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Added Jan 17 2012

Today we went to What's Cooking restaurant on Lincoln Av. for lunch and there was a sign stating they are closed after 42 years in business due to the economy. Does anyone know anything about this, or what business will take over that spot?

  • Oh no! The hardest working bus staff that I've ever seen. Will miss the roast chicken. So many memories there. I don't know what will replace it. I'm not sure how they're connected, but the What's Cooking in Deerfield is still open. That one is run by George, the original proprietor of WC in Lincoln Village. Just went to their website and they're promoting lower prices and "value meals." Seeing that made me remember when Artemis, another family diner that closed, also had recession pricing--right before they closed too! I'm wondering if the WC in Deerfield is faring better. I will miss this place.

  • Max Loyola student, concerned citizen, tea enthusiast

    What's Cooking started hurting a few years back when most of it's patrons, old people from Westin Towers started to die...Sorry don't mean to sound morbid but it's the truth. They had been talking about closing down for quite some time and even had a shuffle bus to bring older clientele in from their high rises. It's a real shame when a business goes, esp. one that's been around 42 years. Where will Berny Stone and his cronies eat now? I don't think anything is in the mix to replace it :( Like the old Border's store, the location will probably be vacant for quite sometime :(

  • There was a post about this in the past several days:

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Bummer. I'm sorry to hear this. I stopped going there when I had a run-in with one of their waitstaff a few years ago. But I always intended to go back. I'm glad to know (per the other thread) that their Deerfield restaurant is still in business.

  • kathy carlson lived over 45 years on jarvis still concerned abou

    That's too bad.

  • it may have something to do with the smoking ban as well...just saying

  • As I feared, the other What's Cooking in Northbrook has closed. Was driving by and saw an empty parking lot w/the sign taken down...[sad face]

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Glad2B - That's really too bad. I never went to this What's Cooking, but I still miss the one on Lincoln. They had the best corned beef sandwiches and coleslaw. I got hooked on the Black Cherry soda (Dr. Brown's). I buy it at that fruit market on Lincoln Av. As far as I know, nothing has opened up where the old What's Cooking was---still has the sign on it.

  • The Bleeding Heart of Rogers Park

    this is a real loss. i enjoyed this restaurant

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