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Added Jan 21 2013

I have some paint I used for apartment interior walls that I'd like to either dispose or donate. Any ideas where I can bring it? I have quite a few not quite full gallons of different colors, all latex.

  • Chris G on/off RP resident since '88.Musician/Programmer.

    What colors, if I may inquire?

  • If you don't get any takers here you might try Freecycle. I've had good luck passing on some things there to people who will use them.

  • I have all diff colors. Mostly earth tones.

  • Do you happen to have any light gray tones?

  • jaime Chicago artist

    I'd take it off your hands :)

  • Hope you can pass it on to someone who wants it. But, if not, I'll share what I learned recently when I needed to dispose of some paint. It's against city code to dispose of it down any kind of drains, etc. (Perhaps many already know this, but, for those who don't, that's why I'm saying it. I didn't know the law when I started investigating what to do with this paint and before anyone jumps on me, I NEVER intended to dispose of it down any kind of drain.) There are fairly cheap commercial products (I got mine from the wonderful folks at Clark and Devon Hardware) that you mix into the paint to solidify it. Then, it's safe and legal to throw in any dumpster. One other tip I got from the Clark and Devon Hardware can use standard canning jars to keep a bit of the paint for touch-ups. :-)

  • @brit_chick: I don't have light gray tones
    @jaime - I'm happy to give you the paint. Please email me privately and we can set up a time and day. I'd prefer to give the paint away than dispose of it.

  • If Joy doesn't take it all, let me know. I am in need of some earth tones as well. Thanks.

  • I meant Jaime!

  • @Joy Whitman: thank you for your response.

  • kristin m. trust me, i'm a librarian!

    I've heard that theatre companies and high school drama clubs are also frequently interested in donated paint.

  • jaime Chicago artist

    Thanks Joy. Not sure how to get your email to email you privately so here is mine

  • Dee in E Rogers Park East Rogers Park over 10 Years

    A couple of suggestions on used paint:

    You can try to call the Painters Union DC14 on Adams Street. They hold classes for apprentices and may need paint/wallpaper supplies of any kind. There are probably other trade schools/high schools that have classes where you can donate as well.

    As far as disposal, if you mix a batch of paint up in kitty litter, it settles it into clumps and you are allowed to throw this away. No special product needed; kitty litter is pretty cheap!

  • Awesome tip on the kitty litter, Dee! I'm assuming this is true for the "clumping" kinds of kitty litter. I imagine the plan, old-fashioned non-clumping kind of litter wouldn't work quite so well. Again, thanks for the tip.

  • @jaime - I emailed you yesterday. Please let me know if you received it.

    Thank you all for your ideas.

  • I still have this paint if anyone wants it. Please email me at if you do.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

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