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Added Jan 13 2018

Hi, neighbors -- I'm just curious if any of you know more details about the man who was hit by the train and died yesterday. The Sun Times names him as "52-year-old James Dillen" -- but that's it. Does anyone know any more about the circumstances, or about Mr. Dillen?


    52-year-old man fatally struck by CTA train at Bryn Mawr
    Normal service resumed on the CTA Red and Purple lines about two hours after a person jumped in front of a train Friday morning in the North Side Edgewater neighborhood, according to police. The man jumped in front of the train just after 7 a.m.
  • R.I.P a trouble soul at rest

  • DianeW just nosey

    My condolences to the family and friends.

    I am surprised they even said his name. Suicides are usually swept under the rug and kept hush hush.

  • The gentleman is dead. I dont think posting anything about the circumstances will do anything but violate his privacy and further upset his family and friends Im curious why you would seek.such information about someone. May he Rest in.Peace and condolonces to all in his life.

  • May whoever it was, rest in peace.

    Posting anything about the circumstances, may violate a dead person's privacy ;

    BUT, it could also shed light on what happened and what if any could have been done to prevent it from happening OR hold someone accountable, if need be.

    And last but not the least, It could definitely help prevent future suicides by others who are in similar situations.

  • Jim..there many websites about suicides and hotlines run by trained people. Anything posted here would be heresay. Hold someone accountable? What? Now we are getting into libel. Please let this man rest

  • always feel so bad for the engineers who have to live through this.
    i confess i get the allure. i had episodes of depression in my life where it was very hard to stand on a train platform and not think about it. i get it.
    but many have had their lives ruined by the ptsd that frequently follows.

    good wishes should go to those who will have to live w that act in horrible ways.

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    I'm sure that 'train suicide' does occur - I just have a hard time believing that it's as frequent as it's reported. Something makes me think that most people stumbling by accident would look similar to an intentional jump out of the corner of ones eye. Maybe I'm totally wrong. Their are better ways to go if that's where someone finds themselves.

    Rest in Peace Mr. Dillen.

  • 60660Gal--
    I agree with you that anything posted here would be heresay & you don't have to hold anybody accountable, if you don't want to.

    But once something is posted here on EB ( which I gather, is a News & Discussion Site), then everyone has a right to ask /know, more details about it ; Heresay or not.

    Otherwise it should not be allowed to be posted in the first place.

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  • Jim..actually anything can be posted and then removed if it is flagged and found not in Terms of Service. I think.theres a huge difference between heresay about say "I heard
    A Chinese Resturant on the corner is opening" and commenting on someone's suicide. Its a matter of respect and tact.I dont know how as you say " it can definitely help prevent future suicides". The only one who really knows is the gentleman who passed away. And I think its tactless to ask others to post about him.

  • 60660Gal--

    We don't know that for sure; Maybe he posted something on social media which someone saw OR maybe he was being harassed by something or someone.

    So, unless we know that any of the above is not so, I don't think it is tactless.

  • Unless anyone knows him..its really none of our business and I think asking us disrespectful

  • I have worked in the mental health field for over 20 years, (masters level clinical social worker) - as we all know suicide is not only a tragedy but also frequently a complex issue for those who have completed, or attempted and for their associated family, friends, etc. Talking about it, respectfully, can be helpful.

  • I agree JJ.hence mentioning websites and hotlines..but not about a stranger online..thats creepy and disrespectful

  • 60660Gal--

    Don't bring up the Topic and Post it on this Site and nobody is going to know about it or ask Questions ;

    But if a Topic or piece of news regarding somebody or something has already been posted then it is up for all the necessary discussions and questions.

    All this talk about being creepy and disrespectful is basically nothing more than Moral Policing, which really has no place out here.

    If you are really concerned about all these questions and comments, write to the Staff at EB and ask them to take down the Original Post and prevent further Posts of all the topics that you do not like, to be prevented from being posted.

  • I didnt post it. .I responded to it. And I think anyone who wants details about a suicide and the circumstances of a person they didnt know is weird. You may call it moral policing..I call it respectful.

  • Apparently your responses are not very respectful either.

    If they were, they would have been to the Subject of the Original Post, but as can be clearly seen, they are directed at the people who are posting, which shows that you are indulging in Moral Policing by using "Euphemisms like, respectful".

  • Again..this mans death is none of our business. And I replied to the OP (who interestingly had never posted before) .I dont wish to debate with you Jim..if you think a mans suicide and the reasons behind it is something to be discussed and debated among strangers then I find that sad. Let the poor man rest in.peace. im out of this discussion.

  • To the best of my knowledge, almost everything posted on EB is discussed and debated among strangers.

    So, to classify one discussion as sad while another gets the blind eye, is cherry picking, at the very least.

    But, I do respect your opinions, which under other circumstances, I may abide by too !!

    But certainly not, under the apparent threat of shaming or moral policing.

    That is and always has been my contention.

    Have a nice evening 60660Gal.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is off topic.
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  • future alderman future alderman

    Without knowing the circumstances, how can you say someone was mentally ill? Many people kill themselves because of the physical pain they are in. So if people kill themselves because they can't get the opioids they need after multiple messed-up surgeries and/or an agonizing lethal illness it is definitely a necessary discussion. Because 7 days of meds after having 6 inches of your spine replaced is NOT enough.

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  • actually, when someone dies of cancer, people do say things like- he is finally at rest. he is finally out of pain. when my sister died recently after a decades long battle w ms, we said the same.

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  • Mute, you are spot on !!

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  • ok, nitpick the word. but i am a hospice volunteer and i hear similar sentiment all the time.

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