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Added Jan 16 2013

I am concerned over the large amounts of cars that continuously go through the red light at the corner of Ashland and Augusta. It seems as if multiple cars run the light each time I am at it. A biker has already been killed at this intersection. I worry that a deadly car accident will be next. I have written to the alderman, but have not heard back. Does anyone else worry about this dangerous intersection?

  • You should attend a CAPS meeting and keep writing your alderman! Sometimes it takes multiple complaints to be heard.

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    I didn't realize it was a dangerous intersection. I've never seen anyone run a light there and we go thru there quite often. Its a pretty straight forward intersection.

  • I bike through that intersection twice a day. Where can somebody find stats on biker injuries, this is making me think the el isn't so bad.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    I've lived near this intersection for 11 years and haven't noticed an issue, it's just like any other intersection in the area, you have to watch for people running a red, especially trying to beat a 3-second yellow. I'd actually worry more about the lights on Wood (at Augusta and Grand) which drivers often don't see and blow through the reds all the time. Bikers need to be extra careful going through any intersection.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    I drive thru there often, and have never seen that problem. But I believe you, simply because I often see people running red lights in general. It makes me very cautious at any intersection. Im not sure what can be done about it. The police seem overwhelmed by violent crime, and dont seem available to spend much time on traffic enforcement.

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    Everyone that screams for a traffic light on their local corner that currently doesn't have one- take note:

    Stop lights don't MAKE cars stop. Drivers make their cars stop.

    Ask for a camera at best, but the real issue here is now since the Mayor refuses to hire more police, this intersection and many like it remain un-patrolled and off the radar for the already overburdened CPD.

  • people stop cars right? not police
    you cant have an officer at every intersection.
    i think the good effort is put toward designing better bike lanes.

  • JV

    Post to aldermans Facebook account. It's a tool for communication and has worked for me

  • I drive it almost every day and haven't noticed a problem. Most of the time during rush, traffic is so backed going east/west up you couldn't blow the red if you wanted (which you shouldn't obviously). And everybody on a bike needs to keep an eye out regardless of where they're at.

    BTW it's a school zone and has a marked pedestrian crosswalk west of the intersection on Augusta and another school zone east of the intersection which helps keep traffic speeds down.

  • That intersection is horrible for people running red lights. On average people going west to east, you normally see at least 2-3 cars go through after your light is already green. Its not so much a problem with the north south traffic flow. I suggested to the alderman if they really wanted to make some money, that the city could make a ton at that intersection with a red light camera. Nothing ever came of it.

  • pr

    I agree 150%. It's a very dangerous intersection. Multiple cars run the red light going north south all the time. It's very very scary.

  • I literally live at this intersection across from the high school. It is bad. We've almost gotten in accidents several times. You'd think it would be better because of the school. I will write my alderman as I think it's just a matter of time before someone gets killed. I don't know if a red light camera will help as i still see semis blow through the light at division and ashland all the time where there is a red light camera.

  • I'm not saying a red light camera is the answer. I have worked with Alderman Moreno on several other projects and was just joking with him that the city could make a lot of money off that intersection. I'm nit really sure what the best fix for that intersection would be. Honestly, whatever needs to be done, in this city petitions can help draw attention to any problem. Alderman Moreno is generally very responsive to issues raised by the people of his ward.

  • Les just turned 30 east village resident

    omg, i drive through here down ashland every night at 4:55 and every morning at 7:15 and EVERY SINGLE DAY someone runs the light, the left turns are the WORST. there are times when 3-4 cars make left turns off of augusta onto ashland AFTER the ashland light has turned green. so crazy

  • Yes, this intersection is very dangerous. LAst year a man was killed crossing the street in a hit and run.

    Bicyclists also blow the light here for some unknown reason.

    My personal opinion is that Ashland Avenue itself is a dangerous street at least between Grand and North avenue. People never stop for pedestrians (even if they are already IN the crosswalk) and nearly every car speeds.

    I think Ashland crosswalks should get covered in the new signs that sit in the middle of the street and say to stop for pedestrians.

    Drivers treat Ashland as though it were a highway, not a city street in a very pedestrian heavy area.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Totally agree that this intersection is dangerous, thanks for posting. Colleen, where are you a neighborhood watch captain?

  • Thanks, Colleen. I've lived in Lakeview for 20 years and now the UK Village. In both neighborhoods we've had a nice community, where we socialized, protected each other, and looked out for each other. We also had many people involved with many ways of approaching problems. So, I will send a letter to the alderman regarding this intersection, as I ride through it as well.

  • It's just a busy intersection. The biggest issue I've seen is when the NS light turns green, people floor it and don't give the left turners a change to get out if the intersection, causing even more delay for everyone.

  • Les just turned 30 east village resident

    Lets be real, when you're the 3rd car back trying to make a left turn, you have no business going after the light has turned red

  • I totally agree about the third car Les. But most of the time, it's the second car who is already in the intersection, waiting for the first car to hurry up and turn. For whatever reason, things seem to take longer to happen here. I'm sure all the parked cars on the north side of Augusta west of Ashland don't help.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    The hit and run fatality happened at 2:30am, that intersection is pretty dark and deserted at night, I don't think that issue is the same as running reds. Maybe a delayed green light on ashland would help prevent accidents from those flooring it on the green without waiting for the lefts turns to Augusta to be completed? That's a cheap fix. Too many cars trying to make a left happens all over the city.

  • Les just turned 30 east village resident

    i paid attention last night when i was driving south through there at exactly 5pm, i was the second car south bound on ashland waiting for the light, and no joke, FOUR CARS made a left after the light was already green on ashland. is anyone really in so much of a hurry that they need to endanger other drivers and pedestrians?

    i've been going north in the morning and long after the light is green a car will come flying down augusta and make the left onto ashland when there was absolutely no reason not to stop. it's not a case of being stuck in the intersection a majority of the time, its that people CANNOT stand to wait another 2-3 minutes.

    i understand its frustrating to wait through multiple light cycles, but you know what else is frustrating, DYING or being injured because someone can't chill out for 2 minutes and be safe. it's uncalled for

    that intersection needs a left turn light, i'm always amazed at the intersections that don't have them. there's a lane, how hard would it be to add in a left turn light there, for all 4 left turns.

  • pr

    I like the delayed green idea. Also a left turn/ right turn signal E/W at Augusta Ashland would be good so there is a chance for the turners to turn and maybe a start and end turn signal like the one at Fullerton six corner at Ashland/ clybourne.

  • If I'm the third car turning left, I'll always stop and wait for the next green, and I think many other people do the same. But you're right, there are a lot of dangerous left turners that illegally enter the intersection on red. I love the left turn signal idea to fix many problems here.

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