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Added Jan 12 2018

Vision for Jefferson Park’s future will be on display at open house at 6:30 pm Monday, Jan. 22, at the Copernicus Center Annex, 5214 W. Lawrence Ave. The city wants your input.

  • These types of meetings should be later in the evening. There should also be more than 1 meeting. Otherwise you are shutting out people who get home from work around this time as well as those who might have children involved in extracurricular activities at school or the park district.

  • I think that is the point to shut out people that work (opposition)


    " Developers also are looking at potential mixed-use developments in the 4900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue, across from the terminal"

    so it is not so much getting feedback on what the neighborhood and constituents need, it is developers looking to see what they need.

    if history repeating itself this will gauge any opposition to any of the projects and come up with some type of bashing.

    also, these master plans don't actually work very well as we can see the six corners master plan of the aldi/ross retail development aka, the crater. maybe it was a good plan, and poor execution.

    plans need to be realistic, both wanted and needed, time bound and executable to be successful.

  • Sarah55 4community

    I don’t get why Jefferson Park has to be the center for Section 8 Housing. While Wicker Park, Logan Square are prospering with many different restaurants and bring in so many thoughtful businesses that have certainly brought in revenue. People want to live in a neighborhood where there is a good vibe and many places to socialize and feel safe. Jefferson Park and Portage Park should really think and put pressure on the Alderman of the ward. He shouldn’t only decide what is good for Jefferson Park. There is so much potential, but the leadership has to be there; and it’s not.

  • WOW! And here I am really excited by the meeting. As I understand it, this is part of the City's master plan to develop multiuse buildings around each of the City's transportation hubs, creating mini downtown areas if you will. It is certainly an unattractive area now.
    I am confident that whatever is agreed on it will be a welcome improvement to the 45th Ward.

  • The City doesn't want our input. The City wants you to believe it wants your input. If the City were honest the headline would read "Chicago tells residents to pound sand, we'll do what we want and you'll like it."

  • I couldn't disagree more. Come on out and give an opinion. Otherwise you are right, there will not be any public input.

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