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Added Jan 19 2013

Man, they weren't kidding when they said it would be loud, were they? About an hour ago, I was thinking "This isn't so bad. I knew they were overestimating". Then like five minutes ago my chair started vibrating, and now the dog is scared.

That's it. Just wanted to throw out a "We're all in this together" message. :)

  • chicago0 "Neighbors"

    I can hear it from Morse and Sheridan!

  • mike

    Lunt and Glenwood, loud and clear. Although at least I won't be able to once I close my windows, sorry guys!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Condolences from North of Howard. All quiet here. Perhaps we should have offered to put our southern neighbors up for the weekend.

  • Helen, my husband and I are on our way over! Also we demand a bedtime snack. :)

  • We all agree that this "substation" is being built to imprison the neighborhood vampire, right?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Erin, I'm sorry but you'll have to leave the frightened dog at home, ok? My cats wouldn't stand for that.

  • I can just imagine our poor shaky little dog, sitting on the back of the couch to watch the construction out the window. Wondering why she was abandoned. :)

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    Im at Greenleaf and Glenwood and I can hear it too. I have to work tomorrow WTH its 3AM.

  • You know it's around the clock all weekend, right?

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    I do now LOL

  • Don Gordon 30+ year RP resident & activist

    Lunt and Sheridan. Started at 4am. Woke us up. Hopefully this is short-lived!

  • Chris G on/off RP resident since '88.Musician/Programmer.

    Currently at the corner of Farwell and Sheridan and my laptop is vibrating!

  • My sympathies to those on top of this construction. I started hearing it last night @ 1AM from Pratt and the lake. ;-( But, I do tip my hat to the CTA and our alderman for not minimizing this and getting the word out on just how loud it would be. Bad news is never easy to deliver.

  • Bettiegee Rogers Park resident since 1993.

    Oh wow. Everyone within earshot of this has all of my deepest sympathies. I used to live so painfully close to where this is happening. You have no idea how glad I am that I have moved. I would offer up my guest room if I didn't have someone in it at the moment.

  • Harmless, really... ...but you never know.

    I will dogsit! Bring your pooch over!

  • Harmless, really... ...but you never know.

    I will dogsit and spoil your pooch rotten!

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    You may want to check to home for water from leaking pipes due to the vibrations.

  • Gnorth

    High-energy, low-frequency vibrations can cause vertebral degeneration, cortical synapse dysfunction and dangerous chemical transformations in canned food products. Though unconfirmed, one person experienced molecular decomposition and completely melted because of excessive vibrations. Spontaneous human combustion is another possible but highly controversial danger.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Looks like they shook the place so hard that the cold settled in.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    I guess we picked a good weekend to go out of town.

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