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Added Jan 28 2012

Soon our neighborhoods will be infiltrated with people paid to protest
These are not your neighbors. They will be here and for one reason only
Downtown, South Loop , University Village. Pilsen. All have the possibility to be overrun by protesters, and it's gonna cost us taxpayers alot of money
that we don't have.
What are we to do?

  • stop being paranoid. nothing is going to happen.

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    OK Boss

  • Aaron Martin New resident in Lakeview East

    I plan on protesting, but I don't plan on getting paid.

  • Inactive user

    Know the major protest areas in case you need to find an alternative route to work. My friend was almost fired from a good job for being late due to a protest blockage.

  • Paid by whom?

  • Soon our neighborhoods will be infiltrated by people conspiring to arrange the world so that they can legally make $54,000 a day without directly contributing to the production of this economy while I, a resident in the neighborhood, have yet to make that in a year despite my 46 years and high level of education. They will be making these arrangements while I have spent years paying $40,000 + for life saving surgeries despite working full time and having insurance, while I have never owned a home underwater or otherwise, while I will likely die before I have paid my student loans. AND you're rankled by protesters? You know protesters need to eat too. Is your claim somehow that the G8 is making you money but the protesters aren't? Is the G8's meeting at McCormick Place putting money in your pocket? Because it sure isn't putting money in mine. Who's paying YOU?

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    No one is paying me. All you got to do is turn on the tv and soo 20 something year old kids protesting. What are they protesting ? The're still living off of mom and dad. No monetary worries what soever. Tell me what they're protesting about

  • Aaron Martin New resident in Lakeview East

    I'm 33 years old, I haven't lived with my parents since I was 17, I have a Masters Degree, and I moved to Chicago in June, yet I haven't been able to find a job yet. You live in a where over 400 people are murdered with guns every year and with the most gangs of any American city, yet you still believe that the people who are pissed off and disenfranchised are simply "cry-baby ne'er do wells." That is naive and simplistic, but what should I expect.

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    I can see your point Aaron. I never thought about it that way. Thank you for that.

  • Ramon Murphy I'm a Hyde Parker!

    So what is the purpose of the G8 Nato Summit? There has been alot of talk about it?

  • Aaron Martin New resident in Lakeview East

    G8 is the Group of 8, which includes the US, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Russia. In this meeting Representatives from the EU as well as the BRIC countries will be there (Brazil, India, China, Mexico, and South Africa). I think the agenda is supposed to be about food security which means they will be talking about subsidies and trade. I would be very shocked if they don't also speak about Libya, Egypt, Syria, and especially Iran. In general, the heads of state attempt to keep trade moving, and make sure that countries don't slide back into protective, populist stances. I am sure the Euro crisis will also be discussed.

    NATO is also having a meeting, and the membership for this group does not include countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, so security issues and the middle East will probably be discussed in that forum. Because oil is needed by every country to run their economies, stabilizing the middle east is in everyone's interest.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    I have received several call-to-action emails and not one has offered to pay me yet. I wish they would, I am looking for work!

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