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Added Jan 16 2017

Hi everyone,
I'm interested in the area, but I noticed there's a large chicken processing plant nearby. It seems like this could be quite a nuisance and I had some questions for the neighborhood. Is the facility noisy at odd hours? Do they actually slaughter chickens there, or is it just processing? I'm worried about seeing or hearing truckloads of live birds. I'm out and about very early in the morning.

  • I don't think you'll hear truckloads of live birds but I can guarantee you'll hear semi's 24/7.

  • I have lives in Old Irving Park for almost 2 years now, right by the high way. Other then the odd crotch rocket screaming up the highway I've got little noise complaints. I didn't even know about the plant till I saw this.

  • Where is this plant?

  • Janet Baker ISON over France (squint!)

    May I add that if noise emerges as the major issue, you can get a 'white noise' machine that blurs out a whole lot of racket. I have one going right now. I discovered it by accident, when we had a little water incident and ran large fans for drying things out, and suddenly I could not hear my upstairs neighbors! Don't bother with the kind that play bird song or cascading water--those get annoying. Just plain old white noise. I got a Lectrofan from Jet and they're on sale right now, I only know because I'm getting another one. $34 I think.

  • Clarice H Therapist, cat lover, outdoorsy enthusiast

    Thanks for all the responses! The plant is at 4404 W Berteau Ave, near Cicero and Montrose. I'm mostly worried about seeing truckloads of birds while I'm out with the dog, I guess I probably wouldn't hear them from inside. That could get depressing. It's hard to tell if they take live birds there, does anyone know?

  • YMS

    It's actually by berteau and kostner . It's kind of on elevated land .

  • The plant only processes the meat. No live birds are slaughtered on site. The biggest issue we have are with the occasional large truck wandering into the neighborhood or the employees dropping trash. My office works with the management to address issues relating to the plant. Depending on how close you are to the plant the opporations of the plant (noise and traffic) can be disruptive. I suggest you visit the area at various times to determine if you are sensitive to the activity the plant generates. There are no plans that I am aware of for the plant to relocate or close. Hope this helps.

  • JeffParkOldTimer Retired--39 Year Resident

    The plant has been there on "The Hill" since at least the late 1960's. I worked at 4514 Berteau for the Old Style beer distributor which encompassed all blocks from Kolmar East to "The Hill".

  • We live on just the other side of Kostner and never have any issues. Maybe waiting 2 mins at that corner under the expressway for a semi to pull out. No noise issues. I could imagine people who live in those new homes right there or near Kolmar park have more of an issue, but if you are even slightly further out than that, I don't think you'll be bothered.

  • I suggest you talk to the residents that live there, they're lovely people. The alderman gets tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, so Koch Foods can do no wrong.

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  • Unless you live right across the alley from them, there really is no issue. It is a quiet area. I have been here 15 years.

  • That's not true. Koch Foods had a meeting with the nearby residents and it was packed. They talked about the noise, truck violations, and stench coming from that plant. The alderman is limited to what he can say because of the campaign contributions. Once again, please talk to the residents that live nearby. If you move near that factory, you won't get much sympathy from the community. It's not like they're in hiding.

  • What I find disheartening is that several times it has been brought up to talk to the neighbors and ignore the alderman praise due to his taking campaign contributions from the plant. Yet the alderman has remained quiet. Why is that?

  • You can't argue about the truth.

  • Chris, I replied with my thoughts on this above. Not sure what you mean by "remained quite" What do I think about the plant? It is a chicken processing plant that has been there for decades. If someone thinks that a chicken processing plant should not be in that location that is your right. But the houses were built around it and people purchased them. Some folks live right next to it and do not have issue. For some it is an irritation. In my earlier post I suggested the OP visit the area at different times to determine if it would be a negative. An informed consumer is the best. As for Tami*. Most know her to be constantly trolling for reaction. All of my campaign contributions are reported to the state and are readily available for review. They have no bearing on the OP's original question. So she can go on about it but I really don't mind. If they gave me $0 the plant would still be there and we would work as we do now to make sure the Plant is a good neighbor. And with that, have a great night everyone.

  • Alderman Arena. I did see your first post, what I was referring to was Tami*'s very specific challenge. Your second post answered that, however I must say one more thing. A public official calling a voter a troll, true or not, in a public forum....not a wise move. Thank you for taking the time to answering my original post.

  • Tami* what i wrote is true for me so i am me sure how you get off telling me it's not true.

    I have so few issues when i walk my dogs or go to that park.

    Only occasionally do trucks wandering around the area past getting on the highway to go right into the plant and then out again, right back to the highway.

    The houses built right next to the plant bear the burden since they bought right next to the plant. Other than that, i find no interruption to my life from that plant. No additional noise, traffic, smell or disruption.

  • We lived near but not super close and only had expected issues with truck and shift change traffic. If you don't live really close, I don't think it is much of an issue, and plenty of people live nearby and seemingly don't have any issue with it. It came up very rarely at any neighborhood meetings or events.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is considered to be libelous.
  • John, when you told me at St. John's you're glued to social media, you weren't kidding. It took you 18 minutes to respond the other day. If I knew, I would've waited. I try to visit EB once or twice a week. Its very stressful to have both an alderman and president addicted to the internet. I bet watching Trump is like looking in the mirror. Those residents by Koch had a lengthy list of complaints that you couldn't do anything about, so they turned to Laurino (and she's a lovely woman). I'd go get my notes and list all the violations but I feel like this is a setup. Someone joins EB, posts one question and responds once? Doesn't sound like she wants to be part of our EB family.

    In short, it's a mess over there. The deliveries doubled after Arena became alderman (23K in campaign contributions) and a whole host of other things. I spoke to the residents and went to their community meeting. The poor souls had to turn to another alderman for help. They also don't even know they have a neighborhood association but I told them not to bother. This has nothing to do with Pamela although, Paula should have smelled the stench of rotting chicken or saw the blow flies if she walks by? How about the spill a year and a half ago?! They came out with hazmat suits. Does any of this ring a bell with my OIP neighbors? You two can stop by or go to one of their meetings, they're lovely people.

    Lastly, someone said Koch Foods is arrogant on one of the above threads. They're even cockier now that they're allowed to break the law.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Can anyone speak to the smell during the summer? We are considering purchasing in the Terraces and wondering if the smell is still an issue. Since it’s winter and cold outside we haven’t been able to notice any smells, but am worried that changes in the summer! Thank you!

  • I never had an issue with smell there, lived nearby and drove by a lot. As the alderman said, they don’t have live chickens there. You can sometimes smell the commerical bakery on Kolmar which is nice!

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