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Added Jan 27 2013

So the 1600-1650 block of Talman I've seen advertised now as West Bucktown (which I don't think is a real thing...) or even Logan Square but it seems to me that's pretty solidly Humbolt Park neighborhood still...which is fine. I'm just curious if I'm right about that. We're still actively seeking a house in Logan (or the north side of Humbolt...)

  • JRH Humboldt Park

    You are 100% correct. Real estate ad descriptions are an alternate reality.

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    The 1600 block really seems to be on the border of things, honestly. Not quite Humboldt Park, not quite logan square. Nobody wants to claim it.

  • Jen

    Its definitely humboldt. Armitage is the humboldt/Logan barrier over there

  • Amy H New Fairfielder

    According to the map here on EB, North Avenue looks to be the divider between Logan and Humbolt. ------>

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    Yeah. It varies place to place. I live in the 1600 block of Central Park, and it really varies what neighborhood places claim I'm in. In the recent year more and more places identify me as in Logan Square, though.

  • Jen

    Oh Hm the map I've always followed has Armitage as the border. Guess it's a gray area

  • Caitlin Works on the south side / Lives on the north side

    While not actually a designated neighborhood, "West Bucktown" does have a neighborhood association.

    I've also seen Bloomingdale as the border between the two in some places, so I agree, it's a gray area.

  • humble in humboldt been here my whole life!

    It's totally Humboldt Park.

  • The border is Bloomingdale. South of Bloomingdale is Humboldt, north is Logan. I'd like to think Humboldt Park goes up to Armitage, but the official border is the elevated train tracks that run along Bloomingdale. The east border of Humboldt Park is Western and the west border is around Pulaski. I'm not sure about the southern border.

    Real estate companies try to label things anything but Humboldt because they think they can get more money. Yuppies (and Everyblock cartographers) try to label things they like as Logan and things they don't like as Humboldt. I'm not making judgements, it's just what I consistently observe.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    Not a grey area at all: Bloomingdale is the border between Logan and Humboldt, for the entire length of the two:

  • The City of Chicago deems that Humboldt Park, but it would be bordering both Logan Square and Bucktown.

  • Len

    Jason W. and Olaf's observations are correct. From a real estate standpoint, it sounds better to be in "West Bucktown and "West Wicker Park and "West Ukranian Village for that matter as you move south, but as soon as you cross west of Western, at the north coordinate you specified you are really in Humboldt Park.

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    You are almost exactly on the border. Really, though, North Humboldt and South Logan Square have more in common than North Humboldt has with everything else that is called Humboldt on the map. When I say "more in common," it is because North Avenue, while not an official dividing line, feels like more of a natural barrier than the Bloomingdale line. We are on the 1600 Block of N. St. Louis, and we walk north to shop, eat out, etc. We feel like we are on the southern end of everything we walk to (with the major, very significant exception of Humboldt Park itself). The newly formed North Humboldt Park South Logan Square Neighbors Association (was that the final name?) is a testament to this.

  • According to map posted by Jason W looks like Wicker Park starts from Rockwell. I'm surprised.

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    It's Humboldt Park. There is no such thing as West Bucktown. It's either Logan Square or Humboldt Park that make up "West Bucktown" which isn't really a neighborhood. The area you are speaking of is most definitely Humboldt Park.

  • Bonnie L. Braverman Logan Square Lover

    I live in Logan, but real estate folks sometimes call it West Bucktown. Bucktown had a better reputation than Logan. I always call my neighborhood Logan because I am proud of my neighborhood.

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    The 1600 block is just the best of both neighborhoods.

  • Olaf is 100% correct. Bloomingdale is the border.

  • I'm surprised by how few people understand the difference between a community area and a neighborhood. Community area borders were rendered unchangeable for the most part in the late 1920s by the Social Science Research Committee at the University of Chicago. Neighborhood borders are fuzzy and can change over time, reflecting the wishes of real estate agents, local businesses, and/or residents. Some neighborhoods can even fade from memory, but that's a topic for another discussion.

    All that being said, the "official community area borders for Humboldt Park include Bloomingdale Avenue to the north, the Union Pacific railroad tracks to the south, the train tracks running between Kostner and Cicero to the west, and Humboldt Park proper to the east."

    The so called "neighborhood" borders are Western Avenue to the east, Pulaski Road to the west, Wabansia Avenue to the North, and the Union Pacific tracks to the south.

    For more general information regarding community areas, please refer to:

  • The boundaries of the Logan Square community area are the Metra/Milwaukee District North Line railroad to the west, the North Branch of the Chicago River on the east, Diversey Avenue to the north, and Bloomingdale to the south. Within The Logan Square community area, you have neighborhoods such as Bucktown, Kosciusko Park, Palmer Square, and the Logan Square.

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    I disagree with Wabansia as the Northern boundary of the neighborhood. It is counter intuitive to cross a four lane highway for one block only and put the 1600 block on the other side of a four lane highway from the rest of Humboldt Park. I changed the entry on Wikipedia reflect this -

  • Nothingtoseehere

    Heather, your "disagreement" doesn't warrant changing Wikipedia.

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    "Neighborhood borders are fuzzy and can change over time, reflecting the wishes of real estate agents, local businesses, and/or residents." - Given this I don't think Heather is really in the wrong. People seem to edit it back and forth all the time anyway.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    And that's why Wikipedia is an unreliable source for information about neighborhood boundaries.

  • I'm so glad we have community areas that aren't subject to the whims of interested parties.

  • Here are a few examples which render neighborhoods fuzzy and thus lead to arguments about boundaries as if they were separate municipalities...

    Interested party: rental agents posting an apartment west of Western Ave. on Craigslist as being in West Wicker Park.

    An example of history: the Old Town School of Folk Music used to be located in Old Town, but it moved to Lincoln Square. Intuitively, shouldn't it be called the Lincoln Square School of Folk Music?

    An example of being forgotten for whatever reason: the area east of California, south of Logan Blvd., and north of Fullerton, generally speaking, used to be called Maplewood. It still appears on some maps, but hardly anyone knows that.

    Thank goodness for community areas...never changing and reliable!

  • I had the same problem from artesian and DIvision to western and division is called west town and from artesian -North ave Thomas and western has written in the walk way and on the store front Wicker park But from Divison n western to north and western Is suppose to be still the humbolt park area I guess just like they change the names of the streets they can change the township without the ppl permission so I say call it what you want to but the mail will correct you....

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    Brad, Estatu-

    The point I was trying to make in changing the Wikipedia article is exactly the point you are making in your response to my doing so - that these boundaries are already a result of "whims of interested parties," established at some point or another by whom we know not. If my disagreement does not warrent changing Wikipedia - well who then is authorized, qualified and recognized as the authority on community consensus?

    Why do we cite, then argue over, an arbitrary line that was made up at some point or another anyway by someone looking at a map at some unspecified time in the past (at least we may imagine this is what they were doing)?

    I live between North and Wabansia. If I am no more qualified to change the Wikipedia article than anyone else, I am no less qualified either.

    My argument, basically, is that if there is some imaginary authority who makes up the rules about what is considered to be the unoffocially recognized boundaries of the neighborhood, well then we who live here constitute that imaginary authority.

  • Nothingtoseehere

    So you were just doing us all a favor and deciding for everyone. Thanks.

  • If Logan square goes to the South to Blomingdale and Humboldt Park only goes North to Wabansia, what about those of us who live between Wabansia and Bloomingdale? In which community do we live?

  • Border between Logan and Humboldt is Bloomingdale Trail.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    keroto, Humboldt goes up to Bloomingdale, there is no gap.

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    It amuses me how worked up people get about labels. What I've garnered from this thread is that the 1600 block is officially Humboldt park, but feel-wise it's more like Logan Square. Which isn't strange, seeing as a single street isn't going to be a magically barrier that totally changes the area. In reality there is a significant gray area (Between North and Armitage, it seems), and Bloomingdale Trail- the center of all that, just happened to be chosen as the official border.

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    Brad, you miss my point. You can go change it back if you want. I am kind of surprised that no one has, actually. My point is that we decide for ourselves - we don't have to defer to boundaries on maps that contradict each other written by unknown people who decide for us because we assume the decision is someone else's to make. It doesn't matter a whole lot what someone decrees on Wikipedia. We know what our neighborhoods feel like to us. We know where we live. If a realtor (or some anonymous basement dweller on Wikipedia) tells me I live in "Humboldt Heights," that isn't going to mean anything to me, and it shouldn't mean anything to you, either.

  • Heather, I totally agree with you. As far as "neighborhoods" are concerned, it's anybody's guess where the borders are. Community areas, however, are a different story.

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    Right - community areas are designated by the City of Chicago, and are meaningful with regards to demographic data, allocation of resources, CPS "tiers," etc etc etc that have very real consequences for the community areas defined. There are some very real advantages to being considered Humboldt Park on the city rolls...especially while living in a Logan Square buffer zone/vibe. You will not see me calling the city to complain about this. I like that part just fine.

  • Carlos Munoz CostaRicaCarlos

    It's Humboldt park. Been a landlord there at 1600 block since '01. None of my tenants this its Logan Square (or I'd be getting more rent :) plus its across the street from Humboldt park for God's sake!?!

  • Heather Haskins Mom of 2, natural building enthusiast

    Sure, if you are across from the park that makes sense.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • JRH Humboldt Park

    Thanks Chuck, amazing insights.

  • MinnieVanDriver Neighbor

    The development directly south of there, at the corner of Talman and North, is being marketed as Wicker West!!community

    They even have a photo of St Nicholas on their website, which is at Rice and Oakley, nowhere near this development.

    It doesn't matter to me how they want to market these areas, as long as they attract new residents into this vibrant and up and coming neighborhood.

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    LOL that is awesome, Wicker West. What will they think of next?!?

  • I love that map!. It has west town going all the way to Kedzie. Sounds great to me.

  • Actually, West Town (community area 24) does go all the way to Kedzie. Part of the "neighborhood" of Humboldt Park, not the community area of Humboldt Park, overlaps community area 24. Here's a source for some of the above information that isn't Wikipedia:

    The link does qualify it by saying the western boundary of the community area is shifting. Hey, maybe we'll have a breakaway community area that will call itself West West Town.

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