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Added Jan 21 2013

I need to install MS Office on my Mac Air. I have the disc (yes, I purchased a real copy!) but no drive. Help! Thanks, Chris

  • Well there's a flaw.

  • NQT

    I'll bet the apple store will help.

  • Sarah Marie Ward I've always wanted to live in the city. Now I do.

    I think it's very likely the apple store will help in this situation. They've helped my dad out before in a similar situation.

  • I'm guessing you need it for tonight
    Quick fix is download the ms office trial it's a full ver. For 30 days or office 360

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    As long as you have the codes from the software, you should be able to download office.

    Just out of curiosity, aren't the Apple equivalents (around $20 per module) good enough?

  • You could also buy a USB drive. For a 4gb, they're less than 5 dollars now and it will be handy to have after the install

  • Les just turned 30 east village resident

    Robins right, download it online and install it then just enter your product key, I got a new Mac a few months ago and just did that, lots of companies are doing away install disks all together. Let me know if you need any help

  • Mark Educational Outreach for Performing Arts

    I've got one! Send me an e-mail. You could come and pick it up after 9pm tonight if that works for you.

  • A lot of the PC Compatible cd drives are not compatible with Mac, so check the specs before you arrange a meet up. It was already answered here, but your best bet is to download the trial version of Office onto your computer, then activate it with the code that you purchased.

    There is a reason these new computers don't come with cd/dvd drives anymore. Because they aren't needed and almost everything can be downloaded now.

  • Didnt the Apple Store on North Ave get run into with a car? Dont go there, sounds dangerous : )

  • At shanerc..the mac air is apples way to introduce a laptop to the market that was very lightweight and extremely portable,they made it without an optical drive or a way to plug in a landline and made it wifi only. Other manufacturers aren't doing away with optical drives all together because they know people like to watch movies on their laptops and also there's still the option to download CDs that I person might still have so the optical drive is still very much needed and is still very important as an industry standard. The Mac air is so slender there's no space for an optical drive where other makers leave plenty of room for the necessary drive to work for consumers.

  • Toni B

    @stevio - I don't follow. My iPad doesn't have an optical drive? How would I install ms office in that?

  • @toni b..your iPad isn't a laptop that's why,this thread references a mac air(laptop)..not any of apples other proprietory items so in your case no optical but there isnt a need for ms on that because it can be done with an app if you need that kind of functionality.

  • Toni B

    @stevio- thanks! I think I get it now. I will just download it and use the license key. I appreciate your help and will let you know if I run into problems! ;)

  • You're very welcome Toni,feel free to ask whatever whenever...;-)

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