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Added Jan 18 2013

At 11pm on Friday night a friend saw what looks like a floating city out in the middle of the lake. Any idea what it is?

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    This is off the beach at North Shore.

  • Could it have been a water intake crib? They're very odd looking sitting there far out from the coast.

  • John Slagle Western and Birchwood, Resident

    It's a land. The wonderful land of Oz.

  • I don't mean to sound like I'm being rude, but perhaps it was a shipping freighter? Seems the most logical explanation, and being in the open water with lights on, I'm sure it looks much brighter than it really is.

  • I saw this too and it was perceptively moving northward... also at about 11pm. Originally thought it was perhaps a barge way out there as I sometimes see, but it was moving too quickly/noticeably too close to shore to be a barge, though I didn't notice any obvious police lights on it.

    It was at the same time I noticed a police SUV driving out onto the pier and had just driven past an ambulance and a ton of cop cards on Pratt between Sheridan and Lakewood. Not sure if they are related. But definitely lots of activity on Pratt tonight.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    It was the lost city of Atlantis.

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    David Axelrod was hosting a pre-inauguration party. We just got back home after the water taxi dropped some of us off back at Farwell Pier. The big donors are being picked up by Coast Guard helicopters and flown back for an after-party on the Gold Coast. It will be on the morning news.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Oh, Joe, you beat me to it.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!


  • All I know is that I want some of what your friend was taking when this floating city was observed!

  • Patrick Resident of Rogers Park on and off since 2004

    Hey Mike you bet me to that one.

  • James Pritzker bought the lake and is starting his own country.

  • Against The Grain Lincoln Square

    Odds are a freighter.
    Next time you see one, and are curious, here is the real time tracker for the lake

  • By the lake By the lake

    Water taxi??? Can we actually take a water taxi to Pratt Pier??? That would make going to Michigan and Wacker a treat!!!

  • It was Aquaman's turn to hold the monthly Justice League/CAPS meeting.

  • Against the Grain, that site is SWEET! I grew-up on the Iron Range of Minnesota and my oldest brother worked on the ore boats out of Duluth for several summers in the late-60's/early-70's. I've always wanted a way to track the commercial lake traffic around here, thanks!

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Unconfirmed report - it was a Panamanian-registered destroyer owned by the Republican Party. They are setting up a floating command center in preparation for an all out assault on Rogers Park and the 9th Congressional District in 2014. Using highly advanced invisibility cloaking technology it can disappear at will.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    Rp advocate I wish that wastrue. At all others, I'm angry. You beat me to everyone one of the lines I was going to say

  • Dnooch Portage Park resident

    I believe it was something you took in college. Orange blotter sunshine windowpane something or another. You were warned and now it's happening!

  • Ann on Glenwood 15 yr. condo owner

    It's the rise of the Pottawatomie nation returning to "the place of the bad smell" to pick some wild onions for their mid-winter celebration!

  • a 4-story parking garage

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    Thanks for all the fun (and some informative) answers! You gave us a big smile!!

  • Paul 20 year Lincoln Square resident

    Any pics? I'd like to research this. Have you heard of USOs?

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    This is my secret lair that is not detectable during the day. I plan all of my World Domination plans from this base. Its only built to look like a water treatment facility.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    These are the individual holding cells for deposed Illinois Governors. One of those is for Ryan and the other id for Blago. Previously they were occupied by Edwards and Treen.

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