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Added Jan 23 2014

Almost none of the residential streets seem to be getting plowed, even days after the snowfall, and it's not helping our potholes any. The 4500 block of Harding (not my block, but I have to use it) is particularly bad -- more than half the street is one long pothole!

Anybody else want to step up and start reporting to 311/Open311/SeeClickFix? The more complaints, the sooner fixed, perhaps (though probably not till after Arctic Vortex Part Deux). If you get a picture of a pothole and don't have time to report, link the pic and address here and I'll do the data-entry for you.

  • AlbanyParkMom 14-year resident

    SeeClickFix doesn't handle unplowed street requests. (Weird, I know) I asked them if they'd add they field, as well as a field for unplowed business/res sidewalks, but they're limited to a list of things determined by the city. They also have a "report to neighbors" field which doesn't go to the city at all--I think it used to be called Other, but it's gone now.

    I always end up using the city's online 311 site to put in those requests, because it seems like the only way to do it and have it tagged precisely.

  • sarahmagana Lifelong Resident!

    I would love for the potholes to get fixed. Grace between Monticello and Hamlin has gotten so bad that I have started to avoid driving on it when possible.

    Is 311 the best possible option in terms of complaints/reporting?

  • AlbanyParkMom 14-year resident

    For potholes, you can report pretty much any way, from calling 311 to using SeeClickFix or other online apps. Do it in abundance!

    It's the plowing stuff that's tougher to report.

  • Elliott Mason Lifelong Chicagoan, involved CPS parent

    Yeah, there isn't a way to report nonplowing. If you call 311 you can report local businesses for not shovelling their streets, though -- I wish there were a web interface for that.

    Some of our one-way residential streets around here are becoming more pothole than street, not even counting the ones that have been dug up for water work.

  • AlbanyParkMom 14-year resident

    Weird -- I thought I already responded to this!

    You can report shoveling scofflaws, both res and biz, using that online 311 link I posted above. I use it a lot (right, Aldi on Pulaski and Argyle?) It's the only online way I've found to do that.

  • Elliott Mason Lifelong Chicagoan, involved CPS parent

    Aha, just found the 'Snow -- Uncleared Sidewalk' thing in their pull-down menu. Still clunky to use, but at least I don't have to sit on hold. :->

  • abcxyz

    I noticed less sidestreet plowing after the Lake Shore Drive disaster a few years back. My longtime alderman (Dick Mell) always got ours cleared in a day but not after that. It took 3 or more days that year. Part of it was the blowing snow requiring main streets to be re-plowed. But I think LSD still gets the attention after main streets do for every snowfall. I complained to our new alderman (Deb Mell) via facebook as did others that the NYE heavy snow was never cleared and then the vortex hit. Once they did plow 5-6 days later, they walled me in with ice. She replied that they were focusing on emergency equipment access areas. Later with the warming temps coming, she asked people to clear the drains for fear of flooding. A few of us noted that we couldn't get to them if we wanted to for all the snow and ice. Friends in other neighborhoods complained about the lack of plowing too so this is a citywide issue. LSD fiasco fears or budget cuts or both? I posted on the mayor's page but clearly it is not very active. The last post was mid-December and July before that I think. He was out of the country also. So I am not sure how much aldermen can do but I think they should hear about it from us. Deb Mell does respond via social media quite promptly as I have noticed with other issues. Or you could call.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Can I ask what is the rush on the pot holes? They can't lay asphalt at this temp any how. And what side streets haven't been plowed?

    Sorry I ask but we had what a foot of snow a couple weeks again and 80 percent of it melt 4 days later in the 50 degree weather. The last snow the other night was so light and fluffy it wouldn't be need a plow but some salt it that. Are you expecting cleared side streets with absolutely no snow on it?

    It's snow it has been around for a long time in Chicago if u lived here any amount of time should have any issue with it or driving in it for that matter. All the driving I do for work Chicago streets and il highways for being plowed and cleared are some of the best and fastest out of the surrounding states.

    Now if the complaint was on the snow in alleys I'd be with you but i adapted and just pay a buddy to plow out the whole alley since I hate dragging the snow into my garage

  • AlbanyParkMom 14-year resident

    The City's been asking people to report potholes, though. And there are crews out filling them. I've seen this in a few places, actually.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Sadly the city never really does a good job filling them nor trying to make it flat as possible. Kind of wish they would have concrete roads wouldn't need to redo it ever 2 years

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    The plowing was terrible on the main streets this year. I saw a total of THREE trucks the entire season. Before you would see several everywhere you went. There could be 5 blizzards, and Daley had the streets done AS it was snowing so you could eat off of them. This year nothing is down to the asphalt, I slip slide away and/or get stuck days and days after a snow fall. Crazy. Definitely not proactive.

    P.S. I'm not 'pro-daley" or "anti-Rahm" but I do notice that somethings were just better under Daley.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Saw plenty of plows hoping up and down Irving you forget tho Daley never saw the temps dip to new 20 as the same time the snow fell in which case the beat juice and salt don't work well that was the major issue right there

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I know about the salt. I live near expressway, and used to see tons of them around city streets and would turn around on my street. I saw a lot of nothing. I'm not gonna look the weather up, so I'll believe you, but it is difficult to believe in his whole tenure it didn't go so low. Harlem Ave I only saw the State trucks and the street was awful for days on.....I wish this winter would go away. lol

  • abcxyz

    Tax Mania I have live here for decades. The service is worse now and even light snow can be slippery. As you can see in my above post, warm temps melting unplowed snow is part of the concern re. possible flooding. I think LSD focus and/or the budget is the problem. It is not just my new alderman because it is an issue in other wards too. A mayor lost his office over unplowed streets after the blizzard of '79 and mayors have been vigilant about it ever since - until now. Also we have indeed had below zero temps before Rahm. I recall having to go out in -5 daytime weather in January of 2009.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    It's not that it didn't go so low in his tenure it just didn't get that cold at the same time as it was snowing. Either way plowed or unplowed I don't have a issue driving In I guess I now know why I stopped buying cars and bought a suv which I hated then now I love it

  • abcxyz

    It doesn't snow when it is too cold to do so. The issue we had recently was the polar vortex after a heavy snowfall. But the problem on our sidestreets was that they did not plow after that snowfall for at least 5-6 days. Then it created a wall of ice after plowing. And the built up snow was the issue with flooding when temps warmed up. Timing is important.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Yes, I have a regular car. I'm sure SUVs have less problems but the thing is better service was needed b/c everyone doesnt' own SUV or wants one. My friend w/ a Jeep said he got stuck. There is poorly plowed streets outside right now after a lighter snow. Daley used to put plows on the garbage trucks so the alley would be clear. this time the alleys have been anything but clear. I dont know.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    All one can do is adapt and over come. That's way we don't have to depend on the city or others

  • Elliott Mason Lifelong Chicagoan, involved CPS parent

    Thanks to the GPS-enabled plows, I can say that the 4200-4800 blocks of Springfield, at least, have not been plowed since before January 1st, which is ridiculous. I can see deprioritizing it until all the big streets have gotten clear, but before you pack the plows away again (which they are, right now -- all parked and inactive) run them down so every inch of city-owned street has at least GOTTEN plowed in each big storm/event!

  • MISSfancypants Your friendly neighborhood cat lady

    I have yet to see any plows on or near my street (Berteau, Albany, Whipple). It's annoying that I see a lot of wealthier neighborhoods being plowed and then we get nothing. Thanks Chicago!

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    After the big storm in the first weekend of the new year, my street (Fletcher between Racine and Southport) had not been touched at all! Supposedly, the side streets were plowed the Monday of the 40 below temps, but it wasn't very evident of that when we arrived back on that Tuesday, after being stuck in St. Louis overnight.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california


    You claim you haven't seen any plows? then explain why those streets are plowed at that location? BTW I live on whipple and the plows were going by in the middle of the night and the wrong way at that on the streets. you make it sound like we are the last blocks to be plowed which isnt true what so ever.

  • TD

    Boo hoo. There is snow on my street and I think it is the worst thing that ever happened to me. :(. Life is soooo tough.

  • I reported the severe potholes to 311 two weeks ago in on the 4500 block of north Harding. I nearly hit parked cars trying to avoid them.

  • Harding has been like that for more than a year now. Its just worse now. Made calls over & over but nothing has been done. Ugh!

  • Keith A Albany Park Resident and Gardening Aficionado

    I would recommend contacting the alderman's office directly as they might have more insight into when the problem will be addressed. They can also enter the complaint into the proper channels. I believe that for the 4500 block of North Harding, your aldermanic office will be the 35th Ward. Alderman Colon and his staff appear to be quite open to addressing our community's needs thus far.

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