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Added Jan 21 2012

I just want to say, shame on the City Council and shame on the Mayor for forcing a flawed, gerrymandered incumbent-preserving ward remap on the citizens of this city. I am well aware of the representation requirements that dictate this process, but some of these wards look REDICULOUS. The process was conducted behind several closed doors with no significant public input. I hope the residents of this city remember this embarrassment 3 years from now and vote the 41 conspirators who approved this map out of office. I renew my call for reducing the number of wards and aldermen and create wards that are more contiguous and respectful of the established neighborhoods in this city.

  • Ms. K Principal of Stevenson ES

    Thank you Rob B. I am open to meeting our new alderman.
    I am wondering first you used to be a CPS employee at one of our high schools. (I may have worked with you.)
    I wanted to ask for some assistance:

    1. Our school Stevenson--needs volunteers, especially in the AM with traffic and trying to get the 1050 children in our one building and 3 modulars. So please let me know if you are out there and you can help us.

    2. Our school is in the 1/20/12 Southwest News-Herald; we subscribe. However, I would like to get more copies of this issue to share with our students. Please feel free to give us this issue when you are finished with it. Do you know where I can buy more issues?

    3. Stevenson- Elementary School-for the next 16 days, is a finalist in Dannon Co's. DANIMALS Rally for Recess Contest. If we win, we will get $20,000 toward a new open play lot, on our campus for all to share. All we need is a code that comes from a Danimals product in the dairy case at the store--there is a code inside the RED wrapper of the product--and we need that code for it to count toward our school. The RED wrapper MUST have on it "Rally for Recess." If Rally for recess is NOT on the packaging/ cardboard wrapp--then there is not code in it.
    Please feel free to call the school with the codes: 773-535-2280.
    Thanks to you all.

  • I totally agree with the reduction in the number of Alderman. On average most are nothing but seat fillers that follow the leader. My community stands strong, regardless of what ward I am drawn into my home is my home and I will push to better my community. I am more than sure that my community was remapped solely because it posed a threat to an alderman that would like for residence "to only be seen and not make any service request". You know you are a "seat filler when, the only original ordinance you could bring to the city council is "asking for a ban on chicken raising in Chicago",,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • and they can start with my alderman of the 18th ward who is a total embarrassment and couldn't give you the time of day since the last re election

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    Get rid of Wards, Get rid of Aldermen, Split the city in 6areas with its own Area supervisor to take care of the maintenance of the streets and such. Have a mayor than answers to the people through internet monthly voting run by a Citizen voting committie. If he wants to do anything Let the people vote on it. Stuff like shell we sell the parking meters? Yes or No. Voting either city wide or area wide if it only affects one area. I am sure we could do a better job than any of these knotheads.

  • Bob that is a great idea but how do we go about doing that? Answer to your question,"do we have a say in what happens in our community" I would say NO!!!! Rham is absolutely no different the King Richie who really over stayed his welcome.

  • They say all politics is local and I would agree but think about this. Did the American people have any say in the Obama care disaster? did we have any say in the ward Re map? Did we have any say in the Keystone pipeline which would have brought thousands of jobs, NO. Lets face it folks every politician only worries about themselves getting re elected. TERM LIMITS PEOPLE. WE HAVE TO PUSH FOR TERM LIMITS

  • A government controlled by one person, or a small group of people. In this form of government the power rests entirely on the person or group of people, and can be obtained by force or by inheritance. The dictator(s) may also take away much of its peoples' freedom.....(sound familiar)

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