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Added Jan 27 2013

What are your rights if someone blocks your car in completely? Someone did this to me at 33rd place right off of halsted.

  • Annie B Regular mom

    It looks pretty damn close. I guess if they are touching your bumper ( it looks like it) then maybe you can get them on hitting your car? I dunno, I'm no lawyer. That sucks though.. Sorry

  • What a jerk!

  • What an AHole... You can pull all 4 of his valve stems and disable his car. He'll need a flatbed tow. And if he leaves it, remove the plates, stuff them down the sewer and call it into 311 and the Ward as an abandoned vehicle. It will cost him at least $500.00


    Actually cars that are improperly parked such as this can be called into 911. Just call 911, no point in you taking a chance to be hauled into for vandalism.

    Are you able to pull out in front is there enough room? Dumb move on their part, if you can pull up and push back on their bumper it can mess up their trans.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Call 911 and get him ticketed, they may even tow the vehicle can the rear be accessed?

  • Depends......

  • I ended up calling the police. They said they would come and tow the jerk and give him a citation. However, as I sat there and waited the guy in front of me came out and moved. I canceled the police call. I still am angry but at least I got out. I still wanna go put a note on that jerks car!!!!!!!

    The police were SUPER nice though. I was kinda embarrassed because it wasn't an "emergency" they assured me it was fine to call.

  • Thanks Paul. Haha you made me laugh. I really wanted to break a window, and pop it in neutral and send it into the alley. (That was what was behind him) he blocked me in so her could "fit" into the space and not be sticking out.


    It's strange, it used to be 311 for parking violations. I had to call on someone a few months ago and 311 transferred me to 911 and told me to call them directly in the future. I told them that it's just a parking issue and not an emergency, I was informed that it's how they're handling those calls now.

    I still feel 911 is overkill for parking, but hey if that's how they want to do it, fine by me.

    Glad you're not stuck anymore.

  • I didn't know that you can do anything about a situation like this. I've parked pretty damn close to others after squeezing into spots. I just thought it's dog eat dog when paralell parking in a legal spot. Now I know different.
    @Paul, what street do live on so never park there? :-)

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    Paul Kersey ... your advice is too extreme ... i hope nobody confuses me with you ...I think you should seek some type of professional help ... PAYBACK INCONSIDERATION WITH VANDALISM ... it is no surprise 2 people have muted you ... count me #3!

  • chitownlady lifer

    How and the heck did this moron get into that space. make sure you check your car for damage. hope you took the plate number as well. I', am sorry about the crappy start to your day! People sux.


    see Human.....he is one scary dude. glad he isn't my neighbor...way glad!!!!!! becareful Human, he just might chase you down the street! LOLOLOLOL do you have a plate on your wheelchair hun? he just might post it !

  • Mike Bailey 8-year Bridgeport resident

    I think i read somewhere that you're legally allowed to steal their license plates and leave all of their doors open. it's somewhere in the books, listed near parking liability or something. Also, if the doors are opened you're legally allowed to bust out their windows to unlock the doors.

  • Max

    key em

  • How HE got into the space? The alley was on one side of him.
    The victim was pinned in not him!

  • Why is someone that is wronged quickly turn to anger and revenge?
    This might be why it happened in the first place-
    Always leave enough space on one side just in case you dont get enough on the other later.

  • I always leave enough space. The person in front of me pulled in after I did.

  • I would be angry also- you called the police before expressing anger
    you should be comended.

  • @Paul Kersey, Jr.

    I want to buy you a beer, man.

  • I know someone that happened to years ago. After unsuccessfully locating the guy, a group of them lifted up the front of the car and rolled it out, then keyed it up pretty good. I bet that guy never blocked anyone in again.

  • Sheila lets help eachother

    U would think ppl won't do this... There's alot of hot heads in BP lol...

  • Had similar experience last year. Ended up calling the police and reporting the idiot driver as a hit and run...even though the driver kept backing up into my car and the guy ahead him as my son stood and watched him ( he was walking our dog)....

  • CHUCKDIESEL Keep and Bear Arms!


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