for sale. We had a dolt sitting in a driveway the other night blasting music for a half hour after midnight. It isn't a stretch to think that some people patronizing the station late at night would be just as ignorant and inconsiderate. A lot of people cruising around in these clown cars with the window rattling amplification. Some gas stations play music outside now and that has to be irritating to people living in close proximity. This will not add to the neighbors quiet enjoyment of their property.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    That's why you must vote these clowns out.

  • PJ monitor

    7-11 open 24hours ?
    Hope he doesn't try to close the alley and sell the city lot with it, he tried that at Irving & Nagle, it doesn't look like there is enough room for gas pumps and a store.
    7-11 at Irving & Central
    7-11 at Austin & Higgins
    7-11 at Milwaukee & Central

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Will a gas station affect home insurance cost to nearby homes.

  • There one thing that nobody has mention and that is the size of the tanks that they're going to have to put into the ground once those tanks go in and they fill it up with gas that property will not be worth anything if the gas station and 7-Eleven fail because nobody's going to want to take them out of the ground again

  • I hope it ends up being another mattress store! We need more of those around here. Or maybe 24/7 currency exchange. Woo!

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Put in a bakery

  • @paul, with fresh Danish, almond croissants, and bear claws...... bear claws man!

  • @Portage parke: We don't know if a traffic study has been done, that is why we are going to attend the meeting tonight. The meeting is for asking questions and getting answers. If you really wanted to know when you posted, you could have called the alderman's office to ask, their number is (773) 283-3838.

    Having said that, we don't put a whole lot of faith in traffic studies anymore. We were a little new to this development rodeo but we are learning. We understood that the City of Chicago Dept. of Transportation conducts traffic studies when a development is proposed but that is not the case, or at least not typical. We also understood that the traffic study was largely about safety but found that not to be the case either.

    By submitting FOIA requests to the Dept. of Planning and Development, we have gotten copies of traffic studies for local development proposals and learned the traffic study is conducted by a private company hired by the developer and focuses more on how the development might slow traffic than on safety issues. There is very little in there about traffic safety or pedestrian safety, not even a count of how many pedestrians cross the intersection, though there is a lot of data submitted on how much longer it might take a vehicle to get through or make a left turn at the intersection.

  • Who puts in a bakery?

  • bakers

  • Huh

    So what are you guys who are declaring a bakery and designing the menu going to call it?

  • sweet somthin

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Sweet Chicago Pastry

  • When are you guys opening?

    Have you begun passing the hat?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    When Chicago becomes tax friendly to business.

  • PPNA your group doesn’t care for Aldermen Sposato anyway. It was obvious with the Starbucks at Irving and Central and with the Dunkin Doughnuts that got shot down at Irving and Narragansett. In both instances you didnt have a plan for what should be built in there places. Many consider your group as obstructionists.

  • “Have a plan for what should be built there”

    I dont get it

  • At Irving and Narragansett.

  • No, i’m not asking where.

    Im asking how does one “plan” where something goes and other than the entity possesing the capital?

  • Bill the Engineer /ChicagoNWside/

    Besides the property where the bank presently sits, the developer & 7-11 would buy the parking lot to the North (which the bank also owns), file a request the city to vacate the portion of the E-W alley that separates the two parcels which they would buy from the city. The home to the West would be part of the deal also. The owner wants to sell. It happens to be improperly zoned "Business".

    Store would sit at the North end facing South. Pumps where the bank build presently sits.

    No liquor sales dues to the city ordinances that prevent liquor sales at gas stations. Hours would be 24-7.

    About a dozen residents attended, and it seemed to be a 50/50 split.

    The proposal looked great. Hope it gets done.....

  • It was NOT a 50/50 split. Several attendees were opposed for various reasons.

  • Bill the Engineer /ChicagoNWside/

    Various reasons like.....

    "Why can't we have a Panera or Starbucks?" (Both declined after being approached.)

    "Too many gas stations." (Can't prevent a completive business environment.)

    "Too many 7-11's" (Again. Can't prevent a completive business environment.)

    "What if it gets robbed?" (Any business can be victimized by crime.)

    "What if there's a shootout?" ("Shootouts" unfortunately can and do happen in all public settings.)

    None of these "reasons" are grounds to deny the special use permit or zoning change.

    Several attendees were supportive for various reasons. The most compelling being...

    A $3M+ investment will be made to a 2 years vacant property....

    It will generate higher property tax revenue as well as sales and motor fuel tax revenue.


  • No, again it was not 50/50 split between the people there. For one thing, no actual “vote” was ever taken, it was literally just questions and comments. For the record, and for those who could not go, I counted 14 people attending who were not somehow connected to the alderman, the devleoper, or 7-11. So not a huge turnout, which is pretty typical when a public meeting is held at 6 pm on a weeknight.

    Bill, you’ve omitted the comments and concerns of the owners of the existing gas station on the other corner, who were in attendance. They bought a closed gas station that was empty for two years or so. I guess your idea to thank them for their investment is to “vote” for another gas station to go in?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Sounds like another bs meeting hope they can think of something usefull to put in.

  • Bill the Engineer /ChicagoNWside/

    Pamela.... Their comments and concerns were in fact addressed by me.

    "Too many gas stations." (Can't prevent a completive business environment.)

    They don't want competition. Understandable.... They will have to adapt to compete. It's the nature of business.

    Our economy is based on a competitive business environment. What don't you understand about that?

    Protectionist policies drive up prices. They stifle innovation. And specific to this proposal, anti-competitive positions are not valid grounds to deny a zoning change and special use permit.

  • @Bill, the same thing happened at central and Irving with the Starbucks. The PPNA was against it because they claimed it would put the coffee shop to the east and one to the west out of Buisness. That group in our opinion and many others are obstructionists. Why didn’t they have anything to say about the Culver’s or the proposed Starbucks on Cicero? Competition is good and loyal customers will stay that way.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Truth is most city gas stations are too high and most people go into suburbs so being competitive won't change things .

  • It seems like everyone goes to Costco for there gas .

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Im not one of the "it seems " l don't buy my gasoline at Costco.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    And for all anyone knows the ownership of the gas station on the southeast corner could be the people that want the 7-11 franchise across the street.

  • Theres no basis for that danny

    Ive never bought gas at costco, so can assume on one else does?

  • Was trying to be humorous since there is always huge lines for gas in Costco .

  • danny, maybe if I ever filled up at Costco, I would have gotten the joke!

    take care

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    You should the premium fuel is same as our regular price or less.

  • I just have one question for the aldermen why would you put up a gas station when there's one right on the corner of Austin and Montrose one on Austin & Higgins one on Irving in Montrose and one further down North and Narragansett and all within at least a mile from each other to maybe 2 miles and the one on Higgins and Austin also it's a Dunkin Donuts

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    I wonder if the ownership of the station on the southeast corner are maybe the ones that want the bank property to open a 7-11 and gas station then close the southeast corner location.

  • I know I've brought this up several times already, but I can't for the life of me figure out where this idea is coming from.....

    the idea that things are "put up" by the alderman, the city, community group-wish, etc, etc.

    Theski, and everyone else who thinks the government "puts up" "puts in" or whatever, retail you not realize what businesses are, and where they really come from?

    The alderman is not "putting up" a gas station.

  • I don't have a lot of time right now but want to respond re a couple of things. There is no franchisee attached to the project at this time, 7-11 reps said they only match a franchisee after they have approval for a site. The current owners of the Shell were there and did not express any interest in being the franchisee and in fact were concerned about their current gas station's viability. They did not seem to think there is enough demand for gas there to support two gas stations. They did not express this explicitly, but the sum of their comments seemed to imply this.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Now you can have two empty corners instead of one, good idea. When is the next meeting.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    Jut FYI, Martin's Fresh Market has reopened as La Bodega.

  • Pattymelt, Martin's Fresh Market and La Bodega have completed different owners. Martin's Fresh Market moved to Addison and Laramie as Supermercado Martin Offering more variety of fresh meats, fresh vegetables and hot food.

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