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Added Jan 13 2012

If you live in Canaryville, Please respect your neighbors when walking your dogs. There has been multiple times that the gentlemen that walks his dog with the Toews Jacket is not picking up his poop.

It is frustrating to walk out of my home and see the poop. Be considerate or give up the Dog... I am Watchingana

  • Same thing with alleys. And then people wonder why we have rats. I see it all the time.

  • jim m bridgeport resident 17 years

    What on earth does "Curb Your Dog" mean anyway? Perhaps we, and the signs, need to say "Pick Up Your Dog's Waste Or You Will Be Ticketed!" instead of using some arcane expression to pussyfoot around. Now how to enforce? As I recall this is a big problem at Donovan Park as well.

  • @ Jim you got a point... Yes I wish there was a way to enforce this because I am disgusted with the huge dump they leave in my front.. I have children and every time we get into the car we have to watch where we walk... Would it be wrong to pick it up and dump it in front of their home? wondering

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    Curb your dog - you or your landlord owns the property in front of your house (your front yard or steps). the "curb" area is owned by the city. "Curbing" your dog means having them do their business on the "community" property - the area by the curb.

    although people absolutely should PICK UP after their dog. this is what the phrase actually means.

  • Okay well they are not using the curb they are literally leaving the poop on the side of my fence or in front of my home. I am really annoyed by this.. it's not puppy poop it's just ugh!! sorry

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    There's an ordinance against this (and actually having to pick up the poop in the "curb" area - just defining the phrase). not only are they being inconsiderate they are breaking the law.

    If you know who it is or can get a picture, maybe report it. The city needs money and can maybe ticket this person and let them know that "hey there's a law against that".

  • Kitty it would not be wrong to pick it up and dump it on their property. I would put it right on the their front steps so they would have no questions about what it meant. If you can't get a picture of the miscreant and his dog, take a picture of the pile, get in touch with the 9th district and ask for the CAPS officer for beat 935. If you know who is doing this and where they live give the info to the caps officer. They will have somebody speak to them. If it continues call caps again. Don't let this moron get away with this.


    i totally agree with all of the suggestions! there should be better signs posted too....curb your dog doesnt mean anything!

  • I agree 100%, someone with a german shepard always I mean always leaves poop by my house, it is so annyoying, I almost posted my own sign where I know this guy walks his dog. I have a dog and I always pick up after him I wish everyone else would too.

  • Next time you see the "poop" guy run a couple grocery bags out to him and tell him looks like you may have forgot something.

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    Protip: Many types of ice melt are toxic to dogs.

  • haha! I did that one time to someone by my moms house and they said "oh Thanks, I forgot my poop bags" I told him "yeah that's what I thought"

  • Inactive user

    Find out the address of the property and the owner. Send him a letter advising him of his tenant not picking up after his dog.

  • Sheila Pacione Neighbor

    I promise I pick up after my dog and sometimes a strangers. Some Alderman provide posters of the Ordinance for Residents to post in the alley or on the front of their fence. Check it out!

  • It is irritating when owners don't pick up. A few days ago, my poor dog stepped on poop and I had to mop the floors and wash his doggy beds.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    I am

  • rene One of Morty's people

    Sorry, darned phone sent before I was done...
    Anyway, I am a big believer in picking up after my dog if only because other dog's poop icks me out. For some reason my own dog does not bother me. other dog's poo is nasty to me so I will continue to clean mine if you clean yours...thanks!

  • rene One of Morty's people

    And please, don't remind me to clean up after my dog when you see me holding a bag. I don't just carry plastic bags for fun. -

  • UGH! I totally agree!
    We 1) have a neighbor 2 doors down who has a dog who they let out front and their dog ALWAYS wanders down to our front yard to poop (right under the "curb your dog" sign!!)
    2) have a million other people who let their dog poop their too! I imagine it's bc of the other poop, but honestly grow up!
    We ALWAYS pick up our dog's poop when we're on a walk! Now, it's our job to pick up after our neighbors?!
    One day I did run out to catch a lady letting her dog poop on our yard and offered her a bag - she said "oh I have one" so I waited it out! I sat there until she finally called her son to bring a bag over to her from down the street.
    I'm REALLY tired of cleaning up after other people's dogs!
    I'm considering fliers or even picking it up and moving it to their yard (rather than my garbage can) but I don't want to cause drama...


    I have also waited and stared at a woman to make sure she picked up her doggie do! maybe leave some bags on the curb your dog sign!

  • does anyone know if I could post a picture to this comment??

  • no clue, but it doesn't look like it... maybe html?

  • Kai W you can post your photo to an account on Flicker.com, a website that hosts peoples photos and videos from around the world. Then put the url from flicker that shows your photo or photos in a message on this board and people only need to clik on it to go straight to the site.

  • South Poop http://southpoop.com/

    Curb Your 'Curb Your Dog' at SouthPoop.com: http://bit.ly/x7ke3u
    Urban poop is an issue everywhere in the City.

  • jim m bridgeport resident 17 years

    Thank you, South Poop, good point and good article.

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