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Added Jan 10 2013

Helicopter and undercover police driving around roscoe village. Anyone know why?

  • I noticed the same thing, Helicopter circling right over my office, anyone know what/who they are looking for?

  • Tons of CPD squad cars as well just west of Wishbone. No idea what is going on.

  • Dustin in Roscoe Village ¡Viva la Revolución!

    Police activity around the Ravenswood/School area. (2) armed suspects, police are in pursuit

  • Just got word, 3 gunman crashed their car at School and Paulina. 2 of them were arrested at the scene but another is on the run. Be on the lookout and lock your doors.

  • Any description of the one who got away??

  • I tried to go to gym and police blocking off everywhere and firetrucks ambulances... And the helicopter is just circling!

  • Were they fleeing a scene?

  • it started around 9:30----cops and undercover going every which way...they were not sure where they were going at the time....this was near elston and diversey

  • just called my kids' school in that area, and the police already told them that all bad guys have been caught

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    just talked to police on bike at wolcott/oakdale. hispanic male. 20 - 30 yo. basball hat. hoodie. jeans. medium build. bit on stocky side. police think he has left neighborhood. in addition to helicopter, they swept three block radius with dogs....and, obviously massive police presence. police said there will be increased police presenc in neighborhood today.

  • when did this all go down? i ran right by here this morning at around 630am... i heard a helicopter then but i think this happened later and that is not related..

  • Emily in Roscoe Village

    So wait, they don't have all of them yet?

  • DWL

    I believe this was the result of a police chase and resulted in crash, with suspect fleeing on foot. Not sure what time the whole chase started. Crash happened btwn 9:30-9:50am?

  • DWL

    no - I also understand 1 suspect is still at large. They are still looking for him on henderson and roscoe. But believe he is long gone.

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    police chase started west of this neighborhood.

  • edowds925 Belmont Open Space Initiative

    Now there are two helicopters hovering over the Lincoln/Ashland/Belmont intersection. Can anyone confirm that all suspects were apprehended?

  • No there is one on loose. They tried to hijack a car by clyborne and elston. Chase took place all the way here and crashed. They had 3 guns and they shot at people and wven someone in a house so lock up

  • Channel 7 is covering it live right now. Car flipped after a chase at School and Lincoln. 1 person was put into an ambulance. The CPD isn't releasing anything else at this time they said.

  • Here's the full story. Just got off the phone with the cops.

  • Not a hit & run as some are reporting. It started in the Austin community with state troopers getting involved. Car slammed into a pickup truck, leaving one of the suspects in critical condition. Link:

  • Alex M. Jeff Park, web design, DJ, thinker

    They're following Henry Hill. ;)

  • I just called Dist 19 police and both people are in custody. They were only looking for 2. Phew!!

  • Aimzer North Center mama bear for 10 years and counting.

    I called the 19th and received the same one at large. Not sure why its being reported otherwise.

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    @Alison and Aizmer....not what the police man on the bike told me. This is outrageous stuff. Such a great urban family neighborhood.....perhaps, not for long. I just posted on Rahm's FB page, regarding the this incident and recent massive increase in crime. Perhaps if enough of us post on FB and other social media, we can actually make a difference in our fantastic neighborhood!

  • Bob

    See ABC7:

    January 10, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Police say shots were fired from a vehicle that sped through several neighborhoods before crashing in Chicago's North Side Lakeview neighborhood near the intersection of Paulina and School. .....

  • The police also informed the school that both people had been apprehended. I don't think they would do that unless it was all clear to let the kids on the playground again. I wonder if we are seeing an uptick in crime now because District 19 has moved to Addison? It's still a great neighborhood!

  • SSF it was a city wide chase they said if you read that just happened to end in Roscoe Village.

  • The ABC News story says "Officers say the driver sped through the Humboldt Park neighborhood, where the vehicle was spotted by Illinois State Police. Officers say they did not give chase because it was a dangerous pursuit." Um, what? Officers don't chase a speeding car because it's too dangerous? I thought that was all in a day's work.

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    Hey Steve. Aware that it was city wide chase. Suppose it's true that it could have ended anywhere. Sadly, that doesn't make me feel safer. Just saying. Also, thought I saw a post somewhere that there is a CAPS meeting tonight.....can anyone confirm that? If so, do you know where it is? Thanks.

  • KTH police do not do high speed chases to make bystanders safe. A co-worker was killed while he was sitting at the Hyde Park exit from LSD just waiting for a light, the police were chasing someone in a stolen car. The car would have been a rusted out piece of junk by now, my co-worker is still dead.

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    Lakeview Caps meeting tonight at 7 pm. Illinois Masonic Medical Center - Clarke Auditorium.

  • There is a meeting tonight, but it's for the area east of Lincoln. Not sure if they're going to have any details since they prepare stats/info for their own beat. Next one for this area is Jan 16 at 7pm at Revere Park.

  • I just spoke to a friend who is a Chicago Detective. He confirmed there were 3 suspects, 2 caught at the scene and 1 still at large. He's a hispanic male with a history of carjacking. I don't know why the police are telling schools everything is safe. Let's just hope this guy has gotten far away from Lakeview.

  • I agree, I plan on going to the CAPS meeting to find out why they would do so. Additionally, shouldn't there be a system in place to notify schools in the area when kids are on the playground and there is an armed gunman running around!

  • Brian A. Raised in Lakeview. Migrated to W. Lakeview!

    @AliK My son goes to an area public school, and the Principal sent out an email at 1:30pm to let parents know that all kids were kept inside after they were notified by police about the incident.

  • Thank you!
    I will be there!
    Two people I know personally have been mugged in the last few weeks!

  • DWL

    According to this, he is still at large, though police are confident he will be caught. Right....

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