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Added Jan 11 2013

I came across this article this morning and thought I would share it since I'd never heard of the Pedestrian Street Ordinance (which seems like a step in the right direction for improving the over-all look of the neighborhood, at least in theory) and there was so much interest in the architecture and construction of the McDonald's on Milwaukee.

  • KJ

    Good article. That thing is an eyesore. I would like someone to address all the butt jeans mannequins on Milwaukee nearby. ;)

  • Lia Oh Yeah Lia Oh

    KJ...agreed on the mannequins. Let's also add the hideous "Megamall" to the list of eyesores.

  • Thank you for the article...very interesting.

  • Great read. Thank you for sharing

  • B sighthound, Avondale/LoganS 3years, Beat 2524

    Nice article, prime example of how the aldermanic system and zoning works.

  • Tina in west LogSq LogSq resident for 14.7168 x 10^6 minutes

    If the comments on the article are accurate it cost Virginia Oviedo $6500 so she could build this awful building instead of one that fit better. Pretty sad that our gov't is for sale that cheaply.

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