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Added Jan 17 2012

I keep seeing her signs everywhere in Andersonville!

  • Bev

    If Kelly Cassidy cared about education she should show her personal support for public schools and send her children to them and set the example. Sounds to me like she is playing politics -- say and support one thing but act the other way. $25,000 tuition for the school she sends her children. I'm supporting Paula Basta cause Kelly keeps disappointing me. How much do state reps make (I'll check this afternoon).

  • Paula's plan would mean several thousand dollars per child is taken away from schools like yours and handed to parents like Kelly.

    If you are so opposed to what Kelly is doing, surely you wouldn't want her to get a tax break at the expense of schools like yours?

    I know you are smart enough to not think "Well, Paula would gut the public school system in order to finance the private school education, affecting my school and every other school in the entire state... But Kelly chose to send her kids to a private school! Vote Basta!"

  • State reps make $57,619.00 per year. Looks like Kelly made a decision to save up for her children. Unfortunately for her, Paula hasn't enacted her proposal yet, which would cut her private school tuition costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year (of course, at the expense of every public school student in the state!)

  • Bev

    I guess it was easy to save when State Rep Kelly Cassidy was previously held a political position in the Cook County State’s Attorney office where she earned a taxpayer paid salary of over $100,000 despite having never attended college. Meanwhile, lawyers in the State’s Attorney’s office responsible for putting away criminals were only paid $55,000. As a staff person with no college education, Kelly Cassidy earned nearly twice as much as lawyers responsible for convicting criminals. It’s good work if you can get it and would allow you to send your kids to a private school with $25,000 tuition. I wonder since she has three kids if that is $75,000/year tuition or do the parents get a volume break for multiple kids?

  • Bev

    Peter, I have to fly. Kids are done with their quiz and time for me to educate those public school children. Perhaps more spirited discussion later when I'm home. Thanks again. And thanks for being a little nicer in your tonality today. Much appreciated.

  • So I just want to be clear, you aren't going to say a single word about Paula's plan to gut public schools like your own to help private schools?

  • Also wanted to note that making political statements like those above while you are in a public school classroom is a blatant violation of the law. You are on the clock, using a room, electricity, and wifi funded by taxpayer dollars.

    I'd recommend against doing that in the future, you wouldn't want to lose your job.

  • Bev

    Wow Peter, such vitriolic. I hope all Kelly's supporters are not as caustic.
    Kelly Cassidy has no college education and held a political job at $100,000/year (with my masters I only get $78,000 and teach kids in public school!)
    Kelly Cassidy sends kids to private school rather than public schools -- can you think of any better way to support us public school teachers and our schools then sending your kids there? And pays $25,000 tuition for them.
    Kelly Cassidy voted for clean goal to protect an industry rather than standing by her principals -- hope she doesn't negotiate on reproductive rights and marriage equality for the sake of saving some other industry or to cut some other deal.
    There are two democrats to pick from -- In my opinion Kelly has judgement issues and let me down so why not give the other democrat a try who's name is Paula Basta. Trying to shut up dissent by saying I could loose my job because I have a differing opinion than you -- shame on you Peter!

  • You broke the law, pure and simple. You were on the clock in the classroom, earning taxpayer money, on a computer using power and internet paid for by taxpayer money, and you were conducting highly partisan political activity. You wouldn't lose your job because we disagree, you would lose it for breaking the law.

    So will you ever respond to the fact that Basta wants vouchers?

    Kelly sends her kids to private school, and considers public education funds to be sacrosanct.
    Paula would rob our public education system blind to help send kids to private schools.

    Who do you trust on education?

  • Joseph Randol 4 years in RoPa. Sullivan LSC Representative.

    "Kelly Cassidy voted for clean goal to protect an industry rather than standing by her principals -- hope she doesn't negotiate on reproductive rights and marriage equality for the sake of saving some other industry or to cut some other deal."

    It's not quite the same thing. Marriage Equality and Reproductive rights are social issues, not industrial/economic issues, as the "Clean Coal" issue is (you can debate that it is a social issue, and to an extent it is, but it's economic and industrial bearings are far greater than its social bearings).

    Without her and others "Yes" vote, green energy loses tax cuts and shuts down. End of story. It's an expensive startup cost, and the only way it stands a chance is if it receives tax breaks. (I don't see the Koch brothers and other oil tycoons lines up to fund green energy startups.)

    With the "Yes" vote, it gives green energy a fighting chance by giving it a boost. Again, I have to say "two step forwards, one step back" is the best way to describe this issue.

    But that's also not the point Peter is bringing up, and you've still failed to even acknowledge his question. Instead all you're doing is attacking Kelly on her choice to send her kids to private school and on her "Yes" vote.

    So, I'll ask for Peter;
    How do you feel about Paula's support of a school voucher system?

  • Joseph Randol 4 years in RoPa. Sullivan LSC Representative.

    And as far as her social stance on coal plants -- it's obvious she's against it if she's trying to shut down the ones in Chicago.

  • Bev

    Well let's see how all the other voters feel - we know how we all feel. That is the point of a primary. All the best guys. Don't forget to vote! :)

  • Thanks for the help Joseph, but as you can see it did little. All too often you see this in politics- someone becomes so latched onto a candidate that they will consciously or subconsciously ignore information that conflicts with their predetermined choice. I believe it's called cognitive dissonance? Generally there will be denial, excuses, or explanation, but Bev demonstrated a clear cut case of it. It's as though she isn't even reading it. She simply won't accept the information, and acts as though pretending it isn't there will make it go away.

    That's we see a public school teacher that is more concerned about Kelly's choice of where she sends her kids to school than the fact that her choice in the race will implement a right-wing education reform plan that would gut public school funding to FUND private school tuition.

    Bev, I think many voters, specifically parents with children in public schools, will oppose Paula and her voucher plan to gut funding for public education in their community, city, and the entire state.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Peter, like so many of us, you joined this site recently. How can you claim to be that involved in Rogers Park or politics. Further more, your comments read like a wikipedia page. You are not all that you're cracked out to be. Matt M has creditability issues too. Aside from recently joining, Matt M is listed on Kelly's quarterly as consultant. It would be as if Karl Rove joined a site to sell George Bush. Bev, I hate to concede anything to "peter s" but I hope you are on lunch break and using a personal wifi device like cell phone to post on here. I'd hate for what sounds like a good teacher, to get in trouble over some petty disagreement about Kelly Cassidy and how she is on the record for supporting charter schools and clean coal.

  • Joseph Randol 4 years in RoPa. Sullivan LSC Representative.

    How on earth does just joining this site mean that you're not an involved neighborhood activist?? You don't know Peter's history, just like he doesn't know yours. And even if you're both new activists, what does that matter? The point is, you're participating here and now, so don't dismiss each other just because of recent EB activity.

    I'm going to change the discourse here and commend everyone who participates on EB because it's an obvious and public demonstration of your caring for our community. However, I'm going to challenge everyone to also get their butts off the internet, get on their coats, and get

  • Joseph Randol 4 years in RoPa. Sullivan LSC Representative.

    Sorry, I accidentally hit post before I finished since I'm on my iPhone.

    Anyway, to finish:

    I'm going to encourage everyone to get off their butts, off the Internet, and to get out there and campaign for their candidate of preference. Instead of sitting here and trying to convert the ones who've made up their minds, get out on the streets and start discourse with those who 1) haven't decided, 2) don't know about the race or 3) don't care about the race.

    Campaigns are almost always in need of volunteers, and the need for them on these smaller races is even greater. Most likely the difference you're going to make is going to be with voters who aren't on this site and aren't already engaged in the political arena.

    Also, word of advice based on my experience, the last thing you wanna do to get a new supporter is talk down about the opponent. Voters would rather hear what you have to offer rather than what the opponent "does wrong."

    And finally, can't we all just be glad that none of us are Republicans?

  • I discovered Everyblock a while ago, but have been a "lurker" for quite some time. I'd catch up on the neighborhood, but I wasn't compelled to start posting until I saw your attacks on Kelly, someone who I support.

    I find it funny that my comments read like a wikipedia page, because do you know who writes those pages? Community members who are generally well spoken and have a bit of knowledge on the topic at hand.

    Our discussion had nothing to do with charter schools, but since you bring it up I believe Kelly supports the limited use of charter schools as a part of the solution, while Paula has stated that charter schools outperform public schools. If that's the case, wouldn't Paula support replacing all public schools with charter schools?

    Saying charter schools are better than public schools? Supporting vouchers that rob our public schools blind to pay for private schools? Does Paula have ANY faith in the public school system?

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Peter, I appreciate your support but there was one point I had an issue with. I think it's unfair to say that Paula would support getting rid of all public schools just because charter schools are sometimes better. That's a bit of an exaggeration, although I agree that vouchers are a very serious threat to public education. There's a reason it's mostly Republicans that support them :)

    Max- I don't think I have any credibility issues. I was very clear in admitting right off the bat that I help out on Kelly's campaign. But like several other members here noted, that doesn't mean everything I say is automatically false. Anyone concerned about this can feel free to give my posts extra scrutiny or take what I say with a grain of salt.

    And I'm not some campaign robot, I've lived in Rogers Park for 7 years now, and also graduated from Loyola. I've been active in the community and absolutely love the area. I chose to work for Kelly because we have shared beliefs, and I think she's been an excellent public servant.

    While I've been very straightforward and honest about my work, you have made posts pretending to be someone not familiar with the candidates, in a self-admitted attempt to "create buzz". After that, I think it's difficult for you to accuse anyone of having a credibility issue.

  • Matt, I guess that's a fair assessment. Schools are obviously a pretty important subject for me, and sometimes I tend to get a little hyperbolic when discussing them.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Help out? You're paid staff. I concede your point that me admitting I created hype and acted dumb hurts my credit too. But doing something to encourage debate and conversation on a site is a lot more different than being a paid consultant. You have a history of working for politicos. Even if you 'chose' to work for Kelly and live in rogers park...Your work history casts doubt. You are a political consultant. $6400 from Cullerton.

    I got nothing against making money, I just think things should be taken with a gallon of salt from anyone (myself included and esp paid staff like yourself)

    I'm with JR. My mission was accomplished. People are talking about the race and clearly fired up for their choices. We should all be out hitting doors and making phone calls!

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    I can assure you I'm not paid to post here (although that would be nice!). I come here as a long time member of the community. I've done significant grassroots work for progressive candidates and groups in our community and city. I'm no mercenary chasing money, I choose the candidates I work for and stand by every one of them. I don't think anyone can be motivated to do this type of work if they don't believe in who they work for.

    I'm not trying to conceal anything, and I encourage anyone reading my posts to individually evaluate each claim I make. I'm not here with the purpose of generating buzz or debating politics, just to interact with my community and occasionally notify people about events, which is one of the purposes of this site. That's it.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    fair enough... But I wouldn't go so far to say Cullerton is a progressive, nor is union busting Rahm(another previous employer of yours) or Claypool.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Yikes, guess my thorough background check isn't complete!

    Cullerton was a strong union candidate (endorsed by them all) going against a slumlord with over 130 building code violations who stated that we "need to take a look up to Wisconsin" for inspiration regarding how we deal with unions.

    Rahm is progressive in some ways, but I think his 75%+ approval rating, unanimously supported budget, and careful handling of important issues like education and crime speak for themselves. With the exception of a few things he has done that I disagree with, he's done an excellent job of moving our city forward. Our budget is a mess, and tough choices have to be made.

    Claypool... not a progressive? Not even sure if this is worth answering but here it goes. I worked for his independent campaign against the machine. He was one of the few to oppose the Stroger tax increase (a very regressive sales tax hike), he cut political patronage and turned the budget around at the Park District. As head of the CTA, he is working to balance a huge budget deficit without raising fares, cutting services, or cutting union jobs by getting rid of inefficiencies and outdated labor standards.

    Since you are digging into my background, you may have also seen I served as a Regional Field Director for Democracy for America (one of the biggest progressive groups in the country) during the senate recalls of Walker-supporting State Senators.

    Any other questions regarding my background? And what about yourself? What causes have you been involved in? We both went to Loyola and graduated around the same time. I don't think I ever saw you at any College Dems meetings.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    I stand corrected. DFA boosts your progressive credentials significantly. Claypool and Emanuel are thick as thieves though. And it is mind blowing how unions endorse people that don't have their best interests at heart. ie..Emanuel trying to privatize the city, cut services, force teachers to work longer etc. People are afraid of him and don't have the stones to stand up to him.... Why not get behind the real progressive like Del Valle?
    Despite Cullerton's pro union stances and many token incum. endorsements, he is connected to Senate Pres JC and that stinks of the age old nepotism plagued in Chicago politics.

    I merely googled your background to prove you are a campaign operative. I never attended any College Dems because I didn't see the point in getting involved in the crook county democratic stuff.

    I guess you could say I was disenfranchised. It wasn't until Daley retired that I had a new sense of excitement. I volunteered for Del Valle in the recent mayoral.

    When I heard there was an 'actual race' going on in Rogers Park I got even more fired up. Although short of blog chatter and some facebook activity I am not to active as the weather sucks and I work full time.

    May be I will phone bank for Paula...My beef is in the process. I personally think after reading each website that they both have qualifications to be state rep. ( Obviously, I think PB has more) But because Kelly is so connected to Ronen who was so connected to Blago and etc - It's that kind of stuff that disenfranchises so many people like me.
    Paula has a life time of public service fighting on the front lines for people. She sees first hand how policy effects them. Kelly, started out as a staffer to John Cullerton. She has worked for the states attorney and has shuffled between 'system' jobs. She is an insider...
    Which isn't meant to be completely negative. Sometimes insiders are needed to get things done. But when the insider system is so corrupt... I rather go with outsider.

    1 of 2

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    The mere fact she got the appointment is further testament. Sure you can hit me with the well.. "Paula went for the appointment too" argument but Paula went for it because she is the most qualified given her career in direct service. Either way, the appointment process stinks and I think it's fantastic we have an election!

    One other point, the appointment process was not tech unanimous...The votes were weighed by whichever committeeman had the highest voter turnout, which was Ronen. Her vote alone was enough to swing it. I was not there but according to a friend connected to 40th ward org... It was obvious O'Connor didn't like Cassidy and Fagus... Well he's a mood point who does what he's told... The whole thing was pro forma.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    If Rahm is trying to "privatize the city" can you name 5 things he has privatized?

    Tim Cullerton is "connected" to John Cullerton because he is his second cousin. Believe it or not, he is not close at all with him and first met him after becoming Alderman. And I don't think it's "nepotism" if the voters chose him.

    If you wanted to know if I was a campaign operative, you should have asked. It's kind of odd to have my salary information, last name, and info pages on me posted. I know your full name, but I'm not about to reveal it and start digging around.

    I don't see how the College Dems has anything to do with "crook county". It's a completely independent organization almost entirely focused on holding events for students. My last year with them we brought Tom Daschle in to speak. I think the only political action we participated in was for Obama. Has nothing to do with campaigns, let alone specific politicians.

    As far as background goes, Paula's is fine, but I think Kelly's is much broader, encompassing direct constituent work, lobbying for LGBT rights, budget management, criminal justice, healthcare, and grant work.

    But honestly, I'd rather not get into a debate about the candidates here because I am employed by a campaign and it would be inappropriate for me to engage in a back and forth regarding the race.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Emanuel has pushed for 1)privatizing recycling...
    He implied it would lead to privatizing other services such as 2)road repairs, 3)tree trimming, and 4)sewer repairs. 5) private security forces for protests 6)speeding cameras(to be installed and regulated by a private company that contributed tons in lobbying) and 7) install additional cameras for protests.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    As far as privatizing recycling goes, it's a program that the union affected supports. It cuts the recycling budget from $13.8 million to $10.5 million, expands services, and moves some employees to important vacant positions in the department. It's only going private in some areas. It's literally a win-win-win for taxpayers, recycling advocates and union members.

    If a public firm can do it equally as good (or better), save money, and treats their employees well (the private recycling drivers receive $25 a hour plus benefits) then there's no reason not to do it. And one of the main reasons he is doing this is because as we know, our budget is a wreck, and these test studies introduce competition, encouraging the public institutions that handle these services now to look for increased efficiency and how to improve service.

    The private security forces are required. Even after allowing the CPD to temporarily deputize out of city police officers to help, it may not be enough. I'm sure you know G-8 protests are rarely peaceful, quiet gatherings. Same with speeding cameras. Ignoring the value of the cameras, the city does not have the ability to produce, install, and manage them. Strategic, well thought out privatization can save us desperately needed money, increase service, and still allow for high income jobs.

    While you say Emanuel is not a progressive, he received 61% of the vote in Rogers Park, about 4 times as much as Miguel del Valle. He got that much because we know he has what it takes to make the tough decisions to get us back on track.

  • Charter schools are privatizing public schools, its the hammer being used to bust the teachers union

  • I agree, charter schools pose a dangerous threat to public schools, and it's one of the things I disagree with Kelly on.

    But while Kelly believes Charter Schools can serve a small role in education reform (which may be true, as long as the role is extremely limited, Paula is on the record saying that Charter Schools perform better than Public Schools (which leads me to believe she would favor a larger role), and she's in favor of school vouchers.

    If charter schools are the hammer, then vouchers would be the six inch rusty nail in the coffin of Public Education.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Please cite for me where Paula is on record for saying she supports charter schools?


    That's a screen shot of her IVI-IPO questionnaire. The box on the left (which is checked) is for "Yes".

    It's scary to imagine what type of policies she would propose if she does truly believe charter schools are better than public schools. If that's what she believes, why even have public schools?

    Kelly specified in her speech at the IVI-IPO that she believes charter schools can play a very limited role going forward, but that true public education is our strongest asset.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Image shack really? An answer with no name or indication of who said it is not good enough for me Peters.

  • Always the extreme skeptic. No, it's not some conspiracy, it's her actual answer.,%20P%2014RD-D.pdf

    Question #50
    "Charter schools consistently outperform public schools. Despite the occasional closing, charter schools are an asset to Chicago."

  • Bev

    Kelly Cassidy says "public education is our strongest asset" yet sends her kids to a private school that has a tuition of $25,000. She says one thing and does another. Aren't the public schools in Rogers Park good enough for her and her children? She could have even picked a charter school (as a limited role) but nope, opted for Parker Francis. (thanks Bill and thanks for the Peter S. = Lauren Peters)

  • Ah Bev, you are back! Maybe now you will address Paula's support of using state money to help parents send their children to private schools, but I'll bet $100 that you will not. Any takers?

    Kelly considers public education funding to be sacrosanct (that's why she's fine with paying tuition and having her tax dollars go to pay for schools like yours). Paula supports vouchers and other methods that would encourage private school attendance.

    One candidate sends her kids to private school, the other wants to help all kids go to private school, and you side with the latter? C'mon Bev, that's almost as whacky as doing partisan political activities on the taxpayers dime!

    And I don't know who Lauren Peters is, or what you mean by saying I = her.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    I think Lauren Peters is now her campaign manager, she was for James Cappleman in his successful aldermanic campaign.

    I still don't get the reference though.......

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    Neither do I

  • "whose" Paula Basta ? Don't you mean, "who is" Loyola student, and tea enthusiast?

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    LOL, yes who is. And I'm Max, I like green tea. What's your name Herbie?

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  • Sharon 33 year Ravenswood neighbor

    Anne -

    Check out the Windy City Times. There's a great interview with her.

  • Marianne Passionate

    Who are you to question my authenticity? I could just as easily say you're Paula Basta...or her partner. I don't know Kelly Cassidy but I do know Paula. I'm not saying it again. I am not involved neighborhood politics or City Hall politics. It holds no interest to me. Does it really surprise you that someone could know PB and not like her much? Does everyone like you? How nice PB is your friend. Not everyone falls into that "class"--not even the ones she invites to friend her on facebook. How nice you appreciate all PB's done, etc. So vote for her. No one's stopping you. I'm not too impressed w/ what she's done. I can't throw my support behind someone I don't find trustworthy, honest or sincere.

    PB's partner does NOT attend meetings. NEVER. As I stated in my earlier post, she told someone I know her reason for wanting NO involvement in her Condo Assoc. She said she couldn't stand mixing with all those "personalities". That will be a significant problem for her if she's elected, wouldn't you say? Doesn't she think she'll have to "mix" with "personalities" in Springfield? Or can she stand it for the right price?

    People have a right to know of a candidate's character. I'm just sharing my views, which are as legitimate.

    I don't care who you think I am. I have been totally honest about who I am and what I know. Don't ever again accuse me of being someone other than I claim to be unless you have conclusive proof.

  • Kochlechel condo treasurer, Green Party

    Kelly just moved into Rogers Park. She and her partner bought a house. Paula has been here a long time.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Kochlechel, but Kelly didn't just move into the 14th District, which includes much more than Rogers Park. She moved within the 14th District, so what's your beef?

  • Kochlechel condo treasurer, Green Party

    My, my. I have no beef. Just a hot dog and mustard.

  • Kochlechel condo treasurer, Green Party

    Someone on this thread wanted to hear them debate. As far as I know this is the only debate scheduled.


    Gay Chicago TV will be hosting a debate between State Representative Cassidy and her challenger Paula Basta. Come hear Paula and Kelly on Friday, March 16th in the last chance to hear from both candidates before the primary election. The debate will be at Mary’s Attic (5400 N. Clark St.) at 5PM. The debate will also be broadcasted online at 9PM at

    Room is not gigantic and Anderonville has a parking problem so come early and have a drink or food while waiting

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