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Added Jan 12 2013

Has anyone heard anything about the allegedly poisoned Lotto winner, Urooj Khan, being a West Rogers Park resident. My husband said he saw a mention of this in a news report a day or 2 ago. But I haven't seen it since.

The body is to be exhumed next week.

  • The story has been all over national/international news for the past week, I've seen it on GMA and The Today Show almost daily. It was established at the beginning that he was a West Rogers Park resident.,0,

  • Correct.

  • Elisabeth, Rogers Park Social Services

    Channel 9 news was on the corner yestrrday afternoon (Dan Ponce) . The court ruled yesterda y for the body to be exhumed

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer


  • Marianne Passionate

    @Kathy: a local man (born in India, I think) won the lotto back in July--he took a lump sum of 450,000, then died the day after getting his winnings. For some incomprehensible reason, his death was ruled as "natural causes". But recently, the toxicology report came back (severely back-logged in Cook County) showing cyanide in his system. So an investigation has been opened. The widow has changed her story a few times. A court ruled yesterday the body should be exhumed. Probably next week. Strange and sad story. To be continued....

  • Marianne Passionate

    Sorry...I guess I must have missed any thread about it on EB. The poor man. He was probably so excited about winning...never imagining it would be his undoing.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Oh no problem about multiple threads... I just like to link 'em so people can see what others have said/are saying on the same topic :)

    The story has made national news:

    Chicago Tribune:,0,3181212.story

  • Marianne Passionate

    I don't think I'm receiving all the posts for some reason. I know the story is receiving national attention. It's a big story, given the shock value, sensationalism angle. Kind of like Drew Peterson. The most tragic aspect of Kathy Savio's death (IMO) is if Drew's LE buddies hadn't given ol' Drew a "professional courtesy pass" on the very suspicious circumstances of the death, it's very likely Stacy Peterson would be alive today. Those so-called investigators have a lot of blood on their hands. But poor Mr. Kahn. How could the police not have found his death extremely suspicious?

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    This is quite the mystery. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon. They claim his wife cooked an Indian meal for him, and supposedly he was the only one who ate it. It had meat in it, and they say the wife is a vegetarian. It's been on the news quite a bit, it's always on Fox 9pm news.

  • it is very sad about mr. khan, but not only does the police have a code of silencebut other city departments have it too! 6 months after my father passed away "a friend" of his tried to say my father owned a machine gun that this man had so he coulld escape federal charges after his apartment was raided by authorities! and the people he worked with protected him!i will say the name of the department!

  • Kheris Contrarian

    The articles I read indicate that autopsies are not routinely done in Cook County if the decedent is over an age threshold and no signs of trauma. Mr. Khan was over the age threshold and there were no signs of trauma. One of the reasons it got reopened is because an in-law raised a flag concerning the death's proximity to the disbursement of the lottery winnings.

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